How Far To Bike To Burn 500 Calories?

Bicycling could be a popular, low-impact exercise that may help you accomplish your fitness goals. Sport can tone and strengthen your muscles and thereby increase your rate, permitting you to burn additional calories, even whereas at rest.

Several factors, together with your rate, affect the speed and duration of cycling you would like to burn five hundred calories. So, How Far To Bike To Burn 500 Calories? It depends on different factors that are mentioned below.

Bike To Burn 500 Calories

Factors For Burning Calories

Hills And Terrain

If you ride your bicycle up and down hills, the number of calories you burn can amendment. Rise a hill will increase your calories burned as a result of you’ve got to figure against gravity to push yourself and your bike to the highest. The wind is also a factor.

If the wind is blowing the wrong way as you, you may burn a lot of calories. These factors affect calorie expenditure exponentially, that the higher the wind speed and also the steeper hill, the more calories you may burn overcoming those obstacles.


According to Harvard Health Publications, a recreational twelve mph bike ride can burn 298 calories each unit of time for somebody who weighs one hundred fifty-five lbs. This person would bike for regarding one hour to burn five hundred calories.

For somebody who weighs a hundred and fifty lbs. and bikes at a lot of vigorous speed of thirteen mph, 612 calories are going to be burned every hour, as per the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. To burn off those five hundred calories, you may get to bike longer if you intend to ride at a slower speed.

Age And Sex

As you age, your body can lose some muscle mass and gain fat. At this time, you may stop burning calories at the speed you were after you were younger. Men even have a lot of lean muscle to comprise their weight than a lady of a similar age and weight, so that they burn calories at the next rate, even whereas resting.

Body Composition

Depending on your body composition, however long and quick you wish to ride to burn five hundred calories are going to be unique, however, general tips will help. Somebody with bigger body composition or a lot of body fat can burn a lot of calories per hour than a smaller person.

The next variety of calories because burned as a result of it takes a lot of energy for the muscles of a bigger person to move his body. A 200 lb. person can burn 364 calories per hour riding at ten mph. At a similar speed, a 240 lb. person can burn 436 calories.


According to the American Council on Exercise, as well as intervals in your effort will increase your calorie-burning potential by using each of your anaerobic and aerobic systems. Not steeper can you be using oxygen to show carbohydrates into energy, you also will be burning carbohydrates directly.

To perform intervals, alternate between a slower or lighter riding speed like ten mph and a lot of vigorous speed, like fifteen mph. however long you ride at every speed is up to you and how you are feeling.


Hence, How Far To Bike To Burn 500 Calories? Bike riding can help lose belly fat and calories, but it will take time. A recent study showed regular bike riding may enhance overall fat loss and promote a healthy weight. To reduce overall belly girth, moderate-intensity aerobic exercises, such as cycling or biker riding (either indoor or outdoor), is effective to lower belly fat and burning calories.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many calories will twenty minutes of biking burn?

When riding outdoors for twenty minutes, you’ll be able to burn between one hundred sixty and 489 calories. cycling could be a fun and low-intensity style of exercise that you simply will do inside or outdoors. The number of calories burned biking for twenty minutes ranges between one hundred forty and 498, looking at the intensity of your session and your weight.

How many miles could be a fifteen-minute bike ride?

If you are going at a moderate pace of 12-14 mph, 15 minutes on the stationary bike is 3-3.5 miles. However, the tipping figure depends on your speed. So, it is best to appear at your bike’s readings as a result the majority of exercise bikes offer standard stats that embrace distance, time, and calories burnt.

Is a twenty-mile bike ride a good workout?

Another one that’s a given is that biking is a good way to melt off and keep fit. Biking twenty miles daily burns roughly around one thousand calories. So, if your goal is to lose some additional pounds, then it is time to hop on a motorcycle and choose a ride.

How many miles per week ought I bike to lose weight?

If you cycle for 0.5 an hour 5 days per week, you can expect to burn 1,500 calories if you weigh one hundred twenty-five pounds and cycle at fifteen miles per hour. If you cannot cycle this quickly, you may burn 1,200 calories per week athletics at twelve miles per hour.

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