How Much Does A Ford Ranger Weigh?

Ford’s pickup truck lineup is obtaining larger and a lot of formidable. During this article, I will be able to describe the weights of all trims within the Ford Ranger truck lineup. So, How Much Does A Ford Ranger Weigh? The weight of the Ford Ranger ranges from 3,922 to 4,441 pounds (1,779 to 2,014 kilograms). a load of each Ford Ranger model is as follows:

  • Ford Ranger XL 3,922 to 4,441 lbs.
  • Ford Ranger XLT 4,145 to 4,441 lbs.
  • Ford Ranger lariat 4,145 to 4,441 lbs.

These are the curb weights. The curb weight is said to be the weight of the truck without any passengers or baggage. There are several curb weights within the Ford Ranger lineup owing to its thirteen different variants or trims. Ford Ranger trims vary within the sizes of their engines, beds, and cabs.

These differences largely affect the curb or bare weight of every variant. Read on to find out a lot concerning what quantity the Ford Ranger weighs, including the Ford Ranger weight of every specific model.

Does A Ford Ranger Weigh

To Verify The Weight Of Your Ford Ranger Truck

The curb weight of your Ford Ranger truck is the total weight of the truck minus the passengers and cargo. It includes all vehicle components and regarding ninety % of the fuel within the gas tank. Curb weight doesn’t embody any after-market components.

The term curb weight is taken from the truck’s weight right when its production, with gas within the tank, and because it is lying on the curb. Once you occupy the driver’s seat or any seat at the rear, you’ll exceed the truck’s curb weight. Whereas it’s important to grasp your truck’s curb weight, it’s not about its towing and payload capability or its safety.

You can conjointly simply check the curb weight of your Ford Ranger truck. simply look for the VIN sticker of your Ford Ranger. This sticker ought to contain the data you wish. It’s usually located within the windshield on the driver’s side. Another way of checking your truck’s curb weight is by looking out the truck’s user or operator’s manual.

It ought to have a “Specifications” section which will provide you with the exact info you wish. Now that we all know the Ford Ranger’s Weight, let’s look at the distinction between curb weight and also the gross vehicle weight rating, as well as Ford Ranger’s payload and towing capacities and different essential specs.

Difference Between Curb Weight And Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)

If you’re not familiar with these terms, you may be simply confused. Whereas they each check the truck’s weight, curb weight, and gross vehicle weight rating are 2 various things. The GVWR is the heaviest weight that the truck will carry. It’s weight carrying capability or rating.

And as antecedently mentioned, the curb weight is the truck’s blank weight when previously produced with some gas within the tank however while not loading or passengers. It’s the quality weight of the truck when it comes out of the automobile factory.

The GVWR could be a weight rating system and a term accustomed to outlining the truck’s weight carrying capability. This weight rating includes the passengers’ approximate weight, the fuel on the tank, after-market additions, baggage, bike rack (or similar stuff), and curb weight.

Every time you employ your truck, you’ve got to examine if you’re not overloading its GVWR rating. you’ve got to estimate the overall weight of all of your passengers, the load on its bed, how much gasoline is within the tank, and eventually, its curb weight to see if you’ve got not protrusive its load-carrying capability.

It’s for your safety and for the great of the truck itself. With its strength, power, and toughness, it’s simple to abuse the Ford Ranger. whereas it will perform remarkable feats, this truck conjointly has its limits. Don’t abuse it, and it’ll give you its best service for many long years.


Now we know How Much Does A Ford Ranger Weigh? The basic weight of a Ford Ranger is termed the curb weight. It’s the load of the truck with no rider or baggage. To recap, what proportion will a Ford Ranger weigh? The Ford Ranger’s weight is from 3,922 to 4,441 pounds (1,779 to 2,014 kilograms).

Frequently Asked Questions

What will Ford Ranger weigh?

The curb weight of the Ranger is somewhere between 4,145-4,441 pounds. The place curb weight is affected by the nonmandatory cab and drives varieties. For the Super Cab kind, the 4×2 and 4×4 versions weigh in at 4,145 and 4,354 lbs.

How much H.P will a ninety-one Ford Ranger have?

The base engine was a pair of.3-liter 4-cylinder, developing a hundred HP change of magnitude decisions enclosed a 140-horsepower pair of 9-liter V6 and, for 1991, a 3.0-liter V6 that made one hundred forty-five H.P.

What is the GVM of the Ford Ranger?

The Ranger Wild Trak X contains a towing capability of 750kg for an un-braked trailer and 3500kg for a braked trailer. The curb weight of the Ranger Wild Trak X 3.2L is 2287kg. It’s a gross vehicle mass (GVM) of 3200kg, and a gross combination mass (GCM) of 6000kg.

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