Why My Car Battery Won’t Hold Charge?

I am sure that most of you have experienced this before. You are driving around, your car is running great, and then all of a sudden, your battery light comes on, and it won’t hold a charge. Why? We will explore some common reasons Why My Car Battery Won’t Hold Charge? In this blog post!

The battery provides power for the car’s running, and as such, it’s a very crucial component. It helps to run electrical components like key starters or Car Lighting systems. If your battery seems damaged, you can expect it to not come ON when turned “key.” There are some reasons why this may happen, which I will outline below in order to help fix them with greater ease.

Car Battery Won’t Hold Charge

Reasons Why My Car Battery Won’t Hold Charge?

A dead battery can be a serious problem for your car and result in an inescapable situation. Failing to charge, low voltage due to age, or poor charging system maintenance are all common causes of this ugly incident that leaves many drivers stranded on the side of nowhere with no power at their disposal.

The battery provides power to start the car while also charging it. The starter draws this initial current from a fuse box in your vehicle’s engine compartment that is protected by an ignition interlock switch when starting with a key or remote controls.

Alternators turn and generate energy for keeping batteries charged through spinning electrons against magnets called field coils positioned inside them, kind of like generators powering electric motors except without any external magnetic fields getting pushed into their component parts!

When the alternator cannot provide enough energy for charging your battery, there is a significant chance that it will die. Aside from possible factors preventing you from getting fully charged like low external temperatures or an incorrect voltage regulator (which can be caused by dirty cables), other things may also drain its Charge, such as:

  1. Faulty Alternator
  2. Defective Fuse
  3. Faulty Battery Terminals
  4. Faulty Alternator Belt
  5. Dead Battery Cells
  6. Bad Battery Charger
  7. Corroded Terminals
  8. Plugged Distilled Water Fill Port
  9. Faulty Battery

Let’s explain each cause to know Why My Car Battery Won’t Hold Charge?

Faulty Alternator

The car’s alternator often goes bad, resulting in the battery not getting charged. This can eventually lead to a dead battery which would incur some cost for replacement. Inspecting your headlights while driving may help you determine if they are dimming gradually or turning off entirely.

This could mean there is an issue with either one of them! If it looks like both lights have gone out at once (or only certain ones), check on replacing worn belts first before taking care of any other repairs related to electrical problems.

Defective Fuse

The most common cause of a dead battery is simply due to the fuse going out. If you notice that your lights are not working and neither does anything else electrical, then this might be why!

The next time it happens, just replace any blown fuses with ones from an auto parts store or even buy one online if necessary because they’re cheap nowadays.  But make sure there’s no shortage before buying them again as these can happen easily too when dealing with something like electronics.

Faulty Battery Terminals

If your car continues to run even though you can’t charge it, then this could be the problem. The battery terminals are often the reason for this. If your car is having trouble starting, it may be due to corrosion on either of its ends. Cleaning these off with a cloth or wire brush would do the trick.

Faulty Alternator Belt

If your battery is getting drained due to a faulty alternator belt, you need to immediately replace them. If it seems like your car’s battery is dying too quickly, the belt may be overstretched and worn out.

A faulty belt can also cause other problems in your engine, like a clicking sound when turning the key or a burning smell coming from the engine compartment.

Dead Battery Cells

Failing to charge could also be caused by dead battery cells inside your battery. If they are not working, your battery won’t be able to store and hold the electricity it needs for any given moment – resulting in a dead battery that needs to be replaced.

Bad Battery Charger

If your car’s LED or dashboard lights seem dim and not working, it could be because of a bad battery charger. This may also result in the inconvenience where your car’s lights turn off when you try to use them even though your battery is charged.

Corroded Terminals

A common symptom of corrosion buildup is your car lights flickering or dimming, and it may even be the reason why your car is having trouble starting. A bad battery charger may also cause this, so it’s best to check the voltage coming out of its socket.

Plugged Distilled Water Fill Port

Another problem that may result in your car’s battery not holding its Charge is plugging the distilled water fill port. This could also be the cause for your car’s battery not being able to hold a charge, so it must be cleaned out first.

Faulty Battery

If your battery is not working or it won’t hold a charge, replacing it with one that’s new and of good quality would solve this problem.

Solution For Why My Car Battery Won’t Hold Charge?

  • First of all, check with the manual or owner’s guide if your car requires a trickle charge for long periods before it starts. A dead battery may also affect starting your car, but it doesn’t mean that you should immediately replace the battery.
  • If there are any other issues, replacing worn belts with new ones is your best option.
  • The plugged distilled water fill port is another problem that could prevent you from getting a full charge, but it can be easily fixed by cleaning it out too. Why not try to use a wire brush or even just some water and dish soap!
  • The faulty battery charger is a common problem that car owners face, but this can be solved if you use the right one.
  • Dead battery cells can be a problem too, but it’s usually fixable.


The most common reasons for a battery not holding Charge are that it’s old or has been damaged. If you’re unsure, call your mechanic, and they’ll be happy to help diagnose the problem. Remember, if you want an expert opinion on how to fix your car battery before making any costly repairs, contact us today! That’s all we have on Why My Car Battery Won’t Hold Charge?

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a car battery not to hold a charge?

One of the very common causes of a car battery not holding Charge include emitting electrical impulses from other onboard vehicle parts, causing the battery to discharge, the alternator or voltage regulator not functioning properly, which can lead to insufficient charging, and obstructed vent caps leading to overheating.

Why is my car battery dying so fast?

There are a number of reasons why your car battery is dying so fast, and it’s important to diagnose the cause of your battery issues before jumping to conclusions. Typical causes for a car battery dying include car alternators might be failing and Breakers needing to be adjusted.

How to tell if the battery or alternator is faulty?

It depends on whether or not the battery and alternator were replaced at the same time. If they were replaced at the same time, then it’s unlikely that either is faulty. If they’re old replacements, then at least one of them is likely faulty, but you still can’t be sure which one it is if you don’t do a load test with a volt/ammeter on both simultaneously.

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