Can You Buy A Little Bird Helicopter?

The Little Bird Helicopter, also known as the Little Bird Gun” Helicopter, features a diverse interface and design. Its two-person capacity makes it an ideal civilian helicopter, even with its attack system.

Can you buy a Little Bird Helicopter?

If you have enough money, you can likely buy one of these helicopters. However, it should be noted that the helicopter is not going to be cheap, and there’ll be additional costs involved.

Little Bird Helicopter Models

The Little Bird Helicopter series has several models:

  • OH-6 Cayuse
  • MH-6
  • AH-6
  • OH-6A

The OH-6 Cayuse was the first model after the U.S. Army commissioned a Light Observation Helicopter “LOH” in 1960.

The design, described as a “teardrop,” deliver superior aerodynamic and low-drag capabilities.

After the small aircraft entered the US military service in 1966, it did not take long to earn the nickname “Flying Egg.” 

OH-6 Cayuse Little Bird Helicopter

The OH-6 Cayuse is capable of reaching speeds over 183 miles per hour (295 kilometers per hour) at low altitudes. Larger models do not come close to possessing the same capability.

When the manufacturer, Boeing Hughes, received the military order for a compact helicopter, a goal was set to keep the weight below 2,000 pounds. 

The design team chose the Allison T63-A-5A Turboshaft military engine for its lightweight design of less than 139 pounds. The engine’s cruising speed is 125 knots (144 miles per hour). 

The U.S. Army combined the Oh-6 Cayuse Attack Helicopter with the AH-1 Cobra Attack Helicopter to create a “hunter-killer team.”

The Cayuse proved itself to be quieter, faster, and capable of flying at lower altitudes as compared to the AH-1 Cobra.

AH-6 Little Bird Helicopter

The AH-6 is part of the Little Bird Helicopter series. The U.S. Army utilized the AH-6 for a special military operation on December 19, 1989.

The AH-6 was utilized to carry out an attack on the headquarters of the Panamanian Defense Force “PDF” in Panama City, Panama.

The mission combined two MH-6s Helicopters with two AH-6 Helicopters, one of which crashed into the enemy’s compound. 

AH-6 Little Bird’s mounting pylons support Hellfire missiles, automatic grenade launchers, and more. It was utilized for both air and ground special operations. It has an unrefueled travel range of 250 nautical miles. 

MH-6M Little Bird Helicopter

The MH-6 is a model of the Little Bird Helicopter series. The aircraft is designed as an attack helicopter for the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, better known as “Night Stalkers.” 

The MH-6M is mainly utilized to extract and insert Special Operations Forces in designated areas for military missions.

Its compact, lightweight design ensures higher speeds and low-altitude flying capabilities. It is an unarmed aircraft which makes it even more essential for aerial reconnaissance missions. 

Unlike other Little Bird models, the MH-6M does not support any type of weapon. The light assault helicopter can easily land in confined locations.

History Of The Little Bird Helicopter

When people mention the Little Bird Helicopter, they’re usually talking about the AH-6 created by Boeing and Hughes. The utility helicopter is light and versatile, making it a good attack helicopter in military situations.

It is sometimes called “Little Bird Gun” or “Little Bird. The first Little Bird Helicopter entered service in 1980, while the later models were designed around the MD-530 helicopter.

In 1960, the United States Army made it a requirement for its light helicopter to be versatile and suitable for various applications, including attacking, transporting, and observing.

In 1966, the OH-6 Cayuse was released to meet this need. However, the Army felt the model could be greatly improved.

The MH-6 was developed for transport and observation roles, while the OH-6A was designed for attacking.

The AH-6 is the primary attack helicopter of the United States Special Forces. Even though its armor is lacking, the helicopter is surprisingly tough, so pilots often survive crashes.

Another thing that made the Little Bird Helicopter so popular is the fact that it can make difficult maneuvers easily.

What Is The Average Little Bird Helicopter Price?

As mentioned above, this helicopter is not going to be cheap. Therefore, it is often out of reach for the average person.

The price often depends on the age and condition of the helicopter. The exact model can also impact the final price.

For the MD MH-6M Little Bird, you would pay between $3.6 and $4.5 million. Unless you’re a billionaire, you likely won’t be able to afford such an expensive helicopter.

How Fast Can The Little Bird Helicopter Travel?

The Little Bird Helicopter was designed for military situations. Therefore, it is a fast helicopter that can quickly get soldiers out of harm’s way. In general, the maximum speed is 175 miles per hour.

