How Much To Paint Front Bumper?

The purpose of a Bumper On Your Car is particular. But How Much To Paint Front Bumper? Most car homeowners suppose the sole use of the Car Bumper is preventing or reducing the impact of an associate degree accident. The bumper was designed for safeguarding the hood, grills, fuel pump, exhaust, cooling system, and trunk of the car.

The fabric for producing the bumper includes steel, aluminum, rubber, or plastic. The bumper absorbs the shock from an automobile accident. Let’s be honest, it isn’t perpetually straightforward to stay in your vehicle in a mint condition.

Driving within the town and even cross-country within the country can cause your bumper’s paint to come off, and who knows, you may even replace your bumper for some purpose within the lifetime of your vehicle, that is traditional.

How Much To Paint Front Bumper?

Internet vendors supply automotive paint and other components. Minor touchups can be done with bumper paint kits, which start at around $80, and kits for larger tasks are usually in the $100 range.

Paint Front Bumper

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Front Bumper By Yourself?

If it is not broken, the cost of doing it yourself once Painting Your Front Bumper should not price you over $100. Typically, you will have to get rid of the bumper for an eminent paint job, and on newer vehicles, this would possibly involve disconnecting fog lights, measuring device sensors, airbag sensors, and different electrical connections to utterly take away the bumper from the frame.

How Much To Paint a Front Bumper If You Hire A Professional Company?

Hiring a professional company can value quite doing it yourself. However, if you’ve got a pleasant automobile, it values giving it to the proper person for the task. Why? As a result of this, you’ll injure electrical connectors or perhaps the bumper itself once removing it if you do not have any expertise.

Besides, car painting is different from painting walls. It takes a small amount of additional preparation work, closed surroundings, and three totally different coats if the bumper has never been painted before, including:


If the bumper is fresh, it’s going to have to be re-treated with a car primer. The standard price for primer is ~30/quart, you would only like to concern 1/2 that to hide a bumper.


The base coat is the colored paint that matches (or does not match) the remainder of the vehicle, and it’s worth depending on the quality and specific color.


The clear coat is what protects the paint job from scratching, and it conjointly provides it with beautiful transparency. Provides it with beautiful transparency.

Try an inexpensive paint gun like this one once you want to simply paint a vehicle with the professional end.

How To Estimate Cost Of Bumper Painting?

DIY Cost

When approaching Painting Your Front Bumper Yourself, there are many things you’ll have to possess accessible and do before you start to urge the simplest results.

Prep Work

Painting A Bumper properly needs that you just take away the bumper from the vehicle.

This can take anywhere from a quarter-hour to two hours to look at your automotive expertise and, therefore, the problem of the precise vehicle you’re engaged in.

Here Are Essentials You May Need

  • Sandpaper (starting with eighty grit and finishing with a swish of two hundred grit) ~$5
  • You’ll need to wet sand your bumper beforehand to provide it with a swish end once it’s painted.
  • 1 pint of basecoat and one pint of clear coat enamel paint (aerosol paint cans work too) ~$20-$40.

The total cost of cash for Painting Your Bumper yourself ought to be below $60. ($20 for primer, $20 for basecoat, and $20 for clearcoat).

Professional Cost

A car body fix-it shop can provide you with a fast estimate supported by the standard of your vehicle, and therefore the issue of bumper removal.

A bumper paint job usually takes 2-3 hours to finish, and automotive vehicle body retailers charge every job by labor hours.

Chain car body retailers like Maaco charge anywhere from ~$50-$100 for labor, thus if the materials price is around $50, and a pair of hours of labor, you may be paying a minimum of $150 for your Bumper To Be Painted by a skilled painter as compared to an inexpensive automobile parking space job.

Estimated Cost Square Foot

If the common automotive width is 6ft, and therefore the bumper is a few feet tall, then it means a bumper is six sq. feet.

DIY Value Per Sq ft

You’ll need a minimum of a pint of paint to color up your bumper and another pint of clear coat.

The type of paint you utilize ought to be automotive vehicle paint, and, specifically, you must match it up with the paint code which may be found somewhere within the driver’s exterior door.

