9005 Vs H11 Headlight And Fog Light Bulb

When you’re in need of a new headlight or fog light bulb, 9005 and H11 probably sound like foreign words to you. They are simply different types of bulbs that can be used for headlights and fog lights. Do you know the differences between 9005 Vs H11 Headlight And Fog Light Bulb?

The 9005 is the standard halogen bulb, while H11 is an 11 watt LED replacement. 9005 bulbs are cheaper but also provide less light output, so it may be worth considering upgrading to H11 if your car has LED headlights which will work with them better than 9005s.

9005 Vs H11

90011 bulbs are available in most stores, and they’re an excellent investment for your car. So what’s the Difference Between 9005 vs H11? Which Is Better 9005 vs H11?

9005 LED Bulb

The 9005 LED bulb is a high beam light that is used in your car’s headlight. This means it produces much illumination when driving, which makes them suitable for different dark conditions or if there’s poor weather!

You can also use these in foggy areas with an intensity higher than your standard low beams; they’ll have you seeing clear through any bad weather without hesitation – just take note of local laws before putting one on the go (substitute “headlight” wherever appropriate).

It’s a debate that will never end: which halogen bulb is best for your car? The two most common types of lights in cars these days, 9005 and 9006, might seem interchangeable at first glance. But there are some key differences between them, like their color modes or their wattages; the latter can make all the difference when it comes time to replace an old unit with less than optimal performance!

The ZDATT 9005 LED bulb is a high-quality light that has the features you need to make your car shine. With three color tubes in amber, blue and white, this headlight can blend into any surroundings with ease thanks to its great lighting and brightness capability and is 200% better than the regular halogens bulb!

Installing it couldn’t be easier either as all necessary tools are included for quick installation on most cars models, making durability guarantee over 5000 hours of use before needing replacement.

Pros Of 9005 LED Bulb

  • Brighter as compared to other bulbs.
  • It improves the car’s aesthetics when we use 9005 LED Bulbs.
  • This LED Bulb gives directional lighting.
  • The 9005 Bulb dissipates deficient heat.
  • 200% better than a regular halogen bulb.
  • Available in three color tubes in amber, blue, and white for easy matching.
  • 5000 hours of usage.
  • Easy installation.

Cons Of 9005 LED Bulb

  • It uses more power when we compare it to other bulbs.

H11 LED Bulbs

The H11 LED bulb is a low beam light that can be used as the ‘normal’ bulb in your car. The word normal implies how this particular type of lighting features an angled direction, which makes them suitable for both fog lights and headlamps alike. They also have much less glare than other types, so they’re not just limited to city traffic but are legal on roads where there’s no blinding effect!

When it comes to choosing between the H9 and H11 LED bulbs, there are some differences that you may notice when installing them in your car. For instance, one has a greater brightness at 65W but also shorter life than their competitor with 55 watts of power for dimmer light output over longer periods/lives depending on whose bulb is selected.

H11 and H11B are similar in their pin design, but the contrast comes from how they’re laid out. The socket of one will not fit onto another because of this difference- it has bare pins for the other model instead with nested parts like L shape on top that you would find on an official Nintendo plug (Hint: It’s called “Nintendo Switch”).

The Philips H11 CrystalVision light bulbs are a great choice for your vehicle’s headlight installation. These high-quality, long-lasting products will improve the overall appearance of how you drive on those dark roads at night with their excellent Brightness and bluish hue that is created when white cap tips them during daytime hours!

The durable construction makes these recommendations last even longer than most other bulbs out there, which means it’ll be hard to find yourself without them after installation. Just make sure not to remove any lights from the circuit before shutting off the power source in order to prevent dangerous situations caused by accidents or malfunctions.

Pros Of H11 LED Bulb

  • 65W Brightness.
  • Suitable for fog lights and headlamps.
  • Less glare.
  • Legal to be used on roads without blinding effect.
  • Longer life than other bulbs.
  • Improved appearance.
  • Durable construction.

Cons Of H11 LED Bulb

  • Not as bright as 900 lumens.

Difference Between 9005 Vs H11 Bulbs

There is a big difference between the H11 bulb and 9005 conversions. It can be difficult to change them, but they do share some similarities, such as their L-shape design which makes it easier for people who don’t know much about cars or bulbs themselves since both of these types have been around long enough that many drivers are familiar with what they look like on modern vehicles (a plus!).

However, in terms of functionality, low beam installation requires one less step than high beams due to its reduced Brightness when compared with other bulbs. It’s always a relief when you find out your car has bulb issues. With this 9005 and its 50000-hour lifespan, it’ll save the day once again in no time at all!

Plus, I can get back on track with giving my H11 lights some much-needed love by replacing those old bulbs for new ones that will last longer than ever before too 30000 hours of operation isn’t something common these days either, so they’re worth every penny spent (and more)!

9005 bulbs are a low beam light with a wattage of 55W and an illumination power of 900. They can be found in cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc., while H11’s high beams have higher Brightness at 90 lumens per second (lpm). The two variations work well together; both the 9055 & HB3 as well as the 9150 adapters support this type too!

Which Is Better 9005 vs H11?

9005 also has a longer life span compared to H11 bulbs at 50000 hours; that’s 50 times more than the latter! It can shine brighter, and it’s a good idea to consider another type in case your current one is broken for a period of time until you can get the real deal again.

It’s important to do so when traveling long distances with family or friends, even though there are some concerns about this 9005 bulb not being bright enough like many other models on the market today.

9005 products are generally more recommended by professionals and experts, too, while some users would rather keep their H11’s because of the extra light they provide that others don’t. Plus, these can be made to work with several different types of adapters on the market today, which makes it even better than ever before since you get to pick the best one without having to worry about compatibility issues popping up before you can get started.

Each one has its own pros and cons against its competitors, which is why I love to review both of these at the same time so you can have a better understanding of what to expect before making your purchase. 9005 bulbs are great for those who want an increase in Brightness, but they may not be as durable as H11 bulbs, which is a major downside.

On the other hand, H11’s are lower wattage bulbs that are often used for fog lights and high beams. Since they can be easily swapped out without much of a hassle, it’s a good idea to consider this option for drivers who want to at least try something new.


When it comes to fog lights and headlights, you need a bulb that can stand up to the elements. If your car is exposed to harsh weather conditions often or if you live in an area where there’s frequent rain, snow, hail, or other inclement weather-a 9005 headlights might be a better option for you than H11.

The reason is that the filament isn’t as fragile, so they’re less likely to break when faced with extreme temperatures. Additionally, because of their size and shape, many people find them more aesthetically pleasing than H11 bulbs, which are usually very thick and look bulky next to traditional frosted light covers. That’s all we have on 9005 Vs H11 Headlight And Fog Light Bulb.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will A 9005 Bulb Fit An H11?

Yes, both are the same size. The 9005 bulb is simply a 12V (12 watts) H11 bulb. All 9005 bulbs will work just as well in an H11 socket. The difference comes down to wattage and color of filament, not actual diameter. Basically, it’s the same thing with all bulbs using different sizes & shapes for packaging.

Can You Use 9006 Instead Of H11?

No. If your vehicle is 2007 or newer, then absolutely not. It’s important to note the difference in bulb type when replacing headlight bulbs on any vehicle because certain vehicles use 9004 or 9007 bulbs instead of H11 or H1, so people are improperly safe driving at night for no good reason.

Can I Use 9006 Instead Of 9005?

The 9005 can be retrofitted with a little modification to fit into the socket of an otherwise incompatible car. When you see that it’s for high-beam lights and not low ones, then your confusion is cleared up!

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