Left Bike Pedal Keeps Falling Off

Do you know why my Left Bike Pedal Keeps Falling Off? It’s perhaps your pedal is just too loose, or the thread is severely broken. Once the pedals get loose, and you ride the bike thereupon loosening the pedal, the thread gets damaged. It is because the crank is created of significant steel, which is harder than aluminum. But the pedal is created of light aluminum and softer than steel.

So, the threads involved in friction once not in excellent alignment. Thus, the pedal threads get broken, and the crankarm can’t hold the pedal whereas sport. When I was helping Mitchell, I notice that the same issue happened to him.

How To Fix Left Bike Pedal Keeps Falling Off

He sophisticated me that he’s not maintaining the pedals for months and don’t know once the Padel gets loosened. However, generally, the pedal itself is the culprit. The pedal bearing will get damaged and forestall the footrest from rotating freely. Thus, the footrest pedal will get loosen and fall off the crank arm.

How To Fix Left Bike Pedal Keeps Falling Off?

When I commented that Mitchell isn’t maintaining his bike pedal properly, He asked me how I keep my bike pedal. Well, I gave him three tips that you can conjointly follow.

Check, Fix And Ride

Before going for a ride, check if the pedal is tight enough or not. If it’s loose, then tighten it however don’t overtight. You can use a hex wrench to do the work. however, it’s higher to induce a pedal wrench. If you recognize the size of your pedal nut, then opt for the precise size of the wrench.

Or, you’ll be able to also get a multipurpose wrench compatible with totally different sizes of nuts. Buy the simplest Pedal Wrench from Park tool Now! Also, don’t forget to lubricate the pedal shaft so it will rotate freely.

Suppose Professionals

Even once taking these steps, your pedal will fall off once at an exact time. That’s why I rely on giving your bike to a local bike repair shop a minimum of once a year. If your bike pedal thread gets damaged severely, they’ll wire out the thread and mount a larger “Helicoil.” it will price very little to you (around 5-10 USD).

Remember At The Start

It would be best if you watched out once installing a new pedal. The left pedal and right pedal have variations in thread directions. Identify and install them to the corresponding crank arm. Make sure the alignment is correct, and therefore the pedal sits perfectly on the crank arm.

You can additionally apply grease to the pedal. Thus, the pedal sits appropriately, and therefore the crank arm will hold them tight in the future. Moreover, the chance of thread damage decreases as friction gets low when applying grease.


After reading this article, you have an idea why your Left Bike Pedal Keeps Falling Off. So, if it is happening to you follow the above-mentioned tips to fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does one fix my bike pedal once it keeps falling off?

Best case scenario: Your pedal is simply loose. You’ll be able to tighten it with a pedal wrench (some pedals can use a hex wrench) but note that the left pedal is left-hand threaded so it will be the reverse of what you’re wont to. Thus, you have got to screw it counter-clockwise to tighten it.

Why will my pedal arm keep coming back loose?

The crank arms and pedals undergo the most pressure whereas riding the bike. that is why the loose crank arm may be a common problem each Pedaler faces. However, it will happen as a result of loose bolts or broken threads, or even broken bearing.

How do I tighten my left-hand pedal?

Right pedals loosen by turning counter-clockwise, left pedals loosen clockwise. Apply bike grease to the new pedals and screw them in at an even 90-degree angle. Right pedals tighten by turning right-handed and left pedals to tighten counter-clockwise. Screw-in till every pedal is inserted and tight; then hit the road!

What causes bike pedals to slip?

After an extended time, of riding under high-intensity pedaling, the chain can get damaged and stretched, the rollers can lose their normal form (rounded), and plates elongate. Therefore, the chain can lose sensible mechanical contact with sprocket teeth and begin causing slipping under hard pedaling.

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