How Much Do Small Helicopters Cost?

Helicopters are known to be costly vehicles main the rich and renowned or the world’s military and government organizations can bear to purchase and fly. You might be shocked to realize that there are helicopters on the less expensive finish of the scale that make them accessible to those without abundant resources. But How Much Do Small Helicopters Cost?

There is a particularly immense reach in helicopter costs for both new and utilized helicopters that there is a helicopter for each financial plan. The greater and more up-to-date the helicopter, the more it will cost.

Small Helicopters Cost

What Effects The Cost Of Buying A Small Helicopter?

Helicopters are perplexing machines with numerous accuracy parts. A large portion of these parts has a lifetime cutoff to them. The more life there is on each part, the more significant it is. The total expense for these parts and the accessibility of the helicopter type directs the buy cost of a pre-owned helicopter.

A less expensive helicopter might appear to be an incredible arrangement, yet when the part times are investigated, the purchaser may before long understand that a significant part like a motor or fundamental transmission might be coming up for redesign soon and the substitution cost of that thing would before long make the ‘Arrangement’ not generally excellent.

At the point when there is an overflow of a specific helicopter in the market, there is a great deal of rivalry to pick from which drops the cost since proprietors who need to auction need the airplane in their hands.

Deals can be found and arrangements can be struck when there are loads of that model available. Whenever the market is dry, then, at that point, vendors can utilize this chance to make offering wars which keeps the costs high.

While hoping to purchase another helicopter the producer will set the base model cost and afterward list handfuls, on the off chance that not many discretionary additional items that the buyer can pick from to be fitted onto the machine. By doing this it permits the producer to change every airframe to suit the various jobs that helicopter type can satisfy.

What Is The Worlds Cheapest And Small Helicopter?

The least expensive DIY unit helicopter you can purchase is the Helicycle for around $67,000. It is a solitary seat, gas turbine-fueled helicopter. The least expensive manufacturing plant fabricated helicopter is the Composite-FX XE at $51,000. This is a solitary seat, carbureted cylinder motor helicopter.

If you require more than a solitary seat, the least expensive 2 seat helicopters start around $180,000 for a pack like the Safari 400 or then again assuming you wish to get a completely affirmed, industrial facility fabricated helicopter with demonstrated family then a Robinson R22 Beta II will cost around $300,000 pristine, or you can track down them from around $50,000 for a very much utilized machine with a brief period left on its parts.

For a helicopter that you can take your group of four flying’s, then, at that point, one of the world’s most well-known helicopters, the Robinson R44 Raven II is an incredible choice. You can get them spic and span for $500,000 however there is consistently a huge load of them on the pre-owned market as individuals get them and afterwards choose it’s not so much for them.

The Cost Of A Helicopter

Have you at any point considered How Much Do Small Helicopters Cost? I have as well. Indeed, I’m certain heaps of individuals have pondered the cost of a helicopter. I chose to do some exploration and compose this article to give individuals a reasonable ballpark value range for normal and famous helicopter models.

I will begin with the expense of a fundamental, low-end helicopter, then, at that point, work dependent upon a portion of the further developed and costly helicopters. For the most part, the main thing to choose if you are taking a gander at the expense of a helicopter is whether you are after a more modest two-seater or a bigger multi-traveller model. One of the most famous brands on the planet with regards to helicopters is Robinson.

Even though at one time, Bell manufactured a larger number of helicopters than some other organization (principally because of the fame of their B206 JetRanger), Robinson helicopters are currently famous for costing less to purchase and run. Peruse on at a cost correlation diagram and extra data about the absolute most generally bought helicopters accessible to general society.

Chime 407

The Bell 407 is a 4-sharp edge, single-motor regular citizen helicopter that is generally utilized for salvage and utility administrations. There are numerous variations and sub-variations of this chopper, however, the base model has a direct front sticker price of $2.7 million.

Eurocopter EC135

The EC135 is a 4-sharp edge, twin-motor helicopter that was created via Airbus. It’s principally utilized by European nations. The EC 135 is utilized generally for regular citizen jobs like clearing individuals from crisis circumstances, yet it can likewise be utilized for military purposes. The Eurocopter EC135 has a sticker price of $3 million.

AgustaWestland AW109

The AgustaWestland is a twin-motor lightweight helicopter that has 8 seats for travelers. Worked by the Italian producer Leonardo S.p.A, it was planned as a multi-reason airplane, albeit these days, it’s for the most part utilized for regular citizen purposes. The expense of an AgustaWestland AW109 is $9 million.

The Costs Of Owning A Helicopter (A Breakdown)

The expense of possessing a helicopter doesn’t simply incorporate the expense of buying the actual helicopter. There are additional support, protection, and different costs to consider.

Fuel And Oil

How much fuel a helicopter consumes relies upon its size and type, with bigger and more intricate helicopters normally requiring more fuel and costing more to refuel.

