What Year Gmc Truck Beds Interchange?

We have seen a few of our clients have a similar inquiry regarding What Year Gmc Truck Beds Interchange? The response to this question may not be extremely simple to grasp, so we will attempt to make it as basic as expected.

It truly relies upon the model of the truck in which the bed was introduced. It likewise relies upon whether the bed has been eliminated and reinstalled into one more model of truck, eventually on schedule.

GMC truck beds were presented by General Motors in the mid-1900s as a feature of their image’s armada of substantial trucks, which were used for moving the two individuals and freight over enormous spans throughout the United States and Canada.

As the standing of these trucks developed, the need to alter them with an additional capacity limit was soon apparent. Right away, GMC trucks essentially accompanied removable hardwood sheets that length the length of the truck bed to make an additional capacity limit.

The truck bed size is a novel part, so you should check to track down its viable plan. There are different cab styles accessible for GMC trucks. There are three cab styles accessible, including group cab, customary cab, single, and twofold cab arrangement.

Gmc Truck Beds Interchange

Aspects Of A GMC Sierra Truck Bed

Sierra 1500 Truck Bed Dimensions are accessible on the Crew Cab, the Short Box has a length of 69.92 inches and a width of 71.4 inches, making it an incredible choice for stacking up devices and gear and going to your worksite. For somewhat more freight space, pick the Standard Box found on the Crew Cab and Double Cab.

GMC 1500 has a team cab style that has sufficient space around 6 for travellers. The short bed in the 2021 model has an aspect-like length of 65.9 inches and a general length of around 230 inches. The bed size of the 2021 long bed GMC pickup group cab configuration is 75 inches long, and the general length is around 235 inches.

The twofold cab design of GMC has less back traveller space as compared to the team cab. Its bed aspect incorporates 75.4 crawls long, and its general length is around 225 inches and 5 feet. Its payload limit is roughly 1530 pounds.

Ordinary cab setup or single cab pickups are famous for a work truck yet have no space for the back traveler. All things considered, it covers around 3 to 4 travelers, and the bed aspect is roughly 95 creeps long, the general length is 235 inches, and 8 feet is standard in it.

Checkout Elements Of Trade GMC Truck Beds

At the point when you have a harmed bed of a more established GMC pickup truck, then, at that point, supplant it with another one. In this way, before buying it, you should be acquainted with a couple of angles, highlights, and estimations.

Outside And Inside Bed Aspects

The 2019 model accompanies different cab styles, and legitimate bed aspects can deal with weighty freight with no problem. Its bed aspect, gear volume, and traveler limit is likewise the best element for the client.

The freight limit is roughly 60 feet, and the entire length of the truck bed with its cabin is around 140.4 inches and 5 feet of the twofold cab. Normal cab design has 139 inches in the general entire length and a 7-foot confine length. Therefore, the team cab has a general length of around 135 inches and a 9-foot box length.

Truck Bed Liner

Automakers produce the best quality bed linen that uniquely fits reasonably for your truck bed. Its establishment is simple for certain fundamental devices and the time expected for a splash bed liner. It offers a scope of benefits, including restricting freight development, forestalling slides and scratching, safeguarding, and having less vibration to keep your merchandise secure.

These are viable with its cabin and other body, so you should choose the bed having rationality to its style. Then, at that point, you can get it online from a very much rumoured source with a lifetime guarantee. Its paint ought to likewise match the cabin; if not, your truck will have an odd appearance.

Bolt Designs For Outline

For quite a long time, GMC has turned into the best-selling pickup in the USA. Around six bolts are available that solid its bed to move the weighty freight with super accommodation. You can fix it on the off chance that it becomes harmed. For fuel siphon change and fixing, you additionally need to eliminate it.

The general interaction needs to tie around 25 to 35 minutes. To keep it set up and bear the heaviness of freight travel, it should be impeccably adjusted. Subsequently, observe the bolt areas on the new bed floor and decide the separation from one another.

Wiring Saddle And Rear End

Freight beds are the contributing component in its business development. Automakers attempt to concoct development and added esteem highlights in the advanced vehicle. For instance, 2021 GMC has a multi-flex back-end property with six unique utilitarian arrangements.

Thusly, the 2003 rear end of this pickup additionally has an alteration, and with opportunity, another age thinks of recent changes. Wiring bridle and rear-end are likewise a piece of it and introduced with a particular goal in mind.

For both truck beds to be interchangeable, their wiring and stature should be viable. Albeit the wiring tackle requires no more alterations, twofold look at it for any errors and roll out the fundamental improvements.

Wheel Curve

It is a half-circle part that is available over the vehicle wheel. It is the major body change in the vehicle that cuts higher into the bumper. Beds that are available in the GMC have a change in their size and styles. Hence, the truck bed you pick ought to have a reasonable plan to oblige the wheel confronting no mechanical disappointment or grating.

Back Guard

You can purchase the back guard independently because of its setup. The spare tire is open through the guard opening. It is the place where you can put the bar to bring down the spare tire. In this way, while trading the bed, you ought to likewise check whether the plan accessible has the specific area of the opening or not.

How To Replace The GMC Truck Bed?

The technique of supplanting the bed on a GMC pickup truck is simple. In the first place, open the back end at a particular point to the bed floor. Eliminate the lashes on their two sides and lift from one side to eliminate from the bed. Then, at that point, eliminate the taillights by unscrewing through a flathead screwdriver from the traveler side of the bed.

Thusly, rehash a similar interaction from the driver’s side and spot these in a protected spot. Then, eliminate the saddle and push it through the bed, permitting the wire to let out of the bed floor. The following stage is to unscrew the fasteners that save the fuel tank.

Then, at that point, clear out its gas neck and push away from the bed. Unscrew the fastener that holds the bed from the base with the wrench, expansion, and attachment. You supplanted the bed on your 2000 GMC with the 2004 pickup bought from the well-prestigious organization.

Then, you clean the corroded edge and paint it to broaden its life expectancy. You used a similar derrick to lift the new truck bed onto the edge and reassembled different things. Play out the test drive to look at the saddle and bolt detachment.

Measuring Truck Bed Size

Estimating your truck bed is a genuinely simple technique. All you want is a measuring tape and your truck. You should begin from the bulkhead, the finish of the bed at the back of the cab. Begin estimating from the bulkhead to the endpoint of your truck bed with the rear end shut. Get the estimation, and that is the size of your truck bed.

One more approach to discovering the size of your truck bed is by just taking a gander at your proprietor’s manual. You can see the more itemized elements of your truck and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, including your truck’s weight, towing limit, pulling limit, and that’s just the beginning. It is vital to know to check the restrictions of your truck and not go over its cutoff points.


The long and short bed lengths have been interchangeable in certain years of the GMC Sierra and Yukon trucks. Starting in 2015, the briefest truck bed length has been 6 feet 7 inches, however, this changed from one model to another, as well as year to year.

To decide if your truck has interchangeable beds, you should know the year of your vehicle, what motor it has, and what trim bundle it accompanies, if any. That’s all we have on What Year Gmc Truck Beds Interchange?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are GMC and Silverado beds interchangeable?

Since most GMC and GMC trucks roll off a similar sequential construction system, you can exchange most parts, including the trucks’ beds.

Are GMC 1500 and 2500 beds something very similar?

The beds are not the same and interchangeable.

What size bed does a GMC 2500 have?

Sierra 2500 Heavy Duty truck comes in 2WD and 4WD Crew Cab models with a 6′ 9″ standard bed or accessible 8′ long bed.

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