AC Clutch Fuse Keeps Blowing

One of the most common problems with cooling systems involves the air conditioner tripping the breaker or AC Clutch Fuse Keeps Blowing.  Repeatedly running to the fuse box and changing the fuse isn’t solely cumbersome and long however possible conjointly a sign of a larger drawback together with your cooling system or your electrical circuits. 

This type of drawback isn’t something you would like to fool around with yourself. Once it involves HVAC electrical problems, you would like a skilled HVAC technician.  There are many reasons why your air conditioning system keeps blowing a fuse. The most common issues are mentioned below:

Why Does AC Clutch Fuse Keeps Blowing

Causes For AC Clutch Fuse Keeps Blowing

Extreme temperatures

Another chance is that prime demand (i.e., high temperatures) is forcing your system to figure more durable to push conditioned air through a dirt-clogged HVAC filter, which is putting additional pressure on the system and processing the fuse. a dirty condenser coil will generally have the same effect. It’s best to schedule AC maintenance at the beginning of the warm weather to avoid such issues.

Low Refrigerant

If the refrigerant level is low, your AC system should work more durable. This additional effort sometimes causes a visit to your system. If the refrigerant is low, you’ll have a leak, which can be dangerous. If you think that this can be the case, you’ll need to call for AC repair quickly.

Cooling System’s Capacitor

The capacitor could be a part of the cooling system’s condenser. This small part helps even out and regulates the electrical current because it flows through the condenser. A problem with this easy-to-replace half is one more reason for blown AC fuses.

A Problem With Fuse Box, Circuit, And / Or Central Power Offer

The foremost logical cause is a drawback with the electrical connection, the facility offers, or the circuit that powers the system. Breakers and fuses are designed to trip or blow when too much voltage is sent through the road. Merely inserting a larger fuse could be a recipe for disaster. You need to possess a licensed technician to get to the foundation of the problem to stop any electrical overloads.

How To Fix A Blown AC Fuse By Yourself?

Replace Your Filter

An airflow restriction caused by a clogged air filter can make your cooling system struggle, which regularly ends up in warming and potential breaker trips. If your filter is visibly dirty or hasn’t been modified for a while, do it now.

Clean All Provide And Return Vents

Keeping your air vents freed from dirt and junk is vital for an equivalent reason expressed on top. you ought to even be certain that no furniture, carpets, or window curtains are blocking vents.

Check Your Outside Unit

The fins surrounding your outside unit may get clogged, typically with grass clippings and leaves. Clean these away employing a firm brush, and straighten any bent fins with a slim tool.

Reset Your Breaker

Once all the top tasks are done, reset your breaker (or swap your fuse if your electrical system is older). If one of the listed potential causes was to blame, your AC ought to run fine from currently on.


I hope you all understand why your AC Clutch Fuse Keeps Blowing, there are many reasons for that also, you can fix it by yourself as I mention this in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What would cause a fuse to keep blowing?

The most common reason behind a blown fuse is that one thing attracts an excessive amount of power from the circuit. this can be most frequently caused by either too several lights or from using too several plug-in appliances right away. the biggest culprit for this sort of issue may be a multiple outlet adapter blocked into a socket.

What happens if the AC fuse is blown?

When your AC blows a fuse often, it will be regarding, to mention the least. Not only will an electrical shock for good harm your cooling system, but however it may also destroy property, and in the worst-case situation, the loss of lives.

Why will my five-amp fuse keep blowing?

The 5A fuse on a chamber circuit board will keep blowing due to broken wiring, or a faulty compressor unit.

Can a blown fuse stop my AC from working?

If the fuse is blown, the air conditioning can quit working and you will get to have your AC repaired. Repairing a blown fuse is an easy and cheap repair job.

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