Geo Drive Tires Reviews

Many drivers are unfamiliar with Geo drive tires, which aren’t as well-known as artificer and Michelin.

Are Geo drive tires sensible for your vehicle? What company manufactures Geo drive tires?

During this article, I’ll reconsider the specifications and options of Geo Drive Tires Reviews.

Geo drive tires are manufactured by Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd., a Japanese firm and one of the world’s largest tire firms.

Geo drive tires have wonderful reviews, are quite sturdy, and last an extended time. They ordinarily go with a treadwear warranty of 65,000 miles.

Read on to know a lot about Geo drive tires, their manufacturer, and a few user reviews to see how they perform on the road.

What Are Geo Drive Tires Reviews

Who Makes Geo Drive Tires?

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. produces a range of tire models to fulfill the requirements of various customers and driving styles.

They create Geo Tour tires, which are high-mileage and superior tires. different tire models for cars and trucks are made by this manufacturer.

Sumitomo Rubber may be a part of the Sumitomo Group, one of the world’s leading tire makers. they provide tires with tread warranties of up to 65,000 miles, especially in H and V rated sizes.

H-rated tires will travel up to 130 miles per hour, whereas V-rated tires will travel 149 miles per hour. Even at high speeds, tires with H and V ratings will perform excellently.

Sample Specs: Geo Tour Tires

Here are the total specifications of a particular Geo Tour tire to supply you with an additional elaborated summary.

It’s the 225/40r18 92V terrorist group model, that is associated with all-season tires within the traveling performance V category with a prime speed of 149 mph.

The load vary of the tire is sl, indicating that it’s a customary load tire. the utmost load pressure for this tire is 35 pounds per square measure (psi). It additionally passed pressure and air testing.

Full Tire Specifications

  • Model: Geo Tour
  • Season: All Season
  • Brand: Sumitomo
  • Passenger sort
  • Aspect Ratio: forty
  • Size: 225/40R18
  • SL load vary
  • 92 load index
  • 8-9/32 tread depth
  • Touring performance
  • Speed: Rating V
  • 225 section dimensions
  • 18 inches rim diameter
  • 25.1 inches overall diameter

Sumitomo tires feature each positive and negative points. The positive aspects seem to total the negative aspects.

Maybe it’s a major share of the market as a result of it was able to establish a middle ground and benefit from it.

Its tires aren’t solely long-lived and safe, however, they’re additionally inexpensive:

Pros of Geo Drive Tire

Good Price

The best reason for automotive homeowners to shop for Sumitomo tires is that they’re affordable.

However, in contrast to low-cost Chinese tires, the standard of Geo Tour tires is comparable to premium tires from well-known firms like Cooper, Kumho, and Hankook.

When you obtain a Geo Tour tire rather than a premium branded tire of equal quality, you’ll be able to save thirty to 400th.

Long Tread Life

It is not a decent plan to shop for low-cost tires as a result of their treads wear out quickly. With Sumitomo Geo Tour Tires, this is often not the case.

They’re inexpensive, however, their treads will stand up to road abrasions and strains higher than different tire brands.

Sumitomo acknowledges the quality of its tires and is willing to back them up with exceptional treadwear warranties.

In some cases, their guarantees square measure even longer than those offered by premium tire makers. Within the long-standing time, Geo Tour tires are less expensive.


The company’s R&D center tests and inspects each Geo Tour tire that leaves the Sumitomo tire mill.

This is often done to ensure that each one of Sumitomo tires on the market is safe and can ne’er endanger the users’ lives.

Therefore, Sumitomo’s Geo Tour tires will offer safe traction in an exceeding form of road conditions.

Certainly, every Geo Tour tire will perform excellently within the conditions that it was designed.

Cheap tire makers do internal control checks and tests. They additionally use rubber compounds of dubious quality and tread patterns of quality.

As a result, their tires cannot contend with different well-known tire brands.

Cons Of Geo Drive Tires

While Sumitomo Geo Tour tires have several advantages, there’s one major downside that you simply ought to remember of. You ought to think about one thing before creating a buying deal.

Slightly Lags Behind Its Competitors

Sumitomo tires cannot contend on a level taking part in the field with premium brands since they’re less expensive.

When put next to the performance of competitors like Cooper, Hankook, Pirelli, Continental, Michelin, and Bridgestone, Geo Tour tires can lag slightly behind.

And once it involves grip and overall traction, Sumitomo tires can fall short of those different tires.

Geo Tour tires, on the opposite hand, are still valuable considering owing to their reduced value compared to the others.

Are They Good Or Bad?

Sumitomo, like all different tire manufacturers, produces a range of tire models to satisfy the needs of various customers and driving designs.

And you will experience several experiences and downsides of the tire’s primary. that’s a normal part of a consumer’s life.

When it involves choosing the proper tires to supply you with long and reliable service, luck may play a job.

However, if you decide on tires that are acceptable for your wants and driving style, you may get the most out of your investment.


That’s all I have on Geo Drive Tires Reviews. Geo Tour tires are a product line of Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

This tire manufacturer makes different passenger and commercial vehicle tires in a kind of sizes and capacities.

Their tires have additionally met business standards and are appropriate to be used on cars and trucks.

Also, these tires give an excellent price for cash as a result they’re cheap, relatively strong, and durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sumitomo tires smart quality?

Sumitomo tires are an excellent possibility for cheap, superior tires. The manufacturer conjointly produces many qualities, all-season models, particularly for trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. Its rating is low- to mid-range and is accessible to several drivers. though’ Sumitomo may be a solid whole, it is not the simplest of the simplest.

How long do Sumitomo tires last?

The manufacturer makes certain their tires are good for extended tread life and peaceful rides. These tires have the simplest sturdiness because the treadwear warranty is a minimum of 55,000 miles and up to 90,0000 miles.

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