Shimano GRX Shifters With XT Rear Derailleur

Gravel riding is exploding throughout the cycling community, delivering a way of exploration and freedom as we tend to venture down unknown roads and search out new adventures. However, gravel riding isn’t a new concept. So, Can I Fit Shimano GRX Shifters With XT Rear Derailleur?

Years before the primary gravel bike was introduced, riders tinkered with cyclotrons bikes or road rigs, making drop-handlebar bikes with wide tires. gearing for these bikes usually relied on on-road elements, however, shortly riders started increasing gear ranges by admixture and matching road elements with mountain bike derailleurs and cassettes.

These customized drive trains usually relied on specialty parts, which caused issues with reliability and created it hard to seek out replacement elements quickly. But is there any compatibility between Shimano GRX Shifters With XT Rear Derailleur?

Shimano GRX Shifters

Are Shimano GRX Shifters And XT Rear Derailleur Compatible?

Fast-forward many years and the gravel landscape has evolved quickly with new gravel-specific frames, wheels, tires, and more hitting the scene. Shimano was proud to introduce the primary gravel-specific groupset with its groundbreaking GRX element vary.

GRX was designed from the ground up to fulfill the rugged demands of gravel riding and sport. The components feature innovative ergonomics, gravel-tuned gearing, and numerous choices to handle the various demands of gravel riding.

If you are in the market for a new gravel bike or need to switch your current drive train utterly, a full GRX groupset is a perfect place to begin. Choose from 10-speed and 11-speed, 1×11 or 2×11, and mechanical or electronic shifting. Shimano GRX accommodates virtually any frame and any budget level whereas delivering a system-engineered drive trainable to tackle the most difficult gravel parcel.

However, for riders not ready for a complete gravel makeover, GRX parts happily mix with current Shimano road parts thus you’ll be able to upgrade your gravel bike additional gradually. Whereas nearly all GRX parts the following compatible with Shimano Road teams, there are many exceptions and key options that differentiate GRX from Shimano Road parts.

Once upgrading your gravel bike, keep the following components in mind to assist decipher what components are interchangeable with your current road parts. Shimano GRX cranksets feature a +2.5mm outboard chain line that improves rear tire clearance, creating an area for wide gravel tires.

This additionally implies that the GRX crank’s Q-Factor is +2.5mm wider on all sides compared to Shimano Road cranks. because of the wider crank and chain line, GRX cranks must be utilized in conjunction with a GRX front derailleur for 2×11 and 2×10 drive trains.

Disc Brake Solely

GRX group sets are solely available with disc brake calipers and shift/brake levers. it’s potential to upgrade your rim brake bike with choose GRX drive train components; but, you must use Shimano road shift/brake levers designed for rim brakes.

Fully Compatible Elements

As long as you maintain your current drive train speeds (10-speed versus 11-speed), the following GRX parts are compatible and interchangeable with your existing parts: Shift levers, chains, brake calipers, bottom brackets, cables and housing, and Di2 batteries and accessories.


Just make sure that if you use a GRX crank, particularly with a 48-31 chainring combination, you just use matching GRX front and rear derailleurs, as they’re designed for the larger front chaining distinction. Similarly, for the very best shifting, use a road (DURA-ACE, ULTEGRA, or 105) front derailleur if you favor riding with a road chaining combination like 50-34, 52-36, or 53-39. Now we know that Shimano GRX Shifters With XT Rear Derailleur is ok.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use road shifters with MTB derailleur?

If the user depends on index shifting, road shifters are combined with MTB derailleur’s once the transmission has up to nine speeds. A 10-speed road drive train may be combined with an MTB derailleur designed for nine or fewer speeds.

Can I use GRX on MTB?

The GRX cranks have a chain line of forty-seven. 0mm. Your MTB front derailleur may or may not travel so much enough inwards. It’s not possible to mention as expected while not testing. The opposite issue is that the MTB front derailleur’s cage goes to be curving for little chainrings, and therefore the GRX huge ring is quite massive.

Can you use one zero five shifters with GRX?

Shimano’s GRX for gravel and one zero five for road bikes square measure compatible with one zero five, 5700, and above; as of Feb 2021, there aren’t anyone zero five models with Di2 electrical shifting, therefore GRX Di2 models don’t seem to be compatible.

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