When the helicopter is cruising, it will reach speeds of 155 miles per hour. The helicopter can hold a maximum of 62 gallons of fuel.

With a full tank, the Little Bird Helicopter can travel nearly 270 miles before needing to refuel. Truly, it is one of the most versatile helicopters making it suitable for an array of circumstances.

How Difficult Is The Little Bird To Fly?

Attempting to fly a helicopter will prove to be very difficult. If you don’t have any experience, you’re in for a tough time.

However, flying a Little Bird Helicopter isn’t any tougher than flying any other helicopter. In general, it always gets easier with patience and practice.

Individuals interested in learning to fly should begin taking courses. Most students will take up to 80 hours of classes to learn to properly fly a helicopter.

The courses can cost up to $25,000. The pilot has to manage multiple tasks when flying a helicopter. Keeping their eyes on the sky is one of the most important.

Furthermore, they will need to communicate with air traffic control, plan ahead, and use the helicopter’s controls. The Little Bird Helicopter could be a good starter plane for many students.

Why Is This Helicopter So Popular?

Why is the Little Bird Helicopter price so high? Ultimately, this helicopter is popular for a number of reasons. It has a history of being very effective in military situations, so people trust it.

Furthermore, the helicopter is light, agile, and durable. Since this model is still used by the United States military, you can rest assured knowing that it is durable and dependable.

It also offers a lot of protection to the pilots. Even if the helicopter crashes, there is a good chance that they’ll survive. The same can’t be said for other small helicopters.

The versatility of the Little Bird Helicopter helps make it one of the most popular helicopters in the world. Plus, buyers can choose from multiple models, including an unmanned version.

Where Can You Land A Little Bird Helicopter?

Around the world, there are many regulations regarding helicopters and planes. After all, governments need to make sure that their airspaces are safe for everyone.

Little Bird Helicopters are versatile and small, so they can travel through the toughest situations. Are there any rules as to where you can land a Little Bird Helicopter?

In the United States, the FAA doesn’t have a lot of rules prohibiting helicopters from flying in many areas. Therefore, it is possible to land a helicopter almost anywhere.

You could possibly land a helicopter in your backyard even if you don’t have a helipad. You’ll just need to make sure that it is safe to do so before trying to land.

Since helicopters do not need a runway, they can take off from anywhere too. Helicopters are more versatile than planes, thanks to their small sizes.

Where To Buy A Little Bird Helicopter?

Are you interested in buying a Little Bird helicopter?

Although it’ll be difficult and expensive, it is possible. With this in mind, you need to figure out where you can buy a helicopter.

The Little Bird Helicopter was primarily produced for the United States military. Therefore, it is often harder to find someone selling one of these aircraft.

From time to time, the military may sell an older aircraft that is being replaced. Alternatively, you will need to check auctions. Certain websites have ads for helicopters too.

Another option is to work with a broker. The only downside is that you may have to pay fees to use their services.

Regardless, working with a broker is likely the best option. With a broker’s connection, they should be able to help you find someone selling a Little Bird Helicopter.

Where To Store A Little Bird Helicopter?

Owning a helicopter comes with many responsibilities. You’ll need to care for the aircraft and keep it safe. One of the biggest obstacles is finding a place to store the plane when you’re not using it.

When possible, it’d be a good idea to build an aircraft hangar at home. Then, you won’t have to worry about paying storage fees. The only downside is that the initial cost will be high.

You can also tie down the aircraft outside, but this is not a good idea in areas prone to damaging winds. Other options include paying for a shared hangar or a private rented hangar.

Shared hangars tend to be cheaper, but they’re usually tightly packed, so you may have difficulty removing the aircraft when you want to use it.

A privately rented hanger is more expensive, although it offers more safety, protection, and storage space.

Truthfully, building an aircraft hangar at home is the best option. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to protect your aircraft and access it easily. Plus, you’ll always have a safe place to work on your aircraft.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many People Can Ride In The Little Bird Helicopter?

The Little Bird Helicopter is designed to be light, versatile, and easy to maneuver. Therefore, it doesn’t have a lot of room for passengers. The helicopter can only support two people simultaneously.

Is The Little Bird Helicopter Still Used By The Military?

This helicopter is still used by the United States military. In fact, it is the primary attack vehicle for the United States Special Forces.

When Was The Helicopter Used?

The Little Bird Helicopter has been used by the military several times. During the United States’ invasion of Panama, the helicopter was used to provide air support in many situations. It was also used in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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