How Much Is A Western Flyer Bicycle Worth?

Do you know How Much Is A Western Flyer Bicycle Worth? It’s not how you get there that makes the trip, but how you find yourself when you arrive. Western Flyer Bicycle believes in this sentiment and it is their goal to provide bicycles that make people happier by getting them where they need to go.

The company focuses on creating bikes with a vintage look, but still offers models for everyone from commuters to recreational riders. With so many different styles of bikes available, how do you know which one will be right for you? and How Much Is A Western Flyer Bicycle Worth? Look no further than this article.

A Western Flyer Bicycle Worth

Major Points On Which The Resale Price Of Bicycles Depends

  • The condition of the bike
  • How well it has been maintained
  • Whether or not it is a collector’s item
  • The frame size and style
  • Whether or not it was made in a limited edition run, such as those from Tour de France winners
  • If the bike has been used for racing or mountain biking, then its value may be higher than if it had only been used for leisurely rides around town.
  • If it has gears or not
  • Whether it is a road, mountain, or hybrid bicycle
  • The size and gender of the rider
  • How much use the bike has had in its lifetime

Regardless of the condition your old bike is in, it can still be worth something. The first thing to keep in mind is that just because the bicycle was made before or looks different from other bikes doesn’t mean its lackluster quality should be discounted as a deterrent for purchase!

If you’re interested at all then take some time out from life – check around on craigslist and see what kind of offers come back considering prices vary widely depending upon make/model. And if nothing sells right away, maybe think about trading one item instead: bulbs, lights, etc.

These may seem small but they make up part-or most everything needed by seasoned collectors who already have a few pieces. Sure, a big name brand is nice to have- but how far does it really get you?

In the end, if your old bicycle has sentimental value and still works well enough – keep riding. There are plenty of people out there who will admire its uniqueness as something beautiful or whatever else they may see in it that makes it special to them.

The first thing you need to know is that the value of a women’s bicycle will be worth 1/2 or less than its male counterpart. Condition and originality are what really sets them apart, with “it is all original but…” it becomes possible for there not even be any remaining market interest in restoring one as well!

The value of an old bike depends on the condition, model, and quality. Original models can be worth anywhere between $20-$200 dollars while boy’s bikes might go up by 10-25%.

The price may vary depending on whether it has been restored or not; if you’re looking for something affordable then I would recommend checking craigslist where people sell their used goods without having gone through too much trouble restoring them first (just make sure that there aren’t any major damage).


It is difficult to determine How Much Is A Western Flyer Bicycle Worth? There are many factors that come into play, such as the make and model of the bike, the condition of the bike, how much it has been used in its life span, etc. In addition to this information, you will need to know if there was any customizing done on the bike or not.

This is because some bikes may have more value due to customization than others without anything added to them at all. If willing to spend a little time looking for specifics about your particular vintage Western Flyer bicycle.

Then I would recommend going online and searching with Google for “Western flyer bicycles” or something similar like that phrase so that you can find reputable sellers who might be able to give you more information as well as how much your specific item may be worth.

When doing this it would also help to include some of the specs about the bike such as how old it is, what model and condition that can provide you with a more clear assessment of how much money someone might want to pay for the bicycle. Good luck on selling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is a Western Flyer bicycle?

A Western Flyer bicycle was established in Portland, Oregon, and would be at least 100 years old. Western Flyer Cycle Mfg. The company, originally called “Portland Manufacturing Co.” was founded on August 2, 1913, and became one of the largest producers of bicycles in America from 1917 to 1993.

Where is the serial number on a Western Flyer bike?

The serial number is located on the bicycle under the pedal at the bottom bracket. The Serial Number may also be found inside the frame triangle by removing the back wheel. If you do not have this information, please contact the company directly through their Facebook page or email them with your bike’s Frame ID.

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