How Much To Ship A Car From USA To UK?

Do you want to Export A Car From The United States to the United Kingdom and you are unsure About How Much To Ship A Car From USA To UK? Even if everything else is the same, the cost of shipping an automobile to England will be different than the cost of shipping a car to Scotland.

The average cost of Shipping A Car From The USA to the United Kingdom has little bearing in this scenario because the range is so wide. As a result, each cargo receives a unique price from our specialists.

How Much To Ship A Car From USA To UK?

Depending on the type of vehicle, the origin, the service used, and the destination, car shipping from the United States to the United Kingdom can cost upwards of $1000.

Ship A Car From USA To UK

How To Ship Your Car To The UK?

With Schumacher Cargo Logistics, Shipping A Car From The United States to the United Kingdom is simple. When you start your shipment with a shipping business, they handle all of the essential processes from start to finish, regardless of whatever choices you require.

There are three options for Shipping A Car To The United Kingdom from the United States. Your car can be shipped via a containerized service, a roll-on roll-off service, or air freight.

Air Freight Car Shipping To The United Kingdom

A shipping company, Schumacher Cargo, also offers a specialized air freight service for Shipping A Car to Europe. Your vehicle can be delivered at record speed with this service. It is by far the fastest service, but it is also the most expensive. Shipping a car by air freight from the United States to the United Kingdom is popular for car exhibits, races, and anyone with a tight delivery deadline.

Roll On Roll Off

A second alternative for Shipping A Car To Europe is via RoRo. To employ this strategy, all cars must be in working order. Cars are rammed into the hull of the transport vessel with RoRo.

Single vehicle costs may be lower depending on departure locations and which arrival port you pick, but nothing is allowed inside the car, and sailing times may be longer.

If you choose the RoRo service to send an automobile to the UK, the following are the main US departure ports: 

  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • New York City,

In the United Kingdom, vehicles employing RoRo can arrive at Liverpool and Southampton, with the latter being the more popular.


With a container, you may ship cars in two ways: consolidated or individually. Consolidated containers are the most cost-effective and time-saving option. This is the strategy that we offer to you because we are consolidation experts. Your automobile is shipped inside a 40-foot container with other vehicles going to the United Kingdom when you use this service.

This lowers not just the cost of maritime transportation, but also the price of destination and unloading. You can also transport your vehicle in its own 20-foot container. This option has higher rates, but it has faster arrival and departure timings, and if you’re relocating household goods to the UK, they can also travel inside the container.

American companies created a groundbreaking new way for stacking automobiles in containers in 2011, allowing three, four, or even five cars to be safely loaded into an ocean container. Construction of wooden ramps and loading of automobiles onto those ramps is the conventional way of stacking cars in containers, which is not only more complicated and dangerous but also environmentally unfriendly.

US partners are the only company in the US employing this innovative method, known as R-Rak, and they’re doing it in collaboration with Trans-Rak International, the UK firm that invented it and has the patents.

With approximately 1500 classic cars and other vehicles carried worldwide every month, Seakargo Ltd and our American partners operate consolidated containerized shipping of used cars.

How To Ship A Car From The USA To The UK?

You can move cards from the United States to Britain in a shared container or a single container or use the roll-on/roll-off method. With the Roll-On/Roll-Off method of shipping automobiles, vehicles are driven into a ship’s cargo area, which resembles an expansive parking lot.

How Much To Ship A Car From The UK To The USA?

Shipping a car from the United Kingdom to the United States costs USD 1,849. It takes 30 days, depending on the vehicle’s make and model, the nearest departure port in the United Kingdom, and whether the destination in the United States is on the east or west coast.


As you are aware, How Much To Ship A Car From USA To UK? Choose a reputable shipping company and ship your automobile. This guide will assist you in obtaining this information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to import a car into the United Kingdom?

Non-EU-manufactured automobiles are subject to a 10% import tariff and a 20% VAT for both individual and commercial imports. Pick-up trucks are categorized as commercial vehicles and are subject to a 22 percent import tariff and a 20% VAT for both private and business imports. Some pick-up trucks with smaller beds may qualify as automobile imports, resulting in a cheaper duty rate.

Is it legal for me to import my American car to the United Kingdom?

There is no change in the requirement for a certificate of automobile insurance. However, if you’re bringing your LHD automobile into the country, you’ll need to see an individual vehicle approval (IVA), which isn’t inexpensive. If this isn’t a second car, you’ll also need appropriate no-claims bonus documentation.

How much does it cost to import a car from the United States?

The entire sum of import duties and VAT will be roughly 1/3 of the car’s purchase price as a general rule of thumb. The customs office will provide a customs clearing certificate once the import tax and duty have been paid, which must be submitted when the car is registered.

What is the import tax from the United States to the United Kingdom?

Customs tax is calculated based on the fair market value of imported goods when they arrive in the United Kingdom. Cost, Insurance, Freight, and Duty are typically included in import pricing for products coming into the UK from non-EU countries, with a standard VAT rate of 20% applied to the whole value.

Is importing a car expensive?

Imported foreign-made automobiles, whether new or secondhand, are normally subject to duty. A vehicle will cost 2.5 percent, a motorcycle will cost 2.4 percent, and a truck will cost 25%. The duty is calculated depending on the vehicle’s purchase price.

How can I ship an automobile from the United States to the United Kingdom?

A shared container, a single container, or a roll-on/roll-off service can all be used to ship cars from the United States to the United Kingdom. Cars are driven into a ship with a cargo section that resembles a large parking garage with this technique of shipment.

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