Can Someone Else Register My Car At The DMV In California?

All information about the most asked question Can Someone Else Register My Car At The DMV In California? Even if you have a commercial vehicle, you must personally visit a local DMV office location and present the title of your car and your emissions inspection certification, as well as evidence of ID, a filled-out vehicle registration form, and money for fees, to Register Your Vehicle In California.

If you have purchased an automobile or are planning to relocate to California, you will have 10 days to register it. Don’t be concerned! You’ll quickly learn how to register your car and complete out a title application.

Register My Car At The DMV In California

Is It Possible For Someone Else To Register My Automobile With The DMV In California?

No. They can’t do anything until you give them permission. You must provide them a POA if they need to fill any type of form with DMV, and they can only supply information that they know for a fact – I’m thinking of Non- ops, purchase price certificates, or any other record that requires a signature. The following items are required:

The Vehicle’s Certificate Of Title

Most recent (original) registration card, or notification of Registration Renewal. If you’ve misplaced your title or registration card, contact your state’s DMV or vehicle licensing authority to get a replacement. The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) mandates the title company to issue a California certificate of title, also known as a pink-slip by locals.

You must still Register The Vehicle In California if you do not have the title because you are still financing (bring the name of the finance firm or bank and its address), leasing (bring the less or’s name and address), or simply cannot receive the title.

You must submit the most recent original vehicle registration card or an out-of-state registration renewal letter. You will receive a California vehicle registration card but not a California title.

A Title Application Or Registration Form

REG 343, a form from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. If you want to print it, go to our forms page. If you don’t want to print the form, we have several in our office and can assist you in filling it out. Keep in mind that the REG 343 must be signed by all registered owners mentioned on the registration card or title.

Note For Leased Vehicles

If you are leasing a car, both the leasing company and you must sign the application for title and registration form. The lesser can either sign the REG 343 themselves or provide you a power of attorney permitting you to sign it on their behalf. Originals are the only ones that will be accepted.

In California, A Smog Check Was Performed

All vehicles, with the exception of gasoline-powered cars from the 1975 model year or earlier, electric vehicles, motorcycles, diesel-powered vehicles from the 1997 model year or older, or vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of more than 14,000 lbs. Only automobiles that are already registered in California are eligible for the exemption for vehicles that are 6 or less model years old. 4- Verification of the vehicle identification number (VIN).

It’s something we do at work. It entails double-checking that the vehicle identification number on your out-of-state documentation matches the one on the vehicle, as well as ensuring that the vehicle has a Federal Certification tag (characteristically situated on the driver’s side door jamb). It also checks whether the vehicle’s engine meets California’s pollution system regulations.


Here we summarize all about Can Someone Else Register My Car At The DMV In California? If you have recently bought an automobile or are preparing to relocate to California, you will have ten days to register it before it becomes invalid. Don’t be worrying about anything! You’ll learn how to license your car and fill out a title request in a short period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary for me to go to the DMV in order to register my car in California?

Remember to register your vehicle in California. To avoid late costs, you’ll have 20 days after you’ve formally established residency in California to register your vehicle with the DMV. To get started, go to the DMV and fill out the following forms: A Completed Application for Title or Registration (Form REG 343).

What if I’m stopped with suspended licenses in California?

If you continue to drive in California with expired tags for an extended period of time, your vehicle may be impounded under VC 22651(0). Your automobile might be confiscated for having expired tags if your registration has been lapsed for 6 months or more – even if it was parked on the street and you were not driving it!

Is it possible for someone else to insure your vehicle?

Yes, you can purchase auto insurance for someone else because most firms allow drivers and policyholders to be under different names. This is extremely normal for teen drivers, as parents are usually the policyholders until their dependents are able to purchase their own vehicle and insurance.

In California, how do I register a car without a title?

If you will not have a California Certificate of Registration, you must file an Application for Replica or Transfer of Title to transfer ownership (REG 227).The release of the lien holder, if any, must be notarized. The buyer should then take the completed paperwork to a DMV office, where a new registration and title will be issued.

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