What Size Allen Wrench To Remove Brake Calipers?

What Are Brake Calipers?

The Brake Caliper plays a central role in a very disc-brake system and has 2 functions. First, it acts either as a bracket to support the restraint on either facet of the rotor or to support the caliper bracket itself. There are alternative styles. However, these are the 2 most common. Second, it uses pistons to convert pressure exerted on the brake fluid by the cylinder into friction on the rotor.

In simple words, a brake caliper’s purpose is to squeeze the restraint against the rotor to prevent the automotive. There are 2 main styles of calipers, one piston and a twin piston. The front calipers are twin piston; however, several cars use single piston calipers at the rear, wherever less braking force is required.

Stepping on the foot pedal forces the Hydraulic Brake Cylinder Piston forward, press the brake fluid. The brake fluid forces the caliper pistons toward the rotors, pinching the rotors in between the restraint, that creates friction and slows the vehicle. But the main question is What Size Of Allen Wrench To Remove Brake Calipers?

Allen wrench brake calipers

Signs For Changing The Brake Caliper

  • Brakes seize
  • Lost braking pressure
  • Spongy brakes
  • Brake squeaking or noise
  • Pulling to the left or right once braking
  • Uneven brake pad wear.

Size Of Allen Wrench For Brake Caliper

It should be a 3/8″Allen wrench to suit your calipers. That is the size used for several years on their Hydraulic Brake Systems. I would use one that attaches to a 3/8″ or 1/2″ drive ratchet handle. Snap-on makes some smart ones. You’ll sit the wrench within the Allen head and provide it with a handful of smart raps with a hammer to break the rust free before making an attempt to show it.

How To Remove Brake Caliper?

For removing the brake caliper, you must raise the vehicle, remove the bad wheels, extract the retaining Spring Of The Caliper, and remove the caliper as follows:

  1. Don’t disconnect the brake hose from the caliper, and don’t enable the caliper to hold by the brake hose!
  2. Take away high and bottom caps (on the back aspect of the caliper) for access to guide pins, then open up and take away them from the brake carrier. Take away the caliper.
  3. Currently you need to totally clean the brake calipers (free of grease).
  4. Take away the outer brake pad from the brake carrier.
  5. Pull the inner brake pad out of the Brake Caliper Piston.
  6. Checkup the brake fluid level on the reservoir, and remove it if necessary!
  7. Push piston into brake caliper housing.
  8. Install inner brake pad (with increasing spring) in brake caliper piston. (Arrow marked on pad – if it exists, should be used in the direction of brake disc rotation once the vehicle is moving forward).
  9. Install the outer brake pad into the brake carrier.
  10. Bolt brake caliper housing to brake carrier use 2 guide pins. The alteration torsion is 25 Nm.
  11. Install both caps.
  12. Insert a holding spring into the Brake Caliper Housing.

Important Note

Depress the pedal firmly many times, whereas the automobile is stationary, so the constraint is compliance with their traditional operative positions. Check brake fluid level and raise it if necessary.


You are aware about the What Size Of Allen Wrench To Remove Brake Calipers? Automobiles repairing are sometimes very difficult, but if you gain information properly, you will surely do better. It’s not difficult to remove or change a brake caliper. You just have the right information or guide for it so that you can easily remove or change brake calipers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When to remove brake calipers?

Over time in traditional driving conditions, the warmth generated from the braking system will weaken and break down seals within the calipers.

Is it difficult to change brake calipers?

No, it’s not too troublesome. In short, you’re removing the wheel, removing the previous caliper and putting in a brand new one, exchanging brake fluid, and making certain the brake pressure is ample. It will take very little, as an hour per caliper or the maximum amount as on a daily basis (for all four brake calipers), betting on problems that will arise.

What are a number of the things I’ll ought to start the substitution of brake calipers?

First, you’ll ought to notice brake calipers and brake pads that suit your vehicle. You’ll like a lug-nut wrench, the new caliper with pre-installed pads and contemporary braking fluid, jack stands and, therefore, the tools specific to your automobile.

My calipers are bad, should I replace the brake pads too or not?

Yes! Over and over, the calipers go bad aboard the brake calipers. Several calipers go with pre-installed constraint to make it easier for DIY mechanics to put in at home.

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