Car Shakes When AC Is On

If you have been noticing that your car shakes a little bit when the air conditioning is on, then you’re not alone. Car sharing isn’t a normal occurrence and can be caused by a variety of things. This blog post will discuss some common reasons Why Car Shakes When AC Is On? To help troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

When your car shakes when AC is on, it could be a sign that there’s an issue with the compressor or one of many other things. To get a better understanding and find out what needs attention first-hand, continue reading for explanations about engine parts’ names and how they function alongside an AC system in order to stop any possible problems from happening.

The AC compressor is a vital component of your car’s engine. When it fails, you will know because of the shaking and noise that comes from their operation; however, they can fail at any time due in part to corrosion or simply wearing out with age! We shall learn how to prevent this issue as well as to detect when one has failed before warping up our vehicle’s air conditioning system too much (and causing further damage).

Car Shakes

Possible Reasons For What Causes Car Shakes When AC Is On?

The AC in your vehicle is an example of how technology has advanced to provide more comfort for drivers. The first function of the air conditioning system, raising refrigerant pressure higher than outside ambient temperatures so that heat can transfer efficiency between two objects (vehicle and coolant).

As you drive around with your AC on, it creates low pressure in the evaporator. This enables the refrigerant to vaporize and absorb heat energy from within your vehicle’s cab while also circulating compressor oil throughout all of its parts so that everything runs smoothly together as one unit! And here are some reasons why vehicle shakes when an air conditioning system is running at full capacity during hot weather conditions:

Load On Engine

The AC acts as a small engine, and it puts too much stress on the vehicle’s valuable parts. When you turn on your air conditioner (AC), there are many things that happen behind-the-“scenes”. One such thing is an idle speed controller which changes how fast or slow this essential component operates depending upon temperature conditions outside – but not all drivers know about this!

You can increase its accuracy by adding some extra weight during those times where they expect high outdoor temperatures so their car doesn’t shake from cooling down inside while running at lower speeds under load.

When you turn the steering wheel with AC on, there is a chance your engine will stall. As for how quickly this happens? It varies from vehicle to vehicle and even person-to-person! But in most cases, it’s not too far off: between 5% – 15%.

However, if these conditions persist each time we drive our car without turning them OFF first (or simply ignore them), some parts could wear out quicker than they would otherwise due solely because of added drag while others may get more damage done before needing replacements entirely which then leads into higher repair costs downstream.

Engine Mountings/Foundation

Suspension and engine are held in place by engine mountings. When you turn on your AC, they are put through a lot of strain that may cause them to fail over time with increasing vibrations as well as noises when in use without being fixed by professionals who can repair any issues at hand quickly for minimal cost before anything else goes wrong.

Bad Throttle Position Sensor

One common issue that causes car shakes is a faulty TP sensor. When this fails, it doesn’t control the RPMs well enough and as such will cause your vehicle to shake when you turn on AC or start driving in traffic. To solve this problem try cleaning out dirt buildup around tps’s openings with an alcohol-soaked swab before replacing if necessary.

Faulty Fuel Injector

The fuel injectors are an essential part of the engine that pumps out enough gas to keep it running smoothly. When they’re not functioning properly, you might notice your car shaking more on hills or when driving through town during rush hour- but don’t worry!

This can be fixed with a new set of aftermarket parts made specifically for these purposes which will solve all those vibes woes once and forever. Reduce abnormal vibrations by replacing fuel injectors that are causing it to happen in the first place with new ones made specifically for your vehicle’s model and year.

Damaged Or Old Spark Plugs

If you are experiencing shaking when your ac is on, it could be because of a damaged or old spark plug. This happens during initial power generation where there’s not enough connection between the plugs and wires in question. You’ll need to get these replaced as soon as possible before they lead to further damages.

Damaged AC Compressor

If you notice a difference in the pick when accelerating, it could be that your AC is faulty and putting an excess load onto the engine. This leads us into massive vibrations which can result from damaged systems like this one!

To diagnose whether or not we need to replace our compressor check out how much pressure builds up during acceleration; if there isn’t any at all then something else must’ve gone wrong such as dirty condenser coils/fan blades etc., so take care of those first before getting too far down this rabbit hole forever.

How To Fix Car Shakes When AC Is On?

  1. Check to see if your tires are inflated properly
  2. Clean the air filter and replace it if necessary
  3. Replace the wiper blades with newer ones
  4. Make sure that there is no debris or snow on the windshield, roof, or hood of your car
  5. Reset tire pressure by pumping up all four tires to a higher level than what they were before – this may fix any shaking issues you have going on when driving at high speeds
  6. If none of these tips work for you, bring your car to a mechanic for an inspection to see what’s wrong with it and how much it will cost to get fixed.


I hope these tips have helped you out. If you are still experiencing shaking or shuddering when your AC is switched on, it may be time to stop by the dealership for an inspection. The mechanics there will inspect and replace worn-out parts as needed. That’s all we have on Car Shakes When AC Is On.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my car idle rough when I turn on the AC?

The engine does not like to idle when there is a large load placed on it, such as when AC is running.

How Can I Make My Car Idle Smoother?

Fill your gas tank with gasoline that’s good quality. Quality gas will reduce the chance of the fuel deteriorating and causing roughness. If you infrequently use your car, consider using a stabilized, fully-synthetic lubricant for a startup – it’ll remain stable under any temperature conditions so you won’t have to worry about it breaking down or gumming up at higher engine temperatures.

Can cold air from the ac damage your health?

Yes. The air conditioning can dramatically decrease the humidity in a room, and as the moisture levels are too low, people may start to feel like they need to sneeze or cough as their body tries to bring up its internal moistures. Decreasing airflow by closing doors and windows also means that we trap more pollution inside, which leads to increased rates of asthma and other respiratory problems.

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