How To Bypass Ford Pats System Without Key?

On the off chance that you have lost your Ford vehicle key and need to begin your vehicle without a key, you can follow the underneath steps to figure out How To Bypass Ford Pats System Without Key?

In a couple of moments, here we just recorded the most well-known ways of bypassing the ford PATS system without utilizing an approved key with you.

Assuming you can’t begin your vehicle, however, don’t have any desire to burn through cash on employing proficient help or can’t be tried to get another one, you don’t need to stress since we have you covered!

We have thought of this manual to assist you with bypassing your vehicle’s PATS system without spending tons of your cash.

We additionally talk about the benefits and detriments of having vehicle security systems in your vehicle. With this aide, you will recover access to your vehicle just shortly.

Bypass Ford Pats System Without Key

Pats System

The most exceedingly terrible inclination at any point is the point at which you approach where you initially parked your vehicle to discover that the vehicle is mysteriously gone.

Vehicle burglary has been a continuous issue for a long time, and vehicle makers have planned many systems throughout the years to stop this issue.

The most widely recognized security system is PATS. Pats is a system that automatically detects whether you have the first key to fire up the motor or some modest key from Walmart.

The system at first advanced into Ford vehicles around 1996. From that point, the system was added to a lot more Ford vehicles.

Losing the first key means you never again approach the vehicle. You might open the entryways, yet the motor won’t turn over, paying little mind to how often you turn the key to the one position.

However, you can set up another transponder key as long as you have the first key. The cycle isn’t close to trying, and you can do it on your own using ForScan.

If not, you can reach out to a vendor and have them program another transponder key on the off chance that you don’t want to do it freely.

How Does PATS System Works

The PATS keys have a radio frequency transponder installed in the key dandy with a special electronic recognizable proof code.

At the point when you turn on your vehicle, the vehicle’s installed PC conveys a Radio Frequency (RF) signal, which is gotten by the transponder in the key.

The key’s transponder conveys back an exceptional RF message to the vehicle’s PC. This affirms that the key being used is the right one, and the vehicle can then startup.

If the vehicle’s installed PC doesn’t get the legitimate ID code from the key, the vehicle’s PATS system will provoke a traditionalist reaction.

For example, the fuel siphon being incapacitated or the motor becoming immobilized.

Bypass Ford Pats System Without Key

Is it safe to say that you are feeling miserable after you lost the principal key or contemplating how to bypass the ford PATS system without a key? However, you can relax.

We’ll walk you through the means you want to bypass the Ford pats system.

Before we begin, realize that the accompanying advances ought not to be a long-lasting arrangement; doing will leave your vehicle unprotected against conceivable vehicle hoodlums.

You should just bypass the ford pats system briefly until you get another transponder key. Since we are in total agreement, follow the accompanying strides to get around the ford pats system:

First You Will Need

Before we make a plunge, there are a couple of things you want to bypass the system. The accompanying things will permit you to take advantage of the pats system, so try to get every one of them to follow the rest of the article.

You can use a flathead screwdriver to get inside the key. If you don’t have a screwdriver, you can use whatever has an incredibly straight edge.

Kindly get another pair of keys and have them sliced to match the first key. Tape you will require tape to hang the transponder whenever you have taken out it from the actual key.

You Have The Keys Cut

How would I be able to figure out how to incapacitate the Ford pats system to get around the pats system? The principal thing you want to do is go to the nearby seller and have the keys cut. By getting the keys cut, the new keys will match the first key.

Along these lines, you can securely put the key inside the start and turn on the motor. Also, you won’t require the chipped key to turn on the vehicle any longer.

We won’t program the keys. We’ll use the new keys to fool the system into believing you’re using the transponder key to fire up the motor.

More on this is down underneath. Until further notice, ensure you have the keys sliced to use them from this point forward.

Take Out The Transponder

When you have the keys cut, you need to eliminate the chip from the transponder. The chip inside the key lets the vehicle know that you for sure have the first key and can approach the actual vehicle.

Without the chip, you will not have the option to get the vehicle running, which is unequivocally the thing we’re attempting to get around. Follow these means to take the chip out:

  • Get the flathead screwdriver
  • Right at the top of the key, there is square
  • Use the flathead screwdriver and attempt to get inside
  • Try not to apply too much strain while getting inside the key as you will break the key
  • When you get the screwdriver inside, continue to eliminate the transponder from the key

You’ve gained a great deal of headway just by eliminating the transponder from the essential key.

With the transponder, you’ll have the option to use the new keys you recently purchased.

Process To Disable PATS System

The major way for the vehicle to realize you have the right key is by perceiving the transponder, which is the reason we eliminated it.

We’ll mount the transponder on the start with the goal that the vehicle will know you’re not a cheat.

At the point when you put in the new key, the vehicle will automatically think you have the first key since the transponder is close to the key.

To mount the transponder, follow the accompanying advances:

  • Use tape to drape the transponder on the start accurately. Put the chip in someplace the vehicle can peruse the chip. If not, the vehicle won’t turn on.
  • Presently embed the recently cut key into the start
  • Turn on the key position to check whether the vehicle will begin. If the vehicle doesn’t begin, you want to reposition the chip until you make it work.

Observing the perfect place for the transponder takes many attempts to worry rarely well on the off chance that you don’t get it on your first attempt.

You may trigger the burglary light twice all the while, yet you need to continue onward until you track down the ideal spot for the chip.

