HID Vs LED Headlights

When you are looking for a new pair of headlights, HID Vs LED Headlights can be a difficult decision. HID and LED headlight bulbs each to have their own pros and cons that make them perfect for certain situations. In this article, we will discuss the comparison of HID Vs LED Headlights so that you know what to look for when purchasing your next set of headlights!


What Are HID Headlights?

HID Headlights are Xenon gas discharge lights, which give off a brighter light than traditional filament bulb headlights. These lights require the car to be equipped with both low-beamed and high-beam headlights. Otherwise, they will emit light in directions that might blind oncoming traffic.

HID lighting is more efficient than an incandescent lamp at producing lumens of visible light. The lamps may use up to 45% less power than traditional headlight designs. To create this type of lamp for cars, designers use either Xenon gas or metal halide/quartz iodine gas mixture to produce an electrical arc within the bulb’s capsule. HIgher pressure Xenon setups damage more easily and burn out more quickly than HID lights running at lower pressure.

HIDs can produce more light, but it is unfocused and difficult to see. HID headlights also require a ballast that takes up room under the hood. HID bulbs are also more difficult to see when they are burned out, making them a less practical choice for drivers who do not want the hassle of replacing HID bulbs regularly.

  • More Light
  • Less Glare
  • Produces up to 1000ft
  • HID Bulbs Lasts Longer
  • HIDs need to be installed by a professional
  • Difficult installation

What Are LED Headlights?

LED Headlights use light-emitting diode technology. This semiconductor-based lighting source is more efficient than HID headlights but is not as bright or powerful on HID lights.

HIDs are more efficient, but LED headlights use less power and produce a brighter light that is easier to see on the road. LED headlights produce less heat than HIDs, and they do not cause the headlight lens to darken over time.

  • Produces less glare
  • Reduces the blue-glow effect that is produced from standard headlights
  • Provides more clarity than HIDs at night Can be seen up to 1000ft in dark conditions
  • LED Bulbs Lasts Longer
  • Less Light Need for an additional part such as HID ballasts
  • Difficult installation

How Do HID Vs LED Headlights Work?

Many people are not aware of the working of HID and LED headlights. HID headlights use Xenon gas to create a bright, white light that is very good for high-speed driving or night conditions. This is because HID lights can produce up to 3 times as much light as standard halogen bulbs. LEDs work by passing electricity through diodes, producing a cooler, more energy-efficient light with less glare than HIDs.

Differences HID vs LED Headlight Bulbs

There is a big difference between HID and LED headlight bulbs when it comes to HID Vs LED headlights.

  • HIDs require the use of ballasts, which control current-voltage to ensure that the bulb works properly with the HID kit.
  • LED headlight bulbs do not require any additional components to work properly and, therefore, will be a much easier installation process than HIDs.

Which Is Better HID Vs LED?

Now that we know the difference between Hid and Led headlights, let’s learn more about which type of headlights are better- HIDs or LEDs.

Reasons Why HIDs Are Better?

HIDs are a better choice if you require more light when driving. HIDs can produce up to three times the amount of light that LED headlights to do, and therefore, HID is ideal for people who drive at night regularly.

HIDs also provide more clarity than LEDs because they emit very little heat, which means there will be less glare in your field of vision. HIDs are also a better choice if you drive at high speeds often because HID lights can be seen from up to 1000ft which is 400ft further than LED headlights.

Reasons Why LEDs Are Better?

LEDs provide more clarity and reduced glare, though they do not produce as much light as HIDs, so LEDs may not be ideal for people who frequently drive at night or at high speeds. HIDs may be a better choice for you if you require more light, but LEDs will reduce glare which is ideal for nighttime driving and in bad weather conditions such as rain, fog, snow, etc.

How To Choose HID Or LED Headlights For A Car??

Now we know HID and LED headlights to produce different levels of light. HID Light provides more clarity than LEDs. It is important to choose HID or LED headlights for your car based on the type of driving you to do.

  • HIDs are ideal if you drive at night often, but LEDs are better for people who drive in bad weather conditions.
  • HIDs are also great if you frequently travel at high speeds, but LEDs will provide more clarity which is better for nighttime driving.
  • HIDs are also a great choice if you want more light when driving at night, but LEDs will produce less glare which is better for nighttime driving.
  • HID headlights are also more energy-efficient than LED lights, but LEDs produce less heat which means the headlight lens will not darken over time.
  • HIDs and LEDs both provide more clarity than Halogen Headlights, but HIDs will produce a lot of heat which will darken headlight lenses over time.
  • HIDs and LEDs both have a shorter lifespan than halogen headlights, but HIDs typically last longer than LEDs.
  • HIDs and LEDs both require a different installation process than halogen headlights, but HIDs will be much more difficult to install than LEDs.


Our conclusion is that HID headlights are more expensive and provide a better quality light, while LED headlight bulbs save money and still provide the same brightness. We hope this blog post about HID Vs LED Headlights has helped you make your decision about which headlights to buy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are HID headlights worth it?

Yes. As most HIDs are 100% brighter than the stock headlights on most cars, they allow your car’s lights to illuminate objects more than 350 feet away, which is nearly double the distance from factory headlamps.

Are LED headlights brighter than HID?

They’re not necessarily brighter, but they do produce more light. LED is not “brighter” than HID in the sense of producing the same physical quantity of luminous flux, but it can produce up to 6 times more lumens per watt compared with ordinary light bulbs.

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