How To Fix Loose Phone Ring Holder?

It can be aggravating to have to repeatedly pick up your phone simply to hear who is calling! This post will show you How To Fix Loose Phone Ring Holder? And avoid problems in the future. When a phone keeps falling off its ring holder, it’s one of the most frustrating things about it.

Fix Loose Phone Ring Holder

Materials Needed

  • A roll of packing tape (clear)
  • A writing instruments
  • A measuring tapes
  • scissors

What To Do If Your Phone Ring Holder Is Loose?

  1. Measure the length of the Ring Holder On Your Phone and cut a piece of clear packing tape to fit. Fold one side over so that about an inch sticks out on each side, then trim the ends at an angle with scissors. The aim is to give your phone a little more hold on the sides by using these.
  2. Stick one end of the tape to the bottom edge of the ring holder and gently pull it up to fold over any excess fabric before gluing it down again. When doing this, make sure the sticky part is facing outwards.
  3. Cut a one-inch square of tape and stick it to the side of your Phone’s Holder. Fold any excess fabric over and stick down with the sticky surface facing outwards, as you did before. Avoid putting it on anything that will come into contact with your skin. You may also use the end of your tape to cling to a piece of fabric on an item of clothing or your desk.
  4. Using both hands, press down hard for about 10 seconds before releasing both rings from their holders. This will ensure that the adhesive is fully embedded and provide additional traction.

Some Points To Consider When Using A Phone Ring Holder

  • It’s advisable to avoid putting the ring holder on your clothes because it’ll be more likely to fall off. If you can’t think of anything else to put your phone in, try a different portion of your purse or pocket.
  • If you’re wearing gloves, a ring holder may not be necessary because you should be able to grasp your phone without it slipping even with the gloves on.
  • This will make it easier for you to grab and will be more stable as well.  If the ring holder is too small, try using a larger one that is both easier to grip and more stable.
  • With your ring holder, experiment with different positions. You may alternatively use something else to replace the ring holder, such as an elastic band or tape, but this is not suggested because they can easily fall off.
  • If none of these recommendations work and your loose grasp is giving you a lot of frustration when trying to use the phone, in certain cases, the best option is to quit using it and get a new one.


  • When doing this, make sure the sticky part is facing outwards.
  • Before folding over any excess fabric cut a small one-inch square piece of tape and lay it on the side of your phone’s ring holder.
  • If you don’t want to remove it, avoid adhering it to anything that will come into touch with flesh. If you do this with the sticky side facing outwards, the tape will stick for longer.
  • Before sticking your phone ring holder to the cloth, look for any stray strands of material that could get caught and tear it off.
  • Porous or delicate textiles should not be used.
  • Fabrics with a nap, such as corduroy, should not be used.
  • Avoid clinging to leather because you risk shredding it and harming your Phone’s Ring Holder In The Process.
  • If you’re using this approach for earphone cables that are too long but not thick enough to utilize a tie-wrap, apply the tape to both sides of your phone’s ring holder.


The loose Phone Ring Holder is a constant thing that may be swiftly resolved by following these instructions. If you’re having trouble with this annoying problem, check out our blog post on How To Fix Loose Phone Ring Holder?

Using two rubber bands, this article gives step-by-step directions for repairing the loose phone ring holder. Most of the issues that prevent individuals from using phone holders should be resolved with these solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to make the phone ring louder?

Squeeze the outside ends of the pins that secure the ring firmly with a pair of needle-nose pliers. The ring cannot be tightened in any way.

What is the best way to tighten a loose Popsocket?

To attach the Popsocket to your phone, replace the base on your phone. Make sure the back of your phone is facing up. Then firmly push the base’s sticky side against it. Place the funnel in the little hole on the base and lock it in place with a quarter-turn clockwise.

Is it possible to reuse phone rings?

Simply moisten the glue that holds the ring to your phone before reapplying it to another phone to reuse it. Because the base of this telephone ring does not adhere to magnetic car mounts, this is necessary.

Is it true that phone rings obstruct wireless charging?

The phone ring, on the other hand, is on the back of the phone. As a result, you won’t be able to set the phone flat on the wireless charging pad. This will have an impact on wireless charging. When wireless charging, you can turn off the phone’s ring. You could also put the phone ring on the phone case and then remove it when charging wirelessly.

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