If the common value is $40 for materials, you will be paying $6-$7 per sq ft for DIY Bumper Paint.  

Professional Price Per Square Foot

If the typical price for Painting A Bumper is $150-$300, then this means a less expensive quality paint job can be priced at $25/square foot, and a dearer luxury automobile paint job can be priced at $50/square foot.

Cost Of Labor

Labor prices for painting a bumper depend on the standard of the vehicle, and therefore the problem of bumper removal.

Easier bumpers, sort of a Honda or Toyota can in all probability be charged for labor time (like a pair of or three hours, for example) whereas luxury vehicles like BMW and Mercedes can be charged for four hours of labor time. Adding to the headache, it would be nice to get the bumper off safely.

Cost Of Paint

You’ll need a minimum of one pint of base coat and one pint of clear coat for a powerful bummer paint job.

So, if you buy one thing like this, one quart of Dupli color car paint, you may have enough color coat for each bumper and even the quarter panels at a price of around $20. Then again, then again, you’ll be wanting to use a transparent coat like this Dupli color version subsequently.

In this situation, you’ve got purchased enough paint for each bumper for ~$40.

That’s realistic. However, if you like to buy the precise color to match the paint code on your vehicle, you will be paying additional.

Or, if you’re a victim of paint, you’ll be wanting a pair of cans of each clear coat and a pair of cans of the base coat.

The paint price for a bumper in condition ought to price you beneath $50. You may pay a bit additional on sanding materials or tools and merchandise for removing little dents with merchandise like Bondo.

How To Save Money When Painting A Front Bumper?

Don’t Remove The Bumper

Sure, if you have a valuable vehicle, then you are going to want to Paint The Bumper the right way.

But what about that economics car that serves you for getting to work in the morning? You could get away with simply masking off the hood/trunk and painting the bumper without the hassle of removing sensors.

Use A Spray Paint Can

You don’t need to use the same paint color match that is associated with the color code.

Spray paint is an easy way to paint the entire Bumper Without Having To Pull Out the air compressor and paint with a spray gun.

Avoid The Paint Shop

Our opinion here at Pro Paint Corner is that you should only hire a professional for the job if the insurance company is involved, or if your vehicle depreciates in value without a professional look.

How Much Does Maaco Charge To Paint A Bumper?

In most cases, the bumper painting process will take only a few hours, putting labor expenses between $94 and $430. Supplies will cost a few hundred dollars, depending on the material or color. These prices, however, are merely averages, and each repair company is unique.

How Much Paint To Paint A Bumper?

To paint your bumper, you’ll need at least a pint of paint and another pint of clear coat. What exactly is this? You should use auto paint and match it up with the paint color code found somewhere inside the driver’s side door.


Do you wish to understand How Much To Paint Front Bumper? The knowledge mentioned above would assist you. It’d assist with the various paint jobs for your vehicle. If you want to repair the injury to the automobile paint, take your vehicle to a paint store. You can also ask the expert about the car bumper paint cost for your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take Maaco to color a bumper?

About 80% of all vehicles, we tend to prepare in 2-3 business days. You’ll be able to add a daily or 2 if you have got a large quantity of bodywork, would like replacement components or if your vehicle needs additional preparation to repair existing paint injuries.

How long will it take to paint a bumper?

The painting will take as little as five minutes if it’s different and pre-prepped. This state of affairs nearly never happens. Conjointly drying/curing the paint takes from three days to 2 weeks to try to do it properly. It’s one factor to induce the paint on, another to form it keep.

Can plastic bumpers be repainted?

Fixing broken plastic bumpers involves grinding, sanding, sculpting, and painting. The technology of car body components has changed—and you will need a totally different array of providers to repair painted plastic components than you’d use to repair sheet metal.

Can you paint black plastic bumpers?

Water-based primers are a decent alternative. Some bumper recyclers, however, simply exploit lacquer primer over-thinned with a low-cost lacquer agent to form the half that looks black. So, it is a heap cheaper to get rid of the primer and prime it once more than to strip, paint and clear the full factor everywhere once more.

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