Who Makes Kenda Klever Tires?

Kenda Klever is a company that has been making tires for over eighty years. Do you have any information regarding Who makes Kenda Klever tires? You might wonder who actually manufactures the tires, and where they are made. There are many factors to consider when you’re trying to answer this question and we will discuss them in depth below!

Kenda was one of the first companies to create bicycle tires, and it’s still going strong. While Kenda specializes in many different types of products for consumers around the world today- their history with bicycles dates back more than fifty years ago when they started making rubber wheels!

Founded in 1962, the company has been making tires for over 50 years. They produce a variety of different products including passenger vehicles and heavy-duty truck tires as well industrial equipment such as trailers or mining machines. The headquarters are based in Taiwan but they also have plants overseas making their product more accessible to international markets where demand is high due to its affordability.

Makes Kenda Klever Tires

Kenda is a tire company that has bet on the US market for over ten years, having opened an Ohio-based office in 2012. To date, they have sponsored many professional sports teams including Cleveland Cavaliers’ player James Jones’s testimonial bike ride which raised money to fight glaucoma!

Kenda Tires offers a range of tires for every type and size of the vehicle, with half designed specifically to suit modern car-based SUVs. The Klever line includes four models catering towards crossovers as well three more tailored primarily towards trucking needs on large vehicles like trucks or Hummers. All are backed by warranties that can last up to 60K miles which makes them an excellent investment!

But the main question is Who Makes Kenda Klever Tires? The Kenda Klever makes their tires in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. They also have plants on the mainland of both countries as well!

Is Kenda A Good Brand?

Kenda tires are designed for maximum fuel efficiency. The Kenda Eco-friendly offering, the Vezda tire is made of eco-material and can be used on long drives without wearing out your rim too quickly or compromising handling.

Are Kenda Klever Tires Any Good?

These excellent tires are not just superior to all others in their class but at half the price! I would highly recommend these reliable rubber-tired road warriors for anyone looking to go places that other tires can’t.

Are Kenda Tires Bad?

Kenda tires offer the best balance between performance and longevity. They perform well across a wide range, and their tread life is excellent as well! If you’re looking for an affordable tire that won’t break your budget but still provides great value in return. Kenda is one choice among many others out there.

However, these particular pneumatic rubber goods stand apart from other brands such as Lexani Lionhart Ironman or Milestar who all cost about 10% more than what they deliver on quality alone. This isn’t good enough when we know how important saving money can be sometimes especially if we’re talking about just buying something small like bicycle inner tubes instead of replacing them both.


Kenda Klever Tires is a subsidiary of the Chinese company, Golden Tyre. It was founded in 1962 and has been making high-quality tires ever since. As one of the leading tire manufacturers throughout Asia, they have equipped many cars with their excellent products for years now.

If you need new tires or to service your existing ones, then look no further than Kenda Klever Tires! That’s all we have on Who Makes Kenda Klever Tires?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kenda Klever tires quiet?

The Kenda Klever tires made for an enjoyable experience, even when I was at higher than average speeds. The noise level of these tires on smooth pavement is not too high or low so they are relative to your speed which makes it easier to enjoy road trips with friends who have different levels in their car!

Are Kenda tires made in America?

Founded in 1962, Kenda has been making tires for over 50 years. They are headquartered in Taiwan and have factories around the world to make their products, from tire manufacturing plants located on mainland China as well as other countries such as Indonesia or Vietnam where many low-cost labor forces exist.
With US offices based out of Reynoldsburg Ohio you know that customer service will be just a phone call away if anything goes wrong with your set!

How long do Kenda Klevers last?

The Kenda MT has a 60K mile tread life warranty, so you can’t go wrong with these tires. Whether it be for work or play the traction is more than capable of getting through any terrain that comes its a way!

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