There are two sorts of helicopter fuel: flying gasoline (100LL Avgas) and avionics turbine fuel. (After or ATF). Cylinder-controlled helicopters use flying gas, while turbine-fueled helicopters use avionics turbine fuel. Flight turbine fuel is the more affordable of the two. The normal helicopter costs between $50 to $200 for each flight hour to fuel.

Support And Inspections

Helicopter support is an extremely particular calling, so it costs more than plane upkeep. Lawfully, a helicopter proprietor is committed to having indispensable parts like the motor and rotor framework examined after explicit spans. These support expenses can approach a few a large number of dollars every year.


Since helicopter proprietorship is so uncommon and there’s an overall absence of market rivalry, helicopter protection can be costly. A $1-$2 million general obligation strategy for a little helicopter that covers outsider individual wounds and property harms costs between $80 to $120 each month. You may likewise need to take out extra protections like Hull protection or Passenger protection.


There are specific avionics credit organizations that give financing to helicopter buys. Advance terms rely upon various elements like the helicopter’s model, type, planned use, and the record as a consumer of the expected proprietor. Accepting an individual has the ideal qualification standards, they will get a financing cost somewhere in the range of 4 and 10 percent, and they would be relied upon to repay this credit in 10 years.


Helicopters are put away in overhangs, heliports, or helistops. Helicopter overhang development is costly, and most places expect you to check nearby construction regulations for leeway before you’re permitted to fabricate one. Helicopter storage can cost upwards of $200,000 relying upon the helicopter’s size and different prerequisites.

Pilot And Crew Salary (If Applicable)

Helicopters are more challenging to fly when contrasted with planes, and there are less completely authorized helicopter pilots contrasted with plane pilots all over the planet, as well. The normal helicopter pilot has a compensation of $94,000.

The Costs Of Renting Versus Purchasing A Helicopter

A helicopter can be leased on an every-hour premise. The rate will rely upon where you’re flying in, the beginning place of your flight, the kind of helicopter you’re utilizing, in addition to other things. All things considered, it can cost $350 to lease a little helicopter, however, a bigger one can cost $5,000 each flight hour.

Leasing a helicopter as opposed to getting one is a decent decision if you don’t mean to fly routinely. Leasing would likewise save you from paying helicopter upkeep costs. Purchasing is typically more ideal assuming that you mean to utilize the helicopter routinely.

Where Can You Buy A Small Helicopter?

Helicopters can be bought from individual representatives, online commercial centers, and assuming that you address an enormous association, you can contact a helicopter producer and put in a request with them straightforwardly.

Online commercial centers are well known these days for trading helicopters; however, the customary way is through dealers. Intermediaries note your necessities and contact applicable people and associations to secure a fitting helicopter for you.

Handles additionally assist helicopter proprietors with the lawful parts of buying a chopper. Contingent upon how you submit your request, there is commonly a whole legitimate cycle you need to go through, including confirming your confirmation of offer before you procure the chopper.

Purchasing A New Vs Utilized Helicopter


More seasoned model helicopters are a lot less expensive in straightforward expenses, however, they are additionally harder to keep up with because of challenges in gaining their parts.


More seasoned helicopters have more deterioration than fresher ones, so the mileage they’ve endured causes their support expenses to rise, which brings down their direct front cost.

Absolute Flying Time

Since the additional time a helicopter has flown, the more harm and deterioration it is probably going to have endured. Helicopters with higher flying hours are less expensive than those with less.


The fewer occurrences a helicopter has endured while flying, and the better its documentation is protected, the higher its cost will be.

Support Status

The better kept a helicopter is, the more it will cost front and center. Less all-around kept up with choppers cost less forthcoming, yet they cause higher support costs over the long haul, so it’s not prudent to buy a less very much kept up with helicopter since its drawn-out costs are bound to be higher.


The more present-day a helicopter’s gear is, and if it has extravagance includes, the more costly it’ll be. Helicopters with extravagance insides are exceptionally pursued, which raises their sticker price impressively.


Ultralight helicopters are named ultralight airplanes by the FAA this is the answer to How Much Do Small Helicopters Cost? At the point when the financial plan is the fundamental thought for getting out of sight a plane is less expensive all the time. Whenever adaptability on where to land is the principal factor then a helicopter is the better choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the littlest helicopter you right?

A Guinness World Records representative affirmed the acknowledgement of Yanagisawa’s helicopter as the world’s littlest model as far as weight and rotor length of 13 feet.

How much is a little 2-man helicopter?

A little two-seat cylinder motor helicopter, for example, the 2004 Robinson R-22 Beta II envisioned here can cost just $120,000.

What is the most secure little helicopter?

We also love the Robinson R44 on the grounds that each seat is a seat by the window, so not exclusively are your perspectives marvellous, yet it assists you with staying away from a movement disorder.

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