What Kind Of Helicopter Is Air Wolf?

You are here because you are looking for What Kind Of Helicopter Is Air Wolf? Air wolf is a helicopter from an American television show from the 1980s. It had a vast selection of armaments and supersonic speed, according to the storey. The Air wolf helicopter was a modified Bell 222 aircraft with film props attached.

The Flying Air Wolf was based on a Bell 222, a twin-turbo shaft helicopter designed for civilian use and used for business, emergency medical, and utility transport operations, with seating for up to ten passengers, including the pilot.

The serial number 47085 (registration number N3176S) of the first manufacturing variant of the Bell 222A, also known as a Bell 222A, was utilized for Air wolf. Jet Copters Inc. in Van Nuys, California, owned the helicopter throughout the series’ filming.

After the concert was canceled, the alterations were removed, the aircraft was repainted, and the German helicopter charter company Hubschrauber-Sonder-Dienst granted it the registration number D-HHSD (aka HSD Luftrettung and Blue Helicopter Alliance).

The helicopter crashed on June 6, 1992, while working as an air ambulance. For the Helicopter Headquarters museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Steven W. Stull has created a new full-size replica of the Air wolf helicopter.

Using molds obtained directly from the originals used in the episode, a non-flying Bell 222 was created. Between 2007 and 2015, the replica was given to the Tennessee Museum of Aviation in Sevierville, Tennessee, after the Helicopter Headquarters closed.

The Bell 222 was sold to a private collector in California by the owner of the Air wolf replica. The replica is now perched atop a $250 million Bel Air, California estate.

What Kind Of Helicopter Is Air Wolf?

The helicopter from the American television series Airwolf dates back to the 1980s. Wide-ranging weapons and supersonic speed were among its made-up features. A standard Bell 222 helicopter that has been modified by adding movie props was the Airwolf chopper.

Kind Of Helicopter Is Air Wolf

Air Wolf Was Not The First Helicopter Show On Television

The Whirlybirds, which aired from 1957 to 1960, was the first television show to highlight and focus on helicopters. The Whirlybirds was a half-hour action series produced by Desilu Studios that featured Bell 47 helicopters, forerunners of the futuristic Air wolf.

Kenneth Tobey and Craig Hill starred as charter pilots who frequently assisted in search-and-rescue missions. Air wolf continued up to where The Whirlybirds left off and carried this genre forward.

The Air Wolf Helicopter Was A Helicopter That Was Ahead Of Its Time

In the years after The Whirlybirds, there were a few TV shows that included helicopters. However, the summer of 1983 saw a comeback of helicopters because of the success of the John Bad ham film Blue Thunder.

All three main networks used helicopters in their shows, but Air wolf had the most modern aircraft. Air wolf is a helicopter that was extremely ahead of its time, even by today’s standards.

The Requirements Of Air Wolf

Air Wolf is a Bell 222 Stealth Helicopter built by a scientist for the CIA’s The Firm, a super-secret branch, as per the episode. Air wolf is capable of outrunning conventional jets, traveling halfway across the globe, and launching devastating strikes. A cutting-edge computer, high-tech surveillance systems, and 14 weaponry options are among the helicopter’s remarkable features.

The CIA Forged A Deal With String Fellow Hawke

According to the series’ narrative, Air wolf’s creator deserted to Libya, bringing the helicopter with him. Hawke was then enlisted by the Firm to reclaim Air wolf. Hawke agreed but made a deal: he wouldn’t hand it up to The Firm until his brother, who was fighting for life in Vietnam, was found.

Air wolf was a stealthy, armored aircraft in the show. It could do inconceivable acrobatics and maneuvers, including as soaring into the stratosphere and traveling at Mach speeds (a helicopter’s theoretical maximum speed is substantially less than Mach 0.5, or half the speed of sound).

Auxiliary jet engines (seen at the roots of the landing gear sponsors), rotor blades that can be withdrawn for supersonic flight, and a lifting body fuselage are some of the show’s unbelievable capabilities. Many of the aircraft’s powers were also tied to sound effects.

Air wolf would “howl like a wolf” as it sped through the sky in “turbo boost” mode, making a glass-shattering sound effect. The airplane made a mechanical meowing sound when it was idle, and the rotor blades made a ghostly wind drone when it was hovering.

Was Airwolf A Real Helicopter?

Airwolf is a helicopter from an American TV show from the 1980s. It was made up to have a wide range of weapons and go faster than sound. The Airwolf helicopter was a normal Bell 222 helicopter that had movie props added to it.

Where Is Airwolf Helicopter Today?

Bel Air, California, a $250 million mansion, is now home to the replica. RIP, Jan-Michael Vincent, who played the show’s on-screen pilot in Airwolf and died in 2019.


Hence, to cut the long story short What Kind Of Helicopter Is Air Wolf? This helicopter is used in a series that is released in America in 1980. The Flying Air Wolf was developed on a Bell 222, a civilian twin-turbo shaft helicopter used for business, emergency healthcare, and utility transport duties, with a capacity for up to ten people, such as the pilot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the genuine Air wolf pilot?

Thus according reports, Jan-Michael Vincent, who played daredevil pilot String Hawke in the 1980s television series Air Wolf, passed away at the age of 74.

Is it feasible to build a helicopter-like Air wolf?

Yes, there is a resounding “yes” to that question. The helicopter seen on the show is a Bell 222 chopper that has been painted black and furnished with film props and special effects.
The Bell 222 was first flown in 1976 after being designed in the late 1960s. In some ways, it was fitting that Air wolf was played by a Bell 222.

Where did the first Air wolf helicopter go?

However, after safely transporting a patient to the hospital in June 1992, it crashed on the way back to its Berlin base. The tragedy killed all three passengers on board, including a doctor, and the helicopter was destroyed.

Is it possible to reach the summit of Everest via helicopter?

Helicopters have also been seen delivering ropes and other supplies to trapped climbers above the Himalayan icefall, which is located at an elevation of around 18,000 meters above sea level. And, for the first time in 2005, helicopters were able to reach the summit of Everest.

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