How To Clean Inside Headlights On Your Car?

Many people don’t know that the inside of their headlights can accumulate dirt and grime over time. This is just one more reason to get your car washed regularly, but what about when you’re in a pinch? So, How To Clean Inside Headlights On Your Car? Well, there are many ways to clean inside headlights on cars without needing any special equipment or products.

Cleaning your car’s headlights is an important part of keeping them in good condition if you want to know how this article will show the steps that need to be taken when cleaning up any dirt or oxidation from inside those bright little lights on top.

Clean Inside Headlights On Your Car

Step By Step Guide For How To Clean Inside Headlights On Your Car?

Following is the step-by-step guide for How To Clean Inside Headlights On Your Car:

  1. Open And Lift The Hood
  2. Remove The Lens And Bulb
  3. Clean The Headlight Lens
  4. Replace Bulb, Lens, And Screws

Let’s explain them one by one.

Open And Lift The Hood

The hood is opened, and the headlights are accessed. The screwdriver moves around with ease, removing all securing screws from underneath your vehicle’s light unit while you watch closely, so they don’t fall down inside.

Remove The Lens And Bulb

Now that the screws are removed, gently pull on the headlight lens, and it will come right off. Be careful with the light bulb still in its socket. If you tug too hard, you might break it, and then you’ll have to replace the entire unit.

Clean The Headlight Lens

The cloth is used for cleaning the headlights lens, which can be your next task. Now you know. Be sure to remove any debris, bug remains, or oxidation that has built up over time on the surface.

Replace Bulb, Lens, And Screws

Once the lens is clean, replace it and screw in the screws. Make sure they’re nice and tight to avoid the entire lens from popping off again. Always check that your new bulb is of high quality. Otherwise, it will continue burning out, and you’ll have to go through this entire process again.

Cleaning Your Headlights Using Magnets

The first thing you need is even surfaces, like the side of a fridge magnet or another magnetic object that can cover up large areas when swiped across it in one direction only. We will wrap some soft cloth/rugs around our magnets for this method so they don’t damage them too much.

Then with both facing away from each other, use their grip tool (like needle nose pliers) and insert an edge into either end near where there would be hinges if these were real mirrors instead. When moving through its complete 360-degree rotation, those covers wipe any dirt off without damaging paintwork on such models as well. It would be much easier and safer, but it’s a good option for those who are worried about the paint.

After you clean your headlight, you can use the gripping tool to remove the magnet from the headlight. You do not need any water or chemicals for this job! The outside part deserves just as much care and attention because these spots get dirty, too- so invest in a good WD40 when necessary if you want your car’s exterior shining bright again quickly.

  • After washing off all residue from the surface with soap and water, dry it with a soft cloth or towel to avoid getting any streaks on the outside of your headlights.
  • Attach magnetic cleaner inside
  • Rotate back onto heads 4s Spin 5 times in each direction

Now that the exterior is clean, it’s time to focus on the inside. The same process as before is followed, but this time you’re using a magnet to clean it. Magnets are perfect for this because they can reach all the nooks and crannies that other objects can’t.

After the inside is clean, reattach the magnet to your car and admire your work! You’ve successfully Clean Inside Headlights On Your Car.

What Happens If You Do Not Clean Your Car Headlights?

Affects The Aesthetic Value Of The Car

Headlights are one of the most important parts when it comes to looking clean and presentable. If you neglect them, they will quickly start showing their age with continuous dirt buildup that shines through like a sore thumb even in low light conditions or at night time.

Reduced Visibility

If you want to be safe on the road, it is essential for your car’s headlights to have a clean and clear state. With dirt or another residue in them, visibility will decrease with time, as well-accumulated foggy conditions can create dangerous driving hazards that put both drivers and pedestrians at risk of accidents.

If not maintained regularly by professionals who know what they’re doing, then these risks become exponentially higher due to poor quality machine workmanship instead.

Neglecting your car headlights can also lead to a decreased lifespan of the light bulbs themselves, and eventually, you’ll be forced to replace them more often than is necessary.

Lower Resale Value Of The Car

Headlights can be a car’s most important feature when selling it, and dirty headlights will likely decrease its resale value. Potential buyers may think of them as an indicator that the owner didn’t care about maintaining their vehicle properly, which would negatively affect how they view their decision to buy your vehicle.

Benefits Of Cleaning Headlights

Enhanced Safety

Headlights are, first and foremost, meant to help drivers see in the dark when they’re on the road. If you have dirty headlights, it’s going to be a lot harder for you and other drivers to see where they’re going. This means more accidents can occur, which can be life-threatening.

Headlights Allow Pedestrians To See You Coming

Not only do dirty headlights make it harder for you to see, but they can also make it harder for pedestrians to notice you coming. If your headlights aren’t clean and clear like they should be, then they might not be able to see you and cross the street safely, which could lead to accidents.

Makes Your Car Look Cleaner

Headlights are one of the most noticeable aspects of a car, and if they’re dirty, it’s going to be very obvious. Clean headlights, on the other hand, will make your car look a lot cleaner and more presentable overall. This is especially important if you’re trying to sell it or if you’re just driving it around town.

Keeps Headlights In Good Condition

Headlights are an important part of your car, and if you keep them clean, they will last significantly longer. Keeping your headlights clean can extend their lifespan by years, which means that the money you would have spent on replacements can be saved.


If you want to know How To Clean Inside Headlights On Your Car? Then read our article. A few steps have been outlined for you that will help clear up any confusion and get the job done quickly without much hassle. We hope this helps!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove the haze from my headlights?

To remove the hazy effect from headlight bulbs, wipe down any chalky insects on the exterior of headlights with a damp cloth. Remove grime and dust from the fingertip by rubbing your finger across a bar of soap. Rinse off soap residue by scrubbing your finger under flowing, gently running water for 20-30 seconds, then hold them up to the light.

Why are my headlights cloudy on the inside?

The headlight cover has a protective coating on the outside to help it maintain better clarity. Periodically, small particles will cause haziness or a film to start building upon the surface of the cover and blocking any light from going through. It’s quite annoying, but not because your headlights have suddenly gone dark.

Can you restore the inside of a headlight?

Yes, but it depends on the type of headlight. Different types of headlights require different techniques and processes to paint or restore them. Some need a vehicle-specific Headlight Restoration Kit which is available at your nearest auto parts store, while others can be bought through third parties.

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