EPC Light Comes On When Accelerating

You drive your vehicle, and abruptly, the EPC light (regularly along with the motor light) shows up on your dashboard. Will it harm my motor? Is it perilous to drive with? What amount will it cost to fix my vehicle? There are many inquiries regarding the EPC Light Comes On When Accelerating. Since it is an expected reason for worry, as it regularly implies there is an issue with the vehicle.

However, it’s quite difficult all the time to discover how genuine that issue is. The primary thing we really want to do is sort out if there is an issue with your vehicle or a misleading problem. Whenever we’ve sorted that out, we can see a few quick fixes for normal issues with the EPC framework in VW and Audi vehicles (counting Jettas, Passats, Golfs, and Touaregs).

Why Does EPC Light Comes On When Accelerating

Causes For EPC Light Comes On When Accelerating

The Electronic Power Control (EPC) cautioning light shows an issue with your choke framework, including the choke body, gas pedal, voyage control, or foothold control. The EPC light frequently appears with the Engine, ABS, or ESP Light, contingent upon where the issue is. The following are the issues that could set off the EPC light.

  • Choke body disappointment
  • Terrible ABS Sensor – Common on more current VW Passats
  • Bombed brake pedal switch – Common issue on Golf 4 and Fabia
  • Terrible ABS Ring
  • Terrible ABS sensor wiring
  • A bombed brake pressure sensor (Inside the ABS Module)
  • A Bad Engine Sensor
  • Inside motor issue
  • Power directing disappointment
  • Directing wheel sensor
  • Wiring issues

Instructions To Fix The EPC Light

The most straightforward method for fixing the EPC issue is by checking the difficulty codes in the motor control module or ABS control module with an OBD2 Scanner. Whenever the EPC cautioning light is on, it implies there are one or a few difficulty codes put away in one of the control units.

You need to filter the motor control unit, ABS control unit, controlling control unit, and transmission control unit for any put-away difficulty codes. You can either take your vehicle to a technician to allow them to peruse the difficulty codes or you could get to it at home with your own OBD2 scanner.

The least expensive indicative scanners can peruse the motor control unit. Since this issue could show up in a few control units, it’s prescribed to either get a further developed demonstrative scanner or allowed a studio to peruse the other control units’ codes.

Assuming the EPC Light Comes On When Accelerating on your dashboard, however, the vehicle is running totally fine, you can attempt to play out a VW EPC light reset with an OBD2 scanner to check whether the light returns. It very well may be an impermanent issue if it doesn’t show up once more, however you need to fix the issue assuming it returns.

While driving the vehicle and having the motor light streak at that point, there is a significant issue that is right now existing. Whenever the EPC light comes on, there is an issue with the choke pedal, choke body, footing control, or voyage control.

Because of the motor shaking, while the two lights are on, this would be because of a deficiency of fuel or a high volume of fuel to the chambers. Probably the choke pedal has lost correspondence to the PC, and the PC is attempting to figure out what the count is on the pedal.

This put the motor into a limp mode and make the fuel framework either go lean or rich, relying upon the choke pedal. For off the tackle to the pedal and set an advanced ohm meter on the terminals to the pedal.

Really look at obstruction on the pedal with it up and afterwards actually look at opposition with the pedal down. If there is no change, the choke pedal necessities are supplanted. On the off chance that there is a change, the choke position sensor needs to be supplanted on the motor.

On the off chance that you really want further help to investigate your vehicle, search out a specialist, for example, one from your mechanic, that can play out these tests and appropriately analyze unpleasant running motors in your own area.


The VW EPC cautioning light, otherwise called the Electronic Power Control cautioning light, is a vehicle cautioning marker that shows an issue with your Volkswagen’s choke framework. Whenever the EPC Light Comes On When Accelerating on in your Volkswagen dashboard, your vehicle should be fixed quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

For what reason does the EPC light come on and off?

Your EPC Volkswagen cautioning light, otherwise called the Electronic Power Control cautioning light, is a pointer highlighting issues with your Volkswagen’s choke framework. This could imply that the choke pedal, choke body, foothold control, or journey control unit need consideration.

What causes the EPC light to come on?

Basically, the EPC Light becomes enlightened on your dashboard when the vehicle’s framework identifies there is any kind of force issue. For instance, assuming the EPC Light is enlightened because of foothold control issues, the foothold light will be on as well.

Would you drive with EPC to light on?

While you can keep on driving with the EPC advance notice a light on, you risk causing huge harm to the motor. To assist with forestalling harm, the EPC’s limp-home mode could actuate, making the vehicle lazy as you look for help. The vehicle ought to be checked by an equipped professional when is conceivable.

How would I fix my EPC light?

To fix the VW EPC light, you want to peruse the difficulty codes with an OBD2 scanner. When you know everything the difficulty codes are saying to you, you want to keep investigating these codes. Simply speculating the issue will just waste your cash.

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