What Is A DME Control Module?

DME stands for Digital Motronic Electronics, or actually, Digital Motronic Elektronik, in German. It is also called ECU which stands for Engine Control Unit or Electronic Control Unit. Most of the people don’t know about DME and that’s why they asking about What Is A DME Control Module?

DME Control Module

Why And How Was The DME Developed?

The first Porsches of the terribly late 40s through the first 70s used carburetors and distributors for their engine management, and it worked well till we wanted higher emission controls, which forced the makers, as well as Porsche, to develop a mechanical system. This new management system currently required an associate degree data processor to regulate the quantity of fuel the engine would receive by variable the time the injectors were open.

These systems were way more precise. Ratio and performance were dramatically enhanced, whereas emissions dramatically decreased. The first Porsche engine management computers were the old master D-Jetronic, and they were controlled by the engine’s vacuum. The D-Jetronic was first introduced in 1972, 2.4 metric capacity units more than the 911T and so came to the Porsche models.

Using the vacuum wasn’t terribly economical; therefore, the old master eventually advanced to the Digital Motronic physical science (DME) still in use nowadays though vastly a lot more refined than the primary versions. These systems were rather more precise. Gasoline mileage and performance were dramatically augmented, whereas emissions were dramatically small.

Digital Motor Electronics (DME)

Digital Motor Electronics (DME)is a microchip-based system that controls the ignition, mechanical system, O detector, and diverse accessory functions of an automobile. The DME provides information to associate degree on-board pc that uses associate degree display to provide you with info like the common fuel consumption, the driving distance on the market with the fuel within the tank, average speed, outside temperature, etc.

In the automotive business, DME is usually observed because of the Engine Management Unit (ECU), underneath the heading of Electronic Engine Management Systems.

DME operates by frequently observation of such factors as engine temperature, speed, intake flow of air, exhaust gas composition, and even altitude. DME will fine-tune the engine many times a second to produce the most performance and potency. DME includes a fail-safe program in the event of sure electrical faults. Current DME versions even have on-board diagnostics (OBD).

At the core of a DME, there are multiple microprocessors, and during a trendy Porsche, they execute nearly twenty million directions per second (20 MIPS). Microprocessors even have a name for being extraordinarily reliable. They’re designed for a period of time of a minimum of 150,000 active hours. A car, by comparison, is predicted to survive around 4,000 hours of use.

ECUs are terribly complicated computing systems and might be terribly costly, cost accounting the maximum amount like $5,000 or additional to switch. Luckily, several unsuccessful ECUs may be repaired quickly and affordably by a couple of extremely specialized repair facilities around the country.

Two Main Tasks That DME Performs

  • The injecting of the correct quantity of fuel and
  • Providing a spark at the right time. So, for this to happen, the system needs info concerning the engine’s current state.

DME will track dozens of various sensors; however, each system has to grasp 3 basic things:

  • How much air is coming back into the engine?
  • The position of the throttle?
  • How fast the engine is running?

Using the information concerning what proportion of air is flowing through the engine and the way quickly it’s turning, DME Uses A Fuel Map to work out, however, how long every convenience ought to keep open every cycle to inject the proper quantity of fuel. Throughout the part-throttle operation, the convenience pulse-width is additionally changed by the readings from the O detector, a tool that sits within the exhaust collector and determines what proportion O is left over within the exhaust. Every cylinder is consistently adjusted to the most in operation potency underneath nearly all conditions.

In the event of an electrical fault, DME will reconfigure itself to bypass the matter, and it will diagnose itself for fast and economical troubleshooting.

You may also hear the method of flashing a DME stated as “Chip” or “Chipping”, and that’s as a result of the primary generations of DME Using ROM (Read only Memory) chips that might not be re-programmed. Several “tuners” these days still ought to crack open the DME’s case and take away re-flash, and re-solder the physical kick in Porsche models up to 2001.

