Are BFGoodrich Tires Made By Michelin?

It’s an age-old question that many people have asked, Are BFGoodrich Tires Made By Michelin? While there has never been any official word on the matter, we can look at some evidence to help us answer this question.

One of the world’s oldest tire manufacturers, BFGoodrich has been in business since 1870. Back then it was founded by Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich and he started out making rubber hoses and belts for bicycles to eventually become known as one of America’s largest suppliers when they first mass production pneumatic car tires during 1896!

By 1988, BFG had been around for 50 years. In that time they produced millions of tires and became an American icon as well as one of the most recognizable names in motoring history until Michelin bought them!

BFGoodrich Tires Made By Michelin

While there are a few models still manufactured stateside (though not all), many drivers only know about the French-owned brand because it has become better known through advertising on TV shows.

The first letters of each tire plant indicate where it was made. For example, BFG tires are created by three different plants in the US: Tuscaloosa AL for BE and BF codes; Woodburn IN for AN or Opelika AL if they start with an “A.”

But the real arrives Are BFGoodrich Tires Made By Michelin? The answer is both yes and no. BFG has a lot of their tires made by Michelin, but they also do it themselves in the USA with independent engineering teams for design!

Acquisition By Michelin

In 1988, Michelin had bought Goodrich Corporation and Uniroyal Tires from BFGoodrich. The company would later purchase both the US-based brands in 1990 after purchasing these two companies as well for their original equipment on cars made domestically by American producers such as Ford Motor Company.

Among others who used them at one point or another during the production of certain models equipped with a set size of tires originally designed exclusively by either brand, though now available globally through its distribution network so it may be found anywhere where people have preferences about what type they want to be fitted onto whichever kind vehicle might interest them most!

Production By Michelin

In the 21st century, Michelin North America is responsible for producing Dr. Goodrich’s visionary and innovative BFG products at three different U.S factories in Alabama and Indiana which are sold as aftermarket offerings across more tire stores than can be counted by any one company or location alone!

Are BFGoodrich Tires Any Good?

BFGoodrich is a great tire for people who want to save money and avoid long warranty periods. The quality of tread life on their tires makes them stand out against other brands, but performance options are limited at best so you’ll need something else if your car needs better gas mileage or traction in wet weather conditions.

What Tire Companies Does Michelin Own?

The Michelin Group is the world’s second-largest tire manufacturer, and it owns brands in various industries. The company’s portfolio includes Michelin-brand tires as well as Kléber, Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Company SASCAR Bookatable Camso, and Avon Tyres. It also has stakes in other tire brands, including Pirelli (20%), Hankook Tire Company Ltd., and Aeolus Tyre Corporation (50%).


Most of the BFGoodrich Tires are made by Michelin. They are actually manufactured in the United States and sold to distributors for distribution with a variety of different brands on them. If you were wondering about this, please contact us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Michelin and BFGoodrich the same?

Yes, both companies are the same. The Michelin company owns BFGoodrich.

Where are BF Goodrich tires made?

The BFGoodrich tires come from three different locations in Tuscaloosa, AL; Wooburn, IN, and Opelika. The process starts with harvesting the rubber trees that grow on these farms before being processed at a factory where machines make them into sheets for rolling out your perfect tire shape!

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