What Class Of Car Is A Subaru Outback Sedan Or SUV?

The Outback began as a four-door, five-passenger waggon with improved ground clearance and a more rugged design, based on the Subaru Legacy mid-size sedan platform. Learn What Class Of Car Is A Subaru Outback Sedan Or SUV? The Outback has been a commercial success for Subaru, which originally marketed it as a smaller alternative to SUVs and crossovers.

The size of later variants approached that of crossovers. The Outback, like all recent Subarus except the BRZ, is only available in all-wheel drive, which is best for bad weather and modest off-roading.

Subaru also marketed a different model, the Outback Sport, which was based on the smaller Impreza sedan, for a short time. Subaru’s production plant in Lafayette, Indiana, produces the Outback.

What Class Of Car Is A Subaru Outback Sedan Or SUV?

The Subaru Outback belongs to the midsize crossover category.

Car Is A Subaru Outback Sedan Or SUV

Is There A Good Wagon In The Subaru Outback?

Yes, the Subaru Outback 2022 is a fantastic waggon, and not only because it’s one of the few options left in the segment. The interior of the Outback is light and airy, with comfortable seats and plenty of cargo capacity.

It comes standard with all-wheel drive and includes active safety systems such as forward collision warning and lane-keep assist. The Outback also has a zippy turbocharged engine option, as well as above-average fuel economy and towing capability.

Is The Subaru Outback A Good Buy?

If you’re looking for a new station waggon, the Outback is a must-see. It’s the cheapest model in this admittedly small segment, starting at about $27,000 but it’s also the most practical for families, thanks to its generous sitting space and class-leading load space.

However, when compared to compact SUVs like the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, and Subaru’s own Forester, the Outback’s Advantages aren’t as significant. All of these offer comparable interior rooms and safety features but at a cheaper price range. Those three may be better possibilities if you aren’t keen on the waggon body style.

How Much Does A Subaru Outback Cost To Insure?

The cost of Subaru Outback insurance is determined by a number of factors, including your deductible, the level of coverage you desire, and the type of insurance you select. Your insurance premiums are affected by your age, gender, region, credit score, and driving record. To get the best policy for you, look over our auto insurance guide.

Subaru Outback Versus The Competition

Subaru Crosstrek VS Subaru Outback

The Subaru Crosstrek is the brand’s smallest SUV, with a price advantage over the Outback. The Crosstrek starts at $22,245, less than $4,700 than the Outback. If you’re looking to save money, the Crosstrek is a good option. In most other cases, though, the Outback is the best option.

It has more passenger space, is better trimmed, and is more comfortable to drive, while still being fuel-efficient in its base form. The Outback also comes with a more comprehensive set of standard driver aid features, as well as better cargo and towing capacities.

Subaru Forester VS Subaru Outback

The Subaru Forester is a small SUV with many of the same features as the Subaru Outback waggon. Both Subarus offer spacious five-seat interiors, large cargo areas, similar safety systems, and all-wheel drive.

Both are powered by the same four-cylinder Boxer  engine, which delivers excellent fuel economy. This is where the distinctions become apparent.

The Outback, unlike the Forester, comes with a more powerful turbocharged engine that enables faster acceleration and a higher towing capability. The Forester, on the other hand, has a lower beginning price of roughly $2,000 and a simpler infotainment system. Take both models for a spin to see which you prefer.

What Is The Capacity Of The Outback Seat?

The Subaru Outback 2022 is a five-seat four-door waggon. Even after a few hours of driving, the front seats are supple and supportive, and they stay pleasant. Because of the Outback’s big windows, sight is superb in all directions. The back seats aren’t as comfortable as the front ones, but there’s plenty of headroom and legroom.

Taller passengers will be able to sit comfortably in both rows, while children will find the back seat to be extremely spacious. If you require even more seating, consider the three-row Subaru Ascent.

Front seats have cloth upholstery and are manually adjustable. Genuine and synthetic leather upholstery, power-adjustable heated and ventilated front seats, heated back seats, and a heated steering wheel are among the available options.

Outback Performance Tread Lightly

Off-Road Performance In The Outback

On an off-road adventure, the 2022 Outback won’t be able to keep up with Jeep Wranglers, but it should be more than capable of getting you to most trailheads or camping spots.

This is especially true of the Outback Wilderness, which has 9.5 inches of ground clearance, nearly an inch more than the basic Outback and Subaru’s X-Mode traction control system.

