Can Low Oil Cause EPC Light?

There are many reasons an EPC light might come on and off, however, shouldn’t something be said about when the justification behind the light coming on and off is because of low oil? In this article, we’ll examine whether Can Low Oil Cause EPC Light?

To come on or blaze and why you should keep your vehicle looking great as frequently as expected so you don’t need to stress over how much oil your vehicle holds or then again assume your vehicle’s light will remain on longer than it ought to.

Low Oil Cause EPC Light

What Is EPC?

EPC represents Electronic Power Control, a mechanized start and motor administration framework used in many new Volkswagen Group vehicles. The EPC cautioning light on your Volkswagen or Audi implies there is an issue with the EPC (Electric Power Control) framework.

The EPC framework controls the choke control, including the choke body, gas pedal, voyage control, or foothold control. The EPC cautioning light controls the choke framework and can cause an unexpected power misfortune. Sometimes, you cannot fire up the motor at all when the light shows up.

The EPC Light becomes enlightened on your dashboard when the vehicle’s framework distinguishes if there is any sort of force issue. Sadly, the light doesn’t pinpoint the particular issue, just showing that there is an overall issue that should be reviewed.

Usually, when the EPC Light is glowing, anything that causes it has a glowing admonition light as well. For instance, assuming that the EPC Light is enlightened because of footing control issues, the foothold light will be on as well.

Assuming that you have an EPC light coming on, it works very well, maybe because your motor oil is low or grimy. This will cause the check motor light to come on and, assuming this goes unrecognized for a long time, it can cause more issues to your motor.

Normal EPC Light Causes

The initial step to tackling an issue recognizes it. To fix the issue, whichever part of the vehicle it could be, you first need to recognize where the issue lies, what portion of the vehicle should be fixed or to be supplanted.

There are a few justifications for why the EPC light in your Volkswagen may turn on. A portion of these is recorded below, each with how to be distinguished, so you know what to supplant or fix. Following are the EPC Light Causes:

  • Failed Throttle Body
  • Broken ABS Ring
  • The Issue In The Motor Inside
  • Broken Steering Wheel Sensor
  • Broken Engine Sensor
  • Defective ABS Sensor
  • A Broken Brake Pressure Sensor
  • Issues With The Abs Sensor Wiring
  • Failed Brake Pedal Switch
  • Power Steering Failure

Failed Throttle Body

A portion of the simple methods for distinguishing assuming the issue is in the choke body are incorporated to check on the off chance that the vehicle slows down before halting or after it is begun, you might see an exceptionally low inactive or slowing down on the off chance that you press the choke rapidly. This is because of how the choke body plate might open and close excessively fast.

Broken ABS Ring

An ABS ring is at the underside of your vehicle, which opens it to a ton of garbage, and almost certainly, it might require fix or substitution eventually. The back ABS rings are probably going to be harmed more than the front ones.

In such a case, when the issue is with the ABS rings, you may see that the ABS light is turned on, or at low paces when the brake is applied, you may hear it judder or make a banging clamor of sorts. Assuming that you apply the brake too hard, the ABS may separate.

The Issue In The Motor Inside

Assuming the issue is in the motor inside, it may prompt a few issues, for example, the vehicle driving or the vehicle making weird clamors, oil stains, and a peculiar smell. It may likewise prompt a stopped-up cooling framework and so on it may likewise begin using an enormous quantity of gas than it ordinarily does, and the motor force of the vehicle may likewise drop. Getting this fixed should be your primary goal, as supplanting a motor can be very exorbitant.

Broken Steering Wheel Sensor

A broken guiding wheel sensor is quite simple to recognize. On the off chance that the guiding wheel sensor is harmed in any capacity, the signs it will ship off the vehicle would not be adjusted to the information you are providing for the vehicle. The directing wheel may feel like it’s free, and it won’t completely be in your control. This is perilous and can even bring about a mishap, particularly at high rates.

Broken Engine Sensor

The indications of this one again is essentially like the ones that are seen when the shortcoming is in the actual motor. Assuming the motor light is switched off, you can be guaranteed that the issue is with the motor or its sensors. This may hurt the vehicle’s motor, and henceforth, it is essential to be managed as quickly as expected. If not, it may prompt a few genuine harm and exorbitant upkeep.

Defective ABS Sensor

To tell that the issue is with the ABS sensor, you want to check on the off chance that the ABS light is enlightened or not. This shows that the issue is to be sure of the ABS framework. Presently, assuming the sensor is broken, you may see a siphoning of sorts in the brake pedal, and keep in mind that by applying the brake, the vehicle lets go completely over the controlling wheel. This makes the vehicle pretty defenseless against being driven on wet streets.

