Why Are Swift Drivers So Bad?

Swift drivers are typically seen as lazy, reckless, and careless. They often do not follow the road rules but instead, drive how they want to without any regard for anyone else on the road. This is why so many people hate swift drivers and we will talk about Why Are Swift Drivers So Bad? In this blog post.

Swift Drivers So Bad

Possible Reasons Why Are Swift Drivers So Bad?

  1. Drivers are too distracted by their phone
  2. Drivers have a lack of experience driving in traffic
  3. Drivers don’t know how to deal with bad drivers on the road
  4. Bad weather conditions make it harder for drivers to see and react quickly, which leads to more accidents
  5. Too many people drive during rush hour because they’re trying not to be late
  6. People who live near highways or busy streets are used to hearing loud noises all day long, so they become desensitized and don’t pay attention when there’s an emergency vehicle approaching them from behind.

Theory Behind Why Swift Drivers Have Bad Reputation?

Some companies are currently struggling to find enough drivers. There’s a huge shortage, and the only way they can help is by recruiting from countries with good driving standards like Great Britain or New Zealand, where it would be easy for someone who speaks English as their native language because most people there speak only one word well – Driving!

If you’re not sure if your company needs more qualified employees, just look at how many red tape hoops an application process might have jumped through before being approved-it’ll save time in recruitment costs too.

It’s absolutely mind-boggling to me that the US government has not established some sort of special program for skilled truck drivers. With all this one virus, they’re going above and beyond in helping other industries but can’t find a way to help our transport industry if trucks stop moving goods across country borders? It might be too late then–the economy will suffer greatly!

The other reason why swift drivers are so bad is that they do not follow road signs and may even be dangerous for pedestrians. Sometimes it feels like the traffic rules exist just to inconvenience you, but following them will keep people safer on the roads. Swift driver laws can vary from state to state too, which makes things more complicated than necessary.

A third reason why swift drivers are so bad is that they often do not care about others on the road and think of their car as a big toy. They love speeding up to overtake someone, which can be dangerous for both themselves and other cars around them if there is an accident or anything unexpected happens while driving.

This is why they’re so dangerous to other people on the road and why there’s a major shortage of their services when companies struggle to find enough drivers.


The best thing drivers can do is to slow down and give themselves more space. If you feel like a driver is coming up too close, then it’s time to take the next exit or pull over in order for them to pass. It may be an inconvenience, but the alternative of being involved in a car accident could lead to severe bodily harm or even death. Now you know everything about Why Are Swift Drivers So Bad?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason for the bad reputation of Swift truck drivers?

Swift’s bad reputation probably comes from many years of being associated with unsafe drivers who are trying to cut corners or deliver on time no matter what.

Is Swift a bad company to drive for?

It all depends on why you’re asking. It could be a bad company to drive for if it meant that they weren’t treating their drivers well such as by charging high commission or not providing necessary car maintenance. If your concern was with regards to safety.
However, then the answer is more complicated depending on the number and severity of accidents in a region and whether or not Swift was at fault (or how much responsibility the driver actually has).

Why are there so many swift truck accidents?

There are so many swift truck accidents because of the need for long-distance deliveries. Truck drivers, in turn, face increasing fatigue, driving challenges, and the ever-present risk of driver error when they’re on the road for hours at a time.
Given all these factors together, it’s not surprising that nearly 6% of all workplace fatalities every year involve an auto/truck collision under some circumstances alone.

How much does a swift driver make?

The average salary ranges typically range from $34,000 to $37,000 per year. As of December 2016, Swift Transportation offers its drivers on the open market a starting pay of $18.00 per hour with an annual raise potential of up to 3% on January 1st every year.
This raise is in addition to the traditional bonuses that are offered through progressive performance reviews throughout the duration of employment with Swift Transportation.

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