Ride And Handling In The Outback

The Subaru Outback offers a driving experience that is similar to that of a car. It glides over bumps and dips in the road with ease, providing a relaxing and comfortable ride. The Outback is quite stable in turns and has very little body lean. The handling is light and quick, and parking and manoeuvring on city streets are a delight.

Additionally, the brakes provide reassuring stopping power. The New Outback Wilderness variant comes with a higher suspension and beefier sidewall all-terrain tyres. The tyres depress the Outback’s steering feel and lower its on-road grip, but they don’t result in a notable drop in ride comfort.

Gas Mileage In The Outback

The Outback achieves 26 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway when equipped with the standard engine, according to the EPA. That’s excellent gas efficiency for a waggon, and it even outperforms the Ford Bronco Sport and Jeep Cherokee.

Which are both adventuresome compact SUVs. The Outback’s turbocharged engine gets 23/30 mpg city/highway, while the Wilderness edition gets 22/26 mpg city/highway.

Engine From The Outback

A 2.5-litre four-cylinder with 182 horsepower and a turbocharged 2.4-litre four-cylinder with 260 horsepower is available in the 2022 Subaru Outback. Both have an all-wheel-drive system and a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT).

When driving the Outback around town, the base 2.5-litre engine feels lively enough, but when pushed harder, the flat-four produces more noise than forwarding motion. The transmission’s simulated gear shifts might seem awkward at times, and passing power is insufficient.

The turbo engine, which is available in Wilderness and XT versions, is a better fit for the Outback. This engine pushes the Outback forward with gusto after a little lag while accelerating from a stop, and provides enough power for climbing hills and avoiding other vehicles. At higher RPMs, it doesn’t sound as abrasive.

Outback Safety

Crash Test Results From The Outback

The 2022 Outback has not been crash-tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, but both organizations have tested the identical 2021 model.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rated the 2021 Outback a five-star overall safety rating, with five stars in frontal and side-impact tests and four stars in the rollover test.

In all six collision safety tests, as well as how well the headlights illuminate the road, the IIHS granted the 2021 outback the highest rating of Good. When it comes to safety features, the IIHS assigns a numerical value to each one. For its standard front crash prevention systems, the Outback received the highest grade of Superior.

Is A Subaru Outback A Sedan Or SUV?

The Subaru Outback combines the off-road features of a station wagon with a small SUV. It’s one of Subaru’s best-selling automobiles. This is because it has a tonne of safety features as standard equipment, mild off-road capability and 8.7 inches of conventional ground clearance.

Is A Subaru Outback Considered A Suv?

The Subaru Outback combines aspects of both a station wagon and a compact SUV. It is a top seller for Subaru. Since it has 8.7 inches of standard ground clearance and is equipped with numerous safety features, it can also be used for light off-roading.

Best Alternative To Subaru Outback

Subaru Forester, Volkswagen Golf Alltrack, Volvo XC60, Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-5, Porsche Macan, Mini Clubman, and Ford Escape are the Alternative To Subaru Outback.


It’s unusual for a single vehicle to encapsulate an entire automotive market, but the 2022 Subaru Outback does just that for the nonluxury waggon class. The Subaru Outback has a great combination of interior spaciousness, riding comfort, fuel economy, and all-wheel-drive capability.

Its plush interior and plethora of safety features are the cherry on top. The Outback is more than a waggon; it is THE waggon. It’s all about What Class Of Car Is A Subaru Outback Sedan Or SUV?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Subaru Outback a good family vehicle?

For today’s families, the Subaru Outback is the car of choice. It’s simple to understand why. They include symmetrical all-wheel drive, EyeSight Driver Assist Technology, and Active Torque Vectoring as standard features. In the end, today’s families are comfortable in the Outback.

Is there a difference between a Subaru and a Toyota?

They both sell vehicles that are dependable, affordable, and perform well. Subaru automobiles are known for their emphasis on safety, which Toyota is now addressing as well. When you compare vehicles side by side, you’ll see that Subaru offers a better value and is more durable.

Why is Subaru so unpopular?

One of the main causes of Subaru’s decreased reliability is due to issues with in-car technology in the Outback and Legacy. Since the early 2000s, this has been a typical cause of diminishing dependability in a variety of brands and models. Many cars today have a lot of new and complicated technology in them.

Which vehicle is superior: the Toyota Highlander or the Subaru Outback?

In addition, the Highlander has a larger load capacity, while the Outback still offers enough interior room. Subaru has a turbocharged engine, which is fantastic. The SUV’s performance, on the other hand, is a little lacking. The Highlander is a far more powerful character.

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