How To Make Car Phone Holder Sticky Again?

If you’ve purchased or are considering purchasing a Car Phone Mount, you’ve most likely inquired about How To Make Car Phone Holder Sticky Again?

The truth is that no suction cup can guarantee a secure grip on all surfaces, particularly those that are porous (a mesh with small holes, for example) or not exactly flat.

However, if you’re thinking, oh no, I chose the leather interior! Now I’ll never be able to install my phone on my dashboard! Don’t worry; you do have solutions!

To begin, there are a few modifications you can make to your dashboard to improve mounting usability.

Second, we’ll discuss some different surfaces in your vehicle that you might want to consider.

Make Car Phone Holder Sticky Again

Finally, we’ll go through how certain suction cups are simply better engineered than others, so you can tell which ones are the best.

After reading these suggestions, you’ll never be concerned about the safety of a suction cup Phone Holder In Car again!

How To Make Car Phone Holder Sticky Again: 6 Easy Steps

These 6 simple steps will help you stay on your windshield and dashboard for the rest of your life.

You may use this method to perfectly stick your suction cup to practically any surface. It doesn’t matter if they’re old or new, or if you wish to reattach them.

1. Select The Most Appropriate And Suggested Mounting Surface

Clean, leveled, and entirely smooth surfaces are usually the greatest and perfect surfaces for Mounting the Phone Holder cup tightly.

Even if you use the strongest suction cup and apply it with a very sticky gel adhesive to a curved or textured surface, it will not last long because the suction cup and the surface are not properly bonded.

As a result, free air pockets continue to enter the suction cup through the gap, causing it to loosen and eventually fall apart from the windshield.

As a result, you must first pick where you want to place it and then purchase the appropriate suction cup.

In the following steps, you will learn how to manufacture suction cups that stay on the windshield and dashboard indefinitely.

2. Clean The Area Where You Wish To Apply The Adhesive

This is a fairly fundamental step that almost everyone is aware of, which is the true issue: because it is common knowledge, no one is paying attention to it. Everyone cleans with water or towels, then applies a suction cup, and that’s it.

Please set aside 2 minutes to scrub your desired surface with your choice household cleansers, such as Goo Gone or similar, then rinse and dry well with a cloth.

Here’s why: when you clean the surface to eliminate any debris or residue that can interfere with the suction cup’s good adhesion.

3. Ensure That The Suction Cup Is Clean

You must also clean the suction cup itself if you wish to reattach your old suction cup.

Before using the suction cup again, be sure to thoroughly clean it inside and out by running warm water through it.

Another common misconception is that you should constantly dry the suction cup after washing it with water.

There is no need to dry it out because water droplets in the suction cup seal can assist prevent air pockets from forming and soften the substance that helps to attach an old suction cup that will stick indefinitely.

Finally, clean the suction cups thoroughly before reattaching them. Nine times out of ten, there will be dirt or grease that will cause your suction cup to loosen and fall back repeatedly.

4. Firmly Press (Attach It With Pressure)

That is the point at which all of the formalities have been finished and you are ready to put the suction cup to your car’s windshield or dashboard.

You only need to push the suction cup firmly on the surface where you want to attach it for 15-20 seconds.

Make sure there are no air bubbles between the cup and the surface, and you’re done. It is up to you to press; choose wisely.

5. Wait For It to Set (Best Tip To Stick It Forever)

This is the most important step in making your suction cup fall-proof: after attaching the suction cup to the windshield or dashboard, leave it for at least 24 hours. This will help the suction cup bond to the surface and stick perfectly.

That’s why Let It Set was created. It means that you should try to avoid having the mounting location wet and not add any extra weight, such as not Mounting Your Phone for at least one day.

In simple terms, leave it alone for a whole day to verify that the minute droplets of water or bubbles inside the suction cup have dried and there is nothing between the windshield or dashboard and the suction cup.

This indicates that the suction cup and the surface have connected.

6. Continues To Check At Regular Intervals

If you follow the identical instructions given above, your suction cup will stay connected indefinitely.

Now is the moment to check the connection: anytime you feel like it, press down on the suction cup to remove any air pockets that may have formed between the suction cup and your windshield, dashboard, or other mounting places to check the binding.

This is particularly essential because if you install it on the windshield, it will keep track of temperature and humidity changes on the windshield.

After all, the sun heats it directly. The suction cup moves away from the windshield surface when air pockets form between the suction cup and windshield surface.


To cut the long story short about How To Make Car Phone Holder Sticky Again? Those sticky dash pad holders are like glue to your dash.

They also keep dust and dirt firmly bound to the surface, along with your cell phone. Dash pad holders may lose their adhesive capabilities over time as debris accumulates.

Simply wash the dirt away and put it back to work in your automobile when this happens.

And the sound of your phone crashing to the floor doesn’t have to signal that it’s time to clean.

Wash the dash pad once every two weeks to keep dust at bay more frequently if you smoke in the car.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix a non-sticky suction cup?

A tiny dab of Vaseline or cooking oil can be rubbed on the rim of the cup to improve suction and help maintain the seal tight, or dampen your sensitized with water and informally moisten the internal rim of the suction cup. Moistening aids in the formation of a tighter seal.

Do suction cups lose their effectiveness over time?

Frequently, the suction cup or the object it is grabbing fails due to a lack of cleanliness. Before cleaning the targeted surface, clean the suction cup’s interior with a lint-free cloth. Their upkeep may be as simple as a quick dusting.

When it comes to suction cups, how long do they last?

In most cases, the cup is left in place for up to 3 minutes. A rubber pump, rather than fire, is used to produce the vacuum inside the cup in a more modern variation of cupping. For a massage-like effect, therapists sometimes utilize silicone cups that can slide around on your skin.

What can I do to keep my dashcam from crashing through the windscreen?

To begin, we recommend cleaning the plastic tube and the region of the windscreen where it is attached on the inside. This should prove helpful. Use water to soak the suction cup and place it on the window if that doesn’t work.

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