A Broken Brake Pressure Sensor

Assuming the issue is in the brake pressure sensor, you may see a vibration in the brake pedal, or now and again, you may likewise see that the brake isn’t being applied or the vehicle is slipping, and so on. This can be very hazardous and can cause mishaps. In this way, it is prescribed to have it looked at as quickly as time permits.

Issues With The Abs Sensor Wiring

Again, to check to assume the ABS wiring is free or parted from a point, check if the ABS light is enlightened or not. On the off chance that indeed, you may have seen less control of the controlling while applying brakes or judders in the brakes. The manifestations of the issue in the ABS sensor or its wiring are comparable, so certainly, you want to counsel a technician.

Failed Brake Pedal Switch

A defective brake pedal switch can be related to two significant manifestations; one if the switch is to blame it might prompt the vehicle not to begin in any case, and it might prompt the brake lights to be turned continually, regardless of whether the brake pedal isn’t being squeezed or it probably won’t turn on by any stretch of the imagination.

Power Steering Failure

A power steering failure might prompt a decrease in the water-driven strain. You may even notice a spillage or a diminished degree of water-powered fuel. Power directing disappointment can be recognized by noticing the following; regardless of whether the guiding wheel is making any weird clamor, assuming there are any vibrations in the controlling wheel, or it is in any capacity hard to turn the wheel.

What To Do When EPC Light Comes On?

An EPC cautioning light could be a mark of a minor issue or an intense issue. Thus, if the light comes on, promptly look for a protected spot to have your vehicle adjusted by an equipped specialist. While you can keep on driving with the EPC advance notice a light on, you risk causing significant harm to the motor.

To assist with forestalling harm, the EPC’s limp-home mode may enact, making the vehicle lazy as you look for help. Regardless of whether the vehicle is working regularly, don’t keep on driving any longer than is needed with the EPC light enlightened. The vehicle ought to be checked by a skillful specialist when it is conceivable.

An OBDII scanner is the most ideal way to find the wellspring of the EPC light issue. Essentially, all help shops have such scanners, and they are open and reasonable for DIY use at home. The scanner will uncover a difficult code, and professionals can make suitable fixes. When the maintenance is made, the expert will delete the difficulty code and the admonition light on the dashboard will vanish.

Is It Risky To Drive With The EPC Light On?

Continuously fix the EPC issue straightaway. Whenever the light is on, it implies there might be a few restricted capacities in your vehicle. Since the EPC is incorporated with the guiding and stopping mechanism, it could cause motor harm and cause genuine mishaps because of restricted brake or directing capacities.

At the point when this light shows up on your dashboard, drive to the nearest specialist studio for them to consider it quickly. The EPC light frequently restricts your motor power and different capacities to drive slowly to the nearest repairman studio without issues. The EPC issue won’t cause harm to your vehicle assuming you are driving cautiously. however perhaps the issue is more not kidding, and it’s smarter to be protected than sorry.

Cost To Fix The EPC Light

There is no decent cost to fix the EPC light because various things can cause it. Mostly, it will cost anything between $100 to $400 to fix the EPC light, yet once in a while, it tends to be more costly.


So, Can Low Oil Cause EPC Light? Yes, if the oil level gets excessively low, it will cause the EPC light to come on. It implies that your vehicle is at risk of slowing down because it needs more oil to grease up the motor.

Check your vehicle’s proprietor’s manual to decide how much oil should be in your vehicle and ensure that you stay aware of the oil changes as suggested by the producer. If you don’t do this at that point, you will gamble with serious issues like wearing out motor parts or supplanting other fundamental parts that are greased up by your motor’s oil.

Frequently Asked Question

Can low battery cause EPC light?

A dead and low battery can cause the EPC light to come on. In this situation, the EPC light comes on and off. With a weak battery, you might encounter the power of misfortune. This, thus, slows vehicle execution and can even totally close your vehicle at that point, triggering the EPC light to enlighten.

How would I reset my Audi EPC light?

Keeping the pedal squeezed to the floor, walk out on. Slowly let the gas up to its resting position, and afterward, switch off the start. This short reset the sensor and clear the blunder condition.

Can a flawed alternator cause EPC light?

Any sort of dunk in that gauge voltage, from a dead battery, bombing alternator, or even an awful or free battery link, can be to the point of causing drivability issues or just shut the vehicle down totally and trigger the EPC light.

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