Shimano Barrel Adjuster Won’t Screw In

What is a barrel on a bike? Barrel adjusters are tiny cups that have a hole within the bottom and are screwed into different points around your bike. But Why Shimano Barrel Adjuster Won’t Screw In? They’re typically set by your brake levers, brake calipers, gear levers, and derailleurs.

They work by increasing the distance an inner cable can travel. That’s a barrel claim agent that is used to tune the derailleur adjustment. Standing behind the bike, the barrel claim agent is turned either counterclockwise or adjuster in half-turn increments till the shifting hesitation is cured. But what should we do if Shimano Barrel Adjuster Won’t Screw-In? And why did it happens?

Why Shimano Barrel Adjuster Won't Screw In

What To Do If Shimano Barrel Adjuster Won’t Screw In?

just in case someone else stumbles upon this while attempting to resolve a busted thread for the barrel adjuster, I managed to resolve this yesterday by rethreading the aluminum derailleur housing bit by bit by going with smaller size thread screws initial, then finishing with m5, that is the size of the barrel adjuster thread, that was in my case still intact.

The matter was that a motorbike was lazy and did not need to adjust the cable tension manually, thus he/she unscrewed the barrel adjuster thus far out of the derailleur, that it solely held itself in situ by 2/3 bends, during which case the leverage on those bends just in case of an effect on the barrel claims adjustor is thus nice, that the soft aluminum thread within the housing has no chance of withstanding that.

This answer may facilitate one like me, as a result of constant problems that occurred on my behalf of me, the barrel adjuster is utterly unthreaded and will not tighten into the derailleur. Things to do:

  • Don’t panic and check out modification a great deal, it might worsen your state of affairs
  • Barrel adjuster gets tightened to derailleur, solely thread tap hole and barrel claim agent screw area unit inline
  • Try to get the faucet hole (threaded whole) in the derailleur inline to the barrel adjuster screw, if you could not
  • Now take away the cable from the rear derailleur and barrel adjuster.
  • In the barrel adjuster, take the screw alone and try to tighten it in the faucet hole of the derailleur, tighten and lose it a pair of top-three times to form it aligns to string. (See barrel claim agent assembly parts above)
  • Now place your barrel claim agent assembly and tighten it clockwise into the derailleur. When tightening, flip anticlockwise a pair of to three turns.
  • Assemble your cable into the barrel claim agent and derailleur.
  • Put your chain in the smallest rear gear and shift the lever position to last. While not slack on cable, pull with cutting Tony Blair, and tighten the fixing screw or nut.
  • Try to shift to 1 giant gear on the rear, if it doesn’t shift, the cable is still loose, retighten the cable and fix it yet again.


If your barrel adjuster not working properly, it is indeed a very stressful thing. You just know what you should do when your Shimano Barrel Adjuster Won’t Screw In.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should barrel adjusters be all the method in?

If the chain is rubbing the cage, flip the barrel adjuster dextral, or inward toward the shifter body. If barrel adjuster is all the method in or out there’ll be no adjustment doable.

How will the Shimano barrel investigator work?

Barrel adjusters are tiny cups that have a hole within the bottom and are screwed into completely different points around your bike. They’re sometimes settled by your brake levers, brake calipers, gear levers, and derailleurs. They work by increasing the quantity of distance AN inner cable can travel.

How do I know if my barrel adjuster is broken?

Turn the barrel investigator anti-clockwise if you do not see it moving out as you flip it, one thing is broken. if it’s in additional than one piece, it’s broken.

How do inline gear cable adjusters work?

The adjuster works this way: As you UNSCREW the adjuster, it pushes the cable housing farther out, effectively adjusting the cable. The cable is controlled in tension by the spring within the derail; therefore this adjustment moves the position of the way finish of the cable relative to the derail.

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