Best Van For Carrying Bikes Inside

It’s another difficult task to shift your bike from one place to another, if we are choosing something we should first make sure whether it is suitable or not. But do you know what is the Best Van For Carrying Bikes Inside? We are here discussing some best vans for carrying bikes.

What Is The Best Van For Carrying Bikes Inside

What Is The Best Van For Carrying Bikes Inside?

We are going to give you a quick review of all the vans.

Tesla Model S 

If you don’t mind going the electric car route, then you would possibly need to think about a Tesla Model S to hold your bike(s). This liftback vehicle has 5 doors, creating it ideal for housing your bicycle and taking it out whenever you get the itch to ride. The Model S 1st entered the market in 2012 and continues to be created nowadays.

Since it’s an electric motor and not the quality vehicle engine you’re used to, there’s a lot of cargo room in a Tesla. You shouldn’t have any hassle having access to at least 2 bikes through the rear seats. Of course, that may rely on the size of the bicycles in question. If you bring only one, then you’ll be able to most likely keep all your equipment within the back similarly.

Ford Focus ST  

Ford began producing the focus compact in 1998. Years later, by 2005, the main target ST came onto the scene. The originals featured a turbocharged engine with 5 cylinders that might reach speeds of up to 152 miles per hour.

You can get a newer Focus ST to reap its bike-friendly edges. One user on includes a 2017 Ford Focus ST. they are saying their vehicle has rear seats you’ll push all the manner down. This gives you space to place your bike through the rear of the vehicle.

You’ll get to start the front wheel of your bike to form it match betting on the dimensions of your bicycle. you furthermore may get loading space and roof rack capabilities for transporting over one bike within the Focus ST. we predict that’s pretty handy.

Ford Escape

Our last also conjointly comes from Ford. It’s their beloved Escape. This compact crossover SUV 1st appeared in 2001. Ford still makes them nowadays. That said, bike enthusiasts online recommend going with one in every of the older models, sort of 2001 automotive. Not solely ought to that prevent some cash, however you get lots of areas, too.

The newer models have a sleeker look if you’re curious about one in every of those. The fourth generation, which started rolling out this year, includes a longer and wider profile. meaning you shouldn’t have abundant difficulty compression in an exceedingly bike or 2 within the spacious rear of the new Ford Escape.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

Since 1974, the Volkswagen Golf has become a transport staple for many. 2 years when it was first sold out, Volkswagen unveiled the Golf GTI. At the time, it had AN engine that might reach speeds of 110 miles per hour.

This vehicle additionally goes by the name Volkswagen Rabbit. Today’s GTIs within the seventh generation have even a lot of horsepower, however, we’re not very here to speak that. What concerning area for a bicycle or two?

These sizable compacts ought to match many bikes for pretty much any model you decide. The Volkswagen Golf GTI contains a wide rear that’s excellent for simply that. make sure you get a hatchback with 5 doors rather than 3 doors, though. This way, you’ll achieve your bike easier and wrestle with it less once you wish to require it out.

Volkswagen Jetta Wagon

Yet another nice Volkswagen pick, the Jetta Wagon isn’t quite a Jetta, neither is it exactly a typical Volkswagen providing, either. Instead, it combines the best of each world for an extended, lean, hatchback-like vehicle. not created, some models of the Jetta Wagon had 33 cubic feet or 930 liters of loading volume.

If you’re speculative if you’ll be able to get a minimum of one bike in there, you recognize the solution. Most positively. Would you have got to require the front wheel off? presumably. That’s not the tip of the globe, though.


The Mazda3, probably named such because it entered production in 2003, also will impress. we suggest going with the hatchback version of this vehicle because it has 5 doors and offers more room. The sedan has solely 3 doors. You can get a spick-and-span Mazda3 or a second-hand one.

The older models have a far wider rear that should offer you all the house you wish for a minimum of two bikes, probably even additional. Once the Mazda3 underwent some renovations, the manufacturer redesigned the rear to have an additional efficient form. You shouldn’t sacrifice abundance in terms of space, though.

Honda Element 

Although they’re not manufactured, if you’re trying to find a second-hand automobile to stay your bike within, then get a Honda component. These compact crossover SUVs were factory-made between 2003 and 2011. they need a wider, boxier form moreover as a two-toned paint job that adds to their uniqueness.

The vehicle has five doors; thus, you can suit your bike in many ways. One Reddit user shows such a configuration. You open the component from the rear, in all probability push some rear seats down, and roll your bike right in. this offers you room to bring one different person with you, who would sit within the front passenger seat.

While the bike the Reddit user fits within the component was quite giant (it’s probably a motorcycle), we tend to wish to suppose you may get a minimum of 2 standard-sized bikes in there if they’re somewhat smaller.

Toyota Prius

Although you wouldn’t suppose it from looking at this motorcar initially look, the Toyota Prius has an area for bikes. 1st getting into production in 1997, you’ll still obtain new Priuses nowadays. The third generation of vehicles, the XW30, could be a favorite among bike owners.

This model, made between 2009 and 2015, will stash up to 2 bikes within the back in step with some Prius owners. Oh, and did we mention you don’t even need to take the front wheels off your bike to urge it inside? How’s that for lading space?

You’ll even squeeze some gear and instrumentality back there, too, however that will need removing the front wheels. If you’re riding alone, then you’ll perpetually keep the ready there. No front-wheel dismantling is required!


Whether for the sake of safety, protection from the weather, or maybe convenience, you would like to stay your bike within your automobile as you transport it. With the Best Van For Carrying Bikes Inside we shared during this list, you’ll realize that’s potential. Some will even stash over one bike while not having to get rid of the front tire! mention convenience on the go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will a motorbike fit in a van?

Some cars have enough area to fit a bicycle within them without taking the wheels off. Some minivans and SUV-type vehicles have lots of areas for you to place your bike while not taking the wheels off. I own a Ford person and might simply work my bike while not having to get rid of the wheels.

How many bikes are you able to slot in a van?

How many bikes you’ll be able to fit in a transit van can for the most part rely upon the kind of transit van you have got and what reasonably bikes you may place inside it. Generally, you’ll be able to work four motorcycles or 5 bicycles, or four dirt bikes within an oversized transit vehicle.

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