Testing A Ford PATS Key

You want to guarantee the Ford PATS key is clear before programming it, or, more than likely, your reconstructing won’t be effective.

Follow the means beneath to check to assume the PATS key is using ForScan.

  • Embed the clear key in the start lock. Then, at that point, track down the module where PATS is in the ForScan application.
  • Go to the Service tab and search for the module that has the PATS programming capacity. The area differs from the car model; you might track down it at the PCM, PATS, IC, HEC, and so forth
  • Peruse the DTC for the PATS module in the Errors segment – for fresher car models with CAN transport.
  • For the more seasoned car models, run the PATS module individual test in the Tests area.

The DTC codes showed incorporate;

  • B1601 code (B10D7:51 for new PATS), your clear key can be customized for your vehicle.
  • B1600 code (B10D7:87 for new PATS), the PATS system couldn’t perceive your clear key and isn’t viable with your vehicle.
  • B1602 code (at the same time as B1600, B1601) (B10D7:8F for new PATS), the PATS system can’t get a steady perusing of your key transponder. This often occurs with clones. Take a stab at changing the transponder to somewhere else of the key coxcomb. Supplant the transponder if it actually won’t work.
  • B2431 code, Transponder Programming Failed.
  • B1600 or the B1601 codes, the key you are using is as of now changed in the PCM.

Contact customer support assuming that the test shows an alternate code. You will require a solid OBD2 connector to check the clear PATS key using FORScan.

Note: For FORScan coding adjustments, we prescribe using the OBD2 USB connector to give a steadier association.

How To Reset My Ford PATS System

Assuming somebody endeavors to begin the vehicle with something besides the PATS key changed to that vehicle, the PATS system will get set off.

This will cause a red light on the scramble to blaze quicker than expected. The car will stay in this mode until either the legitimate key is used or 15 minutes have passed.

If neither of the activities above occurs, the SecuriLock engine immobilizer will start inside the period, making your car be delivered unflinching.

After this occurs, you might have to reset the system on the off chance that the system doesn’t get back to business as usual in the wake of utilizing your PATs key to turn on your car.

Follow the means to reset the Ford PATS system;

  • Embed the PATs key into the start and turn it.
  • Stand by 15 minutes until you see the glimmering rate on the red light on your dashboard abatement to typical speed, and afterward attempt both keys once more.
  • Assuming this neglects to begin the vehicle, raise the hood, separate the battery for 15 minutes, reconnect it, and attempt once more.

Benefits Of Having Car Security Systems Installed

Diminished Risk Of Thieves

A cheat would consistently pick an obvious aim, especially weak vehicles left out in the open parking areas.

Having a great car caution system mounted or even a security system’s alert logo will beat possible lawbreakers down. Your caution might startle the hoodlums away.

Manual Alarms

Many alert systems presently permit you to signal or set off manual cautions, which is useful on the off chance that you’re experiencing difficulty observing your car in a parking area.

Your insurance gadget can be set off with the press of a button, making you aware of the area of your vehicle.

Cell Phone Application

Most vehicle notice systems currently have a versatile application. The client could switch it now and again from a distance, therefore.

It additionally gives you total command over your vehicle’s insurance consistently.

Brought Down Insurance Cost

Introducing a caution system in both fresher and more seasoned model vehicles will likewise bring down the auto protection premium.

When going against somebody who doesn’t have an assurance gadget introduced in their car, you can address a lower cost.

While assessing your total protection charge, insurance agencies consider factors like security and assurance.

If the shot at auto robbery is decreased, each protection supplier will regularly bring down your premium.

Expanded Selling Price

To sell your car, it is energetically suggested that you introduce an excellent vehicle caution system, expanding the vehicle’s selling cost.

Many customers would pay a premium for a motor that incorporates a caution system. The customer would be additional happy with purchasing from you and leaving the car in a public area.


That’s all we have on How To Bypass Ford Pats System Without Key?

To go further, here are a few extraordinary thoughts which you will observe precious regarding bypassing the Ford PATS system all alone:

The principal thing that you want to do is to detach the battery, eliminate and reinstall the driver’s seat and have a go at beginning it again – assuming it works, it implies that the issue lies in the PATS (Passive Anti-Theft System) module.

Figuring out how to impair the Ford pats system scarcely takes any time or exertion, and you can do this all alone without depending on a dealer.

Bypassing the ford pats system proves to be useful if you can’t observe a transponder key for your vehicle.

Also, to burn through cash on new transponder keys, this technique will get you in the clear.

While this isn’t the most secure method for having an additional key, you can use this technique on and off to burn through cash on another key for the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would I, for all time, cripple hostile to the robbery system?

To switch off the counter robbery system, use your remote to press the unlock button key. It is encouraged to use the key to unlock the entryway and turn on the start switch. If that doesn’t work, attempt to lock the entryway on the driver’s side, using the key while you are out of the car.

How would you program a Ford key without the first?

Put the transponder key into your start and turn the start on. Then, at that point, permit it to remain ON for around 10 minutes and 25 seconds. Guarantee, you focus on the scramble as you use the key to turning on your start. The vehicle’s security light ought to enlighten.

How would I disable the Ford factory alert?

Disabling the alert on a Ford F-150 includes placing the key into the start and going it to the ‘on’ position. If it doesn’t incapacitate by then, take a stab at turning over the engine. A substitute method for disabling it is by utilizing the alert button on your key fob.

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