How To Deactivate Toyota Immobilizer?

Toyota immobilizer is a security system that is designed to protect your car from theft. It has an electronic key called Immobilizer, which prevents the car engine from starting if it’s not with you. But How To Deactivate Toyota Immobilizer? Many people who find their key missing or lost ask this question: How do I turn off my Toyota immobilizer without the key?

A Toyota lover may want to know how to deactivate the Immobilizer in their car? This device is evidence of future automotive technology, especially for preventing vehicle theft. However, it will prevent anyone other than yourself from accessing your vehicle without unlocking its doors first with a key.

When a key is inserted into the ignition switch or used as part of a smart key system, it sends information that can be read by the vehicles’ engine control unit. If there’s no match between what’s on file at the Immobilizer and those within your vehicle(s), they will refuse to start preventing theft from occurring since these devices help prevent car break-ins!

However, sometimes you may find yourself in need of disabling this feature for a reason; we’ll discuss later but don’t worry because our experience has trained us how best to go about doing so effectively with ease.

Deactivate Toyota Immobilizer

Step By Step Guide For How To Deactivate Toyota Immobilizer?

For many people, the Toyota engine immobilizer is their parking brake. When this safety device malfunctions and stops your car from starting in case of emergency or if they are out to steal it easily with no one around for help on hand during these attacks.

Due to its proximity towards being turned off when not needed, meaning most likely both will occur more often than necessary, but service can be expensive, so you’ll want some kind of protection installed before becoming vulnerable again, so learning how to turn off the Immobilizer in a Toyota can be very helpful.

It is important to know the difference between an immobilizer and a keyless entry system. An Immobilizer can be disabled, so you can get into your car without fussing over opening doors, fumbling around for keys, or taking time digesting how many fingers are needed on each hand just to unlock them!

For people that own second-hand vehicles, this will also help when changing out parts because they won’t need another code from scratch all over again. This is possible by following the step-by-step guide provided below:

  1. Check Your Key And Door Cylinder
  2. Deactivate Immobilizer System
  3. Test Key
  4. Set Any Other Keys
  5. Record All Codes Used To Start Car

Let’s review them one by one.

Check Your Key And Door Cylinder

The first thing you need to do if your engine fails and the Immobilizer is on, preventing access? Make sure you’re using the right key; double-check for lost or forgotten keys in case it isn’t yours. If not, look out preferably with another one of your own, which unlocks both doors and turns on ignition as well, so no mistake can happen again!

And lastly, rule out dead batteries by inspecting them ourselves before getting replacements from somewhere else. This time around, be more careful than usual about where these things come into contact since they only work through RFID transmissions and nothing else!

Also, check if the door is in good shape and that there are no signs of forced entry. If you feel confident that nothing has been tampered with or damaged, then proceed to step two!

Deactivate Immobilizer System

To deactivate this system, you’ll need to look for the key code on your key that will tell you which immobilizer system is installed or ask your dealer to provide that information for you. Once you have that information, you can deactivate this system.

It will be necessary to either have the chip that corresponds with the code sent to a professional automotive locksmith or simply take your vehicle into a locksmith shop so they can copy the code manually.

Test Key

Once you have gotten this key copied, test it by inserting it into the ignition to see if it will start your vehicle. If this key doesn’t work, you’ll need to go back and get another copy made so you can try it out again.

Set Any Other Keys

If your key does start your car, then all that’s needed is for you to have any other keys that you have made for your vehicle so that you can easily drive it.

Record All Codes Used To Start Car

If this key doesn’t work, there’s a good chance that you may find yourself sitting at the side of the road waiting on some help to come along soon, but by having written down all the codes used on the keys that have allowed you to start your car, this will be able to help in an emergency situation.

This information can also be used for the purposes of having the keys copied by a professional locksmith so that they don’t miss any codes when doing so, which would prevent it from working properly once more.


If you’re looking for a way, How To Deactivate Toyota Immobilizer? We recommend that you look at the wiring and sensor connections. It’s possible that there is corrosion or other damage in these areas which could be causing this problem, so it would be wise to check them out before trying anything else. This may take some time, but if you really want to get rid of this issue, then it might just be worth the effort!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Toyota engine immobilizer?

In order to reset your Toyota engine immobilizer, you’ll need to take it to a dealer and have its security alarm reprogrammed.

How do I disarm my Immobilizer?

The easiest way to disarm an immobilizer is for the car thief to find the “immobilizer box”. The immobilizer box is where the keys are stored. Unless you can locate this, it’s virtually impossible to steal your vehicle without using force.

How Do I Know If My Immobilizer Is Working?

Turn the key off your Immobilizer once. If it stops and unlocks, the Immobilizer is working properly. If it doesn’t unlock within 10 seconds, there is a problem with either your battery or receiver keyless entry transmitter; refer to the car manual for troubleshooting instructions.

How do you fix an immobilizer problem?

You have immobilized your car. The car cannot be started because it has an immobilizer. Contact the person or company who sold you the car to find out how to repair the problem.
If they are no longer in business, take it to an automobile mechanic and tell them that there’s a problem with your keyless entry system, which is usually found under the name “immobilizer” or “passive restraint”. They should be able to remove one of your old keys or at least read its code and program a new one for you within minutes.

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