What Brand Of Tires Should I Stay Away From?

There are many brands of tires out there in the market to purchase, and it can be difficult to know What Brand Of Tires Should I Stay Away From? However, you should stay away from the following brands because they have a high number of negative reviews that mention things like poor performance or premature wear.

Tires Should I Stay Away From

List Of Tires Brand From You Should Stay Away

You’ll find these below in order by their ranking on our list:

  1. Compass tires
  2. BFGoodrich
  3. Michelin
  4. Firestone Wilderness
  5. Falken Tires
  6. Carlisle Tires
  7. AKS Tires

You may have been fooled by these brands. There are many ways to distinguish a fake tire from the original, but for an average person without any experience or training it can be difficult to tell them apart and they might end up getting hurt due to low-quality products being sold as well-known ones that would fool even experienced users

Experts have found out over time just how easy it is for consumers – who don’t know what they’re doing with tires on cars-, could easily fall, victim, when buying forged versions of popular name brand models such as Cooper/Dunlop, etc.

Because those looking at these counterfeits wouldn’t necessarily notice anything wrong until something happens to their car which makes what they have purchased more expensive than it needs to be.

Nobody would guess that these tires are made with the worst quality material and have no safety standards, but of course, they bear a less price compared to their counterparts which can be attributed in part because this cheaper product doesn’t last as long.

Many of the complaints are about treads that come off or fake being sold as originals, but there is also a high number of issues with punctures and other problems related to safety -all cases where what you get isn’t what you pay for.

You might also want to stay away from these brands because they use cheap quality materials and you’re more likely to end up with a dangerous tire:

  • Bridgestone (you’ll find the occasional good review, but most are bad)
  • Falken (again, many of their reviews mention poor performance or premature wear) – Kumho

These brands have either had recalls for safety issues in the past few years or generally get bad feedback regarding what kind of car they work best on. Stay away from them if possible! If not, be sure to do your research so that you don’t buy an unsafe tire. They include:

  • General Tires
  • Firestone –
  • Continental Tires

Note that Continental has an excellent reputation, but their tires are also very expensive.

  • Cooper Tires

Kumho Brand name companies like Goodyear and Michelin tend to produce better quality than these lower-tier brands do. You’ll generally get what you pay for in the tire world! If you’re on a tight budget, it might be wise to see what Wal-Mart or your local auto parts store carries before going online to buy cheap Chinese-made tires from places like Amazon that aren’t well known.

This will save you money while still keeping yourself safe because most of what they carry is fine. In general, though, stay away from all whitewall tires or bias ply construction since those were used primarily back when cars had poor safety ratings and don’t offer much in terms of performance.

Are Chinese Tire Brands Worth Buying?

Since the 1990s, China has grown exponentially in the tire industry all over the world. Not all Chinese brands are poor though. Some top companies like Goodyear and Firestone buy their tires from local manufacturers who employ high-quality materials to make them look identical with expensive originals at lower costs while still providing optimal performance for customers on a budget.

But many other factories create low-quality copies using cheap components that can harm your car if installed incorrectly or cause sudden wear when there’s no need! In general, what you pay is what you get so take a look at the reviews and stay away from cheaper brands that don’t have much to offer.

China’s tire companies are focused primarily on making money. They don’t follow any quality standards in production as well, which leads to many issues including too much noise and low traction between the tires’ grooves with each revolution on pavement or roadways (or both).

Some common characteristics include quick tread wear; shorter lifespan due to cheaper materials used for manufacturing purposes–to name just a few! You are better off choosing durable trusted brand names such as Michelin®, BFGoodrich® Tires, etc., so you can feel assured about safety while driving your car every day

If investing more money doesn’t float your boat when buying new wheels then it might be time to consider something less expensive but still reliable instead. On the other hand, what you pay is what you get in this world. Chinese-made car tires are generally cheap compared to what they should be worth because of low-quality production standards and materials used for manufacturing purposes.

Some common issues include noise during high speeds, short tread life due to poor quality components including rubber compounds that decrease strength between tire grooves and pavement (or roadways) as well as other problems like sudden wear, inferior traction

As a result of this lack of quality control, what you pay is what you get. When it comes to Chinese-made car tires, the price tag will often be low compared to what they’re worth due to poor manufacturing standards.

This applies in particular to what you pay for when buying online. The best way forward is to invest more money because it’s what will keep your car safe and provide optimal performance every time.

Poor quality tires can pose a serious safety hazard, so make sure that you do extensive research before purchasing them instead of just going with what seems like the cheapest option at first.

You do get what you pay for in this case and the tire world isn’t much different from other brands out there, so it could end up being a costly mistake if you don’t learn more about what’s available online first!

What Tire Brands Are Made In China?

American brand names such as BFGoodrich and Kelly Tires are made in China. But with the rise in popularity of Chinese-made tires, it’s important to be careful when purchasing a new set. Do not solely base your decision on price! And if you buy from a tire retailer or car dealership that insists on installing the cheapest tires they have.

Keep in mind that they’ll own them soon enough anyway. So insist on more expensive tires with longer warranties and free rotations…unless you hate your wallet more than your safety!

There is no denying that for years Americans had been spoiled by German engineering when it comes to quality cars and light trucks. This changed when U.S.-based manufacturers began shipping their jobs overseas. Now it seems what you have more of is what’s being manufactured in China, including tires for American vehicles!

The main problem with Chinese-made car tires is that they aren’t built to last very long or provide optimal performance. You get what you pay for and if buying online then there’s a good chance the price is low because what you’re paying for is what you get.

You’ll be spending more money in the long run if you buy Chinese-made tires, so it’s best to invest in something that will last longer and provide optimal performance every time.


In conclusion, I would recommend staying away from brands like Goodrich and Firestone because of their safety records. Bridgestone has a good reputation for making safe tires that last longer than the competition but make sure you buy the original product. This blog post has cleared your doubts about What Brand Of Tires Should I Stay Away From?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Walmart tires so cheap?

Answer: Walmart tires are cheap because they’re made with cheaper materials. Tires are made of rubber that is derived from naturally occurring carbon compounds classified as hydrocarbons, predominantly naturally occurring aromatic plants called isoprene.
When these plants are processed to make this white stuff called “latex paint” or “natural rubber,” it forms polymers that turn into the stretchy tearing-resistant material in your tires.

What is the best month to buy tires?

The best month to buy tires is usually in the wintertime. The best time for tire sales is around Christmas due to the fact that many people have been buying cars as gifts. In addition, tire manufacturers make certain types of tires specifically for winter driving, which means you can get a lot more bang for your buck by shopping around this time.

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