Today, some terribly exclusive “tuners” with progressive computing hardware and computer code will currently scan and reprogram your car’s ECU not gap its case. It’s all done through the DME’s existing 88-pin instrumentality, even on the primary generation 986 (Boxster) and 996 (Carrera). ECU standardization for the first half will cost around $1,000 for a contemporary, cool Porsche. We can currently provide ECU flashing for 0.5 that much!

Way To Create A HP On Porsche

Now let’s get back to the way to create a lot of HP on your Porsche. When Porsche manufactures a vehicle, they don’t usually understand wherever the automobile can find itself, and below those conditions, it’ll be driven, so that they “de-tune” the engine through the ECU maps to permit for a large number of adverse driving conditions, like victimization, low hydrocarbon fuel, driving at high-altitudes, below very popular close temperatures, etc.

But you’ll slim the parameters dramatically by having your ECU reprogrammed to the conditions you’ll drive beneath, such as Street, Spirited Driving, AX, Track, full-blown athletics, etc.

  • For instance, if you merely use 93 octane gasoline the ECU is often reprogrammed for that.
  • If you’ve put in aftermarket intake and or exhaust systems, the ECU is often reprogrammed for that.
  • If you’ve enhanced the throttle body’s size, the ECU is often reprogrammed for that.
  • If you wished to raise the rev-limiter, the ECU is often reprogrammed for that.


Now, that’s a reason, that’s a reasonably comprehensive answer and will hopefully begin you on the ark way to far better understanding. I do know it helped Maine. A lot of answers to follow from here on in conjunction with others. Now, you have all the knowledge about What Is A DME Control Module?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DME on a mini-Cooper?

Fun cars become members of the family over time, and the MINI-branded models are also possible to urge a nickname throughout possession.

Are ECU and BCM the same thing?

ECU may be a general term that will mean something driven by a pc since it stands for “Electronic management Unit”. Within the automotive industry, the management unit is employed as a generic term for any constitutional system that controls multiple electrical options in a very automotive. It always includes the Body management Module (BCM).

How does one check a BMW DME?

Step 1: Mail your current BMW DME.
Step2: we are going to check your current BMW DME. If no faults are found, we are going to come to your DME.
Step 3: If your DME is faulty, we are going to quote you on a DME repair.
Step 4: Once we’ve got tested or repaired your DME, you’ll be able to merely refit your DME to the vehicle.

What is a DME relay?

A digital motor electronics relay is nothing quite like 2 relays designed into one case—it’s 2 coils and 2 switches. It’s accustomed management of the switched-power circuit for the DME module, the fuel injectors, and therefore the fuel pump.

Where is that ECU on a mini?

Just below the all-time low of the ECU forged housing, there’s a plastic protection tab on all sides. Push this tab toward the driver’s facet of the car and pull up ECU to unlock. Do some alternative facet. Currently, pull up ECU from the mount.

What is DME unlock?

The DME put in your N20, N55, S55, and S63TU, B58 is all barred from the works to stop software system modification via the OBD2 port. This only once patch doesn’t alter the programming in an exceeding performance sense. The value is PER DME.

How much is an ECU unit?

On average, you’ll expect the price to be anywhere from $400 to $1,400 whereas the labor prices square measure roughly from $100 to $200 for reprogramming and installation. You will be ready to save cash on a refurbished ECU; however, that typically comes with a small amount of risk.

What causes an ECU to fail?

Corrosion or injury thanks to wet is one of the most reasons for electronic warfare failure. Corrosion will enter the electronic warfare through the wiring harness and wet will enter by the failure of the seals within the electronic warfare itself. This happens over an amount of your time (5 to ten years) due to the ECM’s exposure to the weather.

Is ECU expensive to fix?

The ECU is a fashionable element, so having it repaired or replaced may set you back, depending on the extent of the injury. Drivers typically need to own their ECU remapped to boost the performance of their engine or change it; thus, their automobile will handle specific road conditions.

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