What Happens If You Connect Positive To Negative On A Motorcycle Battery?

Do you know What Happens If You Connect Positive To Negative On A Motorcycle Battery? Will it harm the battery or cause any damage to the motor system?  When you connect the positive to a negative terminal, it causes damage to your automobile. Whether it’s a car or bike, once you reverse the polarity of the battery, it causes hassle to the battery.

Also, it harms the vehicle and its electronic system similarly. But what issues will the reversed polarity of the battery cause? Let’s determine below. We’ll additionally share if connecting the jumper cable in reverse will cause any damage to the system.

Connect Positive To Negative On A Motorcycle Battery

What Happens When You Connect Batter Backward?

Connecting a powerful battery backward means that putt the positive on the negative terminal and the other way around. It’s an awfully common mistake throughout the battery exchange, particularly if you’re not skilled. So, if you connect the battery reversed, you may notice electrical sparks.

The sparks might unfold throughout the connections that are connected by the battery. This can affect the vehicle’s complete electrical system. If your automobile or motorbike isn’t protected with a fuse to stop events like this, you may in all probability lose the battery.

When you connect the battery backward, the electricity will flow through the system reversely. This would possibly have an effect on the ECU or your car’s Engine management Unit. Since the ECU has diodes, a reversed battery can interrupt the advancement of the electrical system connected with it. So, the effectiveness of your car’s electronic system is going to be destroyed.

Major Problems Which Can Occur When You Connect Battery Backwards

A battery should be connected to the automotive with the correct cable- The red cable for the positive terminal and also the black cable for the negative terminal. Though’ there are clear signs of a battery’s positive (+) and negative (-) sides, it’s simply mistaken after you are in a hurry. Which will injure your battery at a deeper level. So, what issues may your vehicle face once the battery is reversed? Let’s look below.

A Massive Spark

Reversing the battery accidentally will cause an enormous spark.

Fireplace Hazard

The spark will cause a hazard burning down the interior cables and even your entire vehicle system.

Battery Injury

If reversing doesn’t cause any spark or fireplace because of a battery charge, feat the battery during this state for an extended time can step by step injury all the connectible which will not handle backwards electrical flow. Eventually, this can ruin your entire motor battery.

Injury To The Sensor And Computer System

If the motor system includes a fuse defender, your vehicle can survive the backward connection. Otherwise, it’ll injure the computing system of your vehicle.

When You Reverse The Jumper Cables On A Battery? What Happens?

Did you recognize that reversing the jumper cables of a battery can produce a battery massacre as switching the battery terminal? Many of you use jumper cables to rouse a dead battery. However, it’s quite common to place the cable in the wrong manner. This will lead the batteries to be damaged. You will notice the subsequent things if you reverse the jumper cables to wake up a dead battery.

Broken Jumper Cable

Reversing the jumper cables on a battery will harm the jumper cable itself. If you place the negative cable on the positive terminal or battery, it’ll produce an outsized electrical outflow that the jumper cable can’t handle. As a result, the cables can heat up very and burn the covering. the opposite, this will burn down the clamps that hold the jumper cables in place.

Damaged Battery

Since you’re using another battery to jump-start your car’s battery, once you connect the lead in reverse, it’ll harm each battery. So, once you wish to jumpstart the car battery, remember of connecting the jumper cables in the right order. If connected incorrectly, it’ll end in a huge spark and burn down everything. Also, if it’s a lead-acid battery, there may be gas clouds because of this fast spark and excessive heat production.

The gas made from the battery is explosive. you need to recharge the battery within the exterior. Although it’s not a virulent gas, it will be extremely explosive in a very engorged space. So, if you incorrectly place the cables on the battery, there are possibilities that it will cause an explosion and lead you to a heavy injury.

Harm The Fuse

Incorrectly plugging the jumper cable may also harm the fuse. The fuse plays a good role in protecting the electrical system from being destroyed by a fast power surge in motorcars. Once you keep the engine running while recharging the battery, this could cause fuse destruction.

Harm To The Electronic Web

Modern vehicles have electronic sensors and computers to support automotive functions. Once you reversely enter the lead, the fast power surge affects the aboard computer system and damages it. Typically, the harm is irreparable, and you may need to modify the system. Also, holding the jumper cables’ ends along is dangerous too once it’s hooked to a battery. If you hold along the ends of 2 jumper cables, it’ll produce a spark.


That’s all we have on What Happens If You Connect Positive To Negative On A Motorcycle Battery?  Well, it simply doesn’t ruin the battery; it damages far more than that. This simple mistake will result in A battery explosion. This may cause serious injury and destroy your car’s engine compartment utterly. Also, it affects the electronic system of the vehicle and damages the battery conjointly. So, reversing the polarity on A battery will bring you a full ton of trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you connect positive to negative on battery?

The cable on the positive terminal uses +12V whereas the one on the negative aspect uses -12V. If the positives and negatives are switched, the battery can try and compensate and create the negative twelve volts into a charge leading to an enormous surge of power and a colossal quantity of warmth to be created.

What will happen if I connect the battery terminals in the incorrect manner round?

When the jumper cables are incorrectly connected, the polarity of the electrical system on the vehicle with the dead battery is going to be reversed for a couple of seconds. This may irreparably harm several of the sensitive electronic parts that are common in today’s vehicles, like onboard computers and electronic sensors.

What happens if you attach a 12 V battery backwards?

The protection circuit shuts down 12 V power to the converter/charger if you connect the battery “backwards” and even when you reconnect it properly, those fuses, being blown, will not enable any 12 V power from the battery to the 12 V distribution panel till when they’re replaced.

Can the bad battery damage your car?

Manufacturers exactly match their alternators and batteries to the vehicle’s power needs. A mismatched battery/alternator combo may cause your alternator to overheat and shorten its life.

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