How Fast Will A 50cc Motorized Bicycle Go?

Do you know How Fast Will A 50cc Motorized Bicycle Go? If you’re in the market for a new motorized bicycle, you might have seen how many different options there are. There are so many models to choose from that it can be hard to know how much power or speed is appropriate for your needs. To help simplify things, we’ve created this quick & dirty guide to 50cc motorized bicycles.

A motorized bike can have a top speed of around 27-30 mph, but this varies quite a bit depending on how fast you ride and what kind of tires are used. The bicycle I built tops out at 28mpg while averaging 25–27mph in level ground conditions with no wind or other obstacles present.

Fast Will A 50cc Motorized Bicycle Go

Factors On Which 50cc Bike Speed Depends

  1. The rider’s weight
  2. Bike’s weight
  3. The road surface and the quality of its grip
  4. Tire pressure and tire tread pattern
  5. Type of engines, such as a single-cylinder or multi-cylinder engine
  6. Type of transmission, such as manual or automatic transmission

The world’s fastest bicycle can reach speeds over 605kph (reportedly the top speed for a motorized bike). It depends on what you define as “motorized” and “can.”

Electric-assist pedal cycles are currently regulated in the UK based on how fast they can travel before they need a license, approval, etc., but there are other countries out there that enforce no such laws at all.

How Fast Can An Unrestricted 50cc Go?

It would likely take the engine a few minutes to reach 50cc. I assume by “unrestricted,” you mean no aftermarket modifications to it? If that’s what I meant, then I could not answer this question with a tone of certainty because air restrictions in the system can dramatically change how well it performs. Unrestricted, meaning no tampering or modifying of any kind. Yes – air restriction is something that needs to be addressed in order for maximum performance.

But too much air pressure, either way, affects fuel efficiency and speed as long as they are happy mediums between both extremes. Something like what your bike originally came from the factory set up for should work well but if you really want to make changes.

Make sure you do your homework on how it affects performance and the economy. You want to answer this question with a “Yes.” The engine should be able to reach that speed as long as you have the proper fuel mixture. Air restriction is also something that needs to be addressed in order for maximum performance.

How Fast Do Gas-Powered Bicycles Go?

Most modern gas-powered bikes can go up to 30 mph. However, how fast they go, how much power they have, and how long the battery lasts will vary depending on how much you weigh as well as how technical the terrain is.

How Fast Does A 49cc Motorized Bike Go?

The 49cc motorized bike goes about 30 mph on a straight road without any wind. The bigger the engine, the faster it goes. If you want to go as fast as possible, you should buy a dirt bike that’s more expensive and has higher cc’s.

A 49cc can go about 30 mph down a flat straightaway with no wind resistance. It will cost less money and be able to go longer distances than the 60 cc dirt bikes, but not as fast or for very far distances like 1000cc ones can.

How Can I Make My 50cc Bike Faster?

Downshift to a lower gear, so the engine is producing higher torque. Install a smaller sprocket with most of your accessories on it. Blast off from a stop with as much power as you can. Blast off from a stop with your bike’s weight over the back wheel, or if not, then shift your weight backward for greater traction before blasting off from a stop.

Add drag protection onto your bike to reduce drag and increase speed. And, even though this isn’t really related, wear something really good looking when riding for those who are watching you fly by!


The speed you can expect from a 50cc motorized bicycle will depend on the weight of the rider, terrain, and other factors. However, if we assume an average-sized adult male (180 lbs) riding over the level ground without any wind resistance at sea level with no hills or curves to navigate around, they should be able to achieve speeds up to 18 mph. That’s all we have on How Fast Will A 50cc Motorized Bicycle Go?

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does an 80cc bike motor go?

A Honda Elite 80cc bike motor goes 0-10 mph at top speed. Speed depends on what kind of terrain, incline, or hilly area you’re trying to go up or over (or even across), how much resistance is exerted by your body weight against the motor’s pus. Plus you’ll need to take into account wind speeds and/or water currents. All part of determining your overall speed.

How fast is a 100cc motorized bicycle?

It depends on the hill you are driving, but the safe limit is around 55 mph. A lot of factors can affect this equation, including rider weight, hill grade, friction loss due to tire stiffness, wind resistance, etc.
If it were a level road with no wind resistance, then the rider’s weight would be the only consideration, and any 100cc motorized bicycle should top out at about 55 mph (the speed limit in most parts of Europe). There are other axle setups for electric bikes which allow them to go much faster than this, so there is also some variability depending on the type of bike.

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