What Causes Turn Signal Blinking Fast?

If your turn signal is blinking fast, then you are not alone. In this article, we will know everything about  What Causes Turn Signal Blinking Fast? The answer to this question can be found using a few simple steps. We will discuss the possible causes of turn signal blinking fast and what each one means for your vehicle.

The use of the turn signal light comes in handy when you need to indicate your direction while driving, but sometimes it can blink so fast or become unresponsive that it makes us feel worried!

It’s common and there are easy ways for fixing such as waiting until our next stop at a red light before making another lane change or just turning off all electronics inside the vehicle because these gadgets may be affecting its performance. The turn signal is a safety device that allows you to communicate with oncoming traffic when turning.

If your indicator lights start blinking quickly, it could be for one of three reasons: bad bulbs in both the front and rear eyes or just from excessive usage which causes them not to work properly, a problem with either relays/fuses within these components (bulbs) themselves? Or even an issue further upstream where power flows through transmission lines, etc.

Causes Turn Signal Blinking Fast

Reasons For What Causes Turn Signal Blinking Fast?

Your turn signals may be blinking faster than you think. While checking to make sure all other lights work, take note of your brake light and reverse lamp as well!

It’s always a hassle when your car’s turn signals begin blinking fast. What causes this? It might be due to one or more bulbs, which are out and need a replacement! With no power coming from these lights it can also mean that you have an issue with the car battery itself.

If only its charge would last just for 5 minutes longer before having another dark coloring could appear after removing old bulbs but there is still hope as long as they don’t occur again anytime soon; however, let me tell you something else too: sometimes all signs point towards relay problems. Following are the all possible reasons for Turn Signal Blinking Fast:

  1. Ground Connection Gone Wrong
  2. Bad Relays/Fuses
  3. Bad Bulbs
  4. Insufficient Voltage
  5. Turn Signal Relay
  6. Electrical Fault
  7. Faulty Flasher Unit
  8. Faulty Circuit

Let’s explain them.

Ground Connection Gone Wrong

You probably have a bad ground connection which is causing your vehicle’s turn signals to malfunction. The problem can be diagnosed with either an ohmmeter or multimeter, but if you’re not comfortable doing this yourself then don’t worry because most mechanics have access to these tools as well!

A quick check of the wires will help diagnose any wrong continuity isolated before they cause more damage that may lead to total failure on one side usually indicated by some visual sign like smoking insulation near terminals where there are bare metal straps exposed due to jacket separation around terminal ends.

Bad Relays/Fuses

If your signal fuse is burnt, it’s time to replace that tired old thing! You can find various options such as mini fuses (which are smaller than the original), maxi-fuses for those who need extra power in their car, and even micro ones if you’re scared of getting caught up with dangerous voltage.

Bad Bulbs

When one bulb is damaged, it can cause the turn signals to blink fast and at some greater speed. The flasher relay gets conditioned to flashlights by draining current from both good bulbs in that direction before double blinking twice as quickly when you find out there’s only one working light left on either side of your vehicle or truck! If the problem with your turn signal is due to bad bulbs, it can be easily fixed by replacing them.

Insufficient Voltage

Your car has a flaky power system. It could be that the connection switch of your vehicle is not working properly, and this may also cause other issues like slowdowns or turn signals blinking fast while you’re driving down the road!

It’s quite possible for many different reasons such as inadequate voltage from the battery to electronics which would result in blinks when trying stop signs etc., but these should all get better once we take care of them.

Turn Signal Relay

Your car’s flasher relay can cause the turn signal to blink at a faster speed. This case often results from water getting into the area, causing rusting pins in your directional light bulb and other issues with electrical parts of vehicles-including vehicles equipped with LED lights!

If you’re experiencing blinking speed issues with your blinker, then it might be time for a replacement. A lack of match brands can cause changes to the frequency at which they operate and that’s why some people notice their turns signal is going faster than expected!

Electrical Fault

If the problem with your turn signal is due to an electrical fault, it can be easily fixed by checking all wiring connections.

Faulty Flasher Unit

If the problem with your turn signal is due to a faulty flasher unit, it can be easily fixed by replacing it.

Faulty Circuit

If the problem with your turn signal is due to a faulty circuit, it can be easily fixed by repairing or replacing it.

Ways To Fix Turn Signal Blinking Fast

You should fix your car or motorcycle’s turn signal if it is blinking. Follow these steps to do so:

Inspecting Light

To check if any of the bulbs are burnt out, remove one at a time and look to see which ones do not light up. If they all seem to like it could be done with replacing just one bulb in each area where there’s no longer an indication on your dashboard lights for turn signal functions then I would say that everything should work fine.

However, if you notice some blinking faster than others or not turning altogether- this might point toward something more serious needing attention before proceeding further into repairs!

Fix Faulty Bulbs

If the lights on your dashboard flash have a faulty bulb You might need to get out of the car, open its hood and take a look at what’s wrong there! Sometimes all it takes for this problem is one good replacement light bulb, other times replacing them both will do the trick but either way, make sure that they’re working before starting any journey!

Inspecting Wiring Harnesses

The top of the turn signal light can be removed from your car. So you may inspect all wiring connectors to see what is the problem with them.

Replacing Flasher Unit

The most common reason for turn signal blinking fast could be a faulty flasher unit. In this case, it is best to replace the old one with a new, working one- and then check if everything works correctly.

Replacing Circuit Board

If the root of your turn signal blinking fast issue lies in a faulty circuit board, it’s time to consider buying a new one!

Work On The Relay

A faulty relay will cause both the left and right signal lights to stop working. To replace it, consult an expert or perform the DIY replacement for this complicated task. Otherwise, the click sound you can hear from your car’s interior when listening closely is called dwell sniffing.

Which sounds like clicking coming from inside each headlight bulb itself as they strobe on-off rhythmically with no power flowing through them since nobody’s driving (or pushing buttons).

Damaged Wires

If the light is blinking fast, then it could be that one of your wires or connectors has been damaged. In order to find out which ones are faulty, you have to conduct a test for each wire along with every connector on their respective circuit board(s). If there’s an issue in any particular area- replace them all!


The most common reason for What Causes Turn Signal Blinking Fast? Is due to an open circuit in the wiring. This can be caused by corrosion, broken wires, or poor connections. If you’ve recently had any work done on your cars such as changing out brake pads and rotors, it may have been damaged during the process causing this issue. That’s it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a fast blinker illegal?

A fast blinker is only illegal if the driver intends to use it as a disguise for their true intention. If someone is using their blinkers, then that typically means they will be stopping soon, not racing ahead. Allowing faster cars to pass would be illegal because it could potentially cause an accident.

How do I know if my turn signal relay is bad?

Check to see if the turn signals are activating. If they’re not showing any potential for turning on, then there must be something wrong with the relay part of your car’s electrical system.

Can you get pulled over for a fast blinker?

No, you cannot get pulled over for a fast blinker, but you can be ticketed by the officer.

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