2009 Honda Civic Ac Clutch Relay Location

Do you know that where is 2009 Honda Civic Ac Clutch Relay Location? The AC Clutch Relays are accountable for powering the AC and clutch. The AC won’t work if this relay isn’t there, and also the cooling system won’t operate. For this reason, you want to apprehend wherever this relay is found thus you’ll replace or fix it if ever you’re thinking that the AC system isn’t functioning well.

The fuse box positioned in a lower place in the engine compartment houses the 2009 Honda Civic AC Relay Location. The fuse box is found on the vehicle’s traveler facet. It ought to be close to the car battery.

Where Is 2009 Honda Civic Ac Clutch Relay Location

AC Relay Function

Every relay has a minimum of 2 circuits running through it: a low-amperage, or feedback circuit, and high amperage, or load circuit. When you energize a relay, you’re energizing the control circuit. This energizes a magnet within the relay, that opens or closes a collection of contacts. The contacts are a part of the load circuit. once the contacts shut, they complete the high amperage circuit, permitting the current to flow.

Types Of Relays

Relays are often normally open (NO), normally closed (NC), or can have dual contacts. Normally-open contact relays have one set of contacts that stay open once the relay feedback loop is de-energized. after you energize the relay, the contacts close, completing the high amperage circuit.

Normally-closed contact relays work the opposite way: The contacts are closed once the relay is de-energized. Energizing the control circuit within the relay opens the contacts, and movement of the present within the load circuit.


Most mini-relays have four or 5 terminals. the 2 tiny terminals (often such as eighty-five and 86) are used to energize the coil that making the magnetic attraction necessary to cause a connection between the high amperage switch contacts.

Two different terminals build the high amperage-amperage power in (terminal 30) and power out (terminal 87) connection. typically, a fifth terminal (marked 87a) is employed as a normally closed (NC) contact, as opposed to 87 being normally open (NO), that closes once the relay energizes.

Solid-State Relays

Some makers use solid-state relays in different in numerous the automobile. The operation of those devices is far from an electronic fuel appliance. These components will be all off or tally on, like regular relays. What differentiates them is their ability to be turned on to a certain proportion with a pulse-width modulated signal.

The advantage of those devices is that they’ll control the present flow to the output device, resulting in a variable speed device. A scan tool is important to troubleshoot these solid-state relays. The scan tool will retrieve bother codes similarly to perform output tests on these circuits throughout the troubleshooting method.

Symptoms Of Bad Ac Relay

  • The AC compressor won’t have power and therefore the AC system won’t perform.
  • Weakened or intermittent cooling performance.
  • If you’re experiencing problems with your AC system and suspect that your AC relay has either failed or is getting down to fail, we tend to recommend having it diagnosed by a knowledgeable technician.


The AC Relay plays an important role in the powering and functioning of your cooling system. Thus, it’s one of the items you must begin to visualize. Now, since you bought the 2009 Honda Civic Ac Clutch Relay Location, you’ll hunt your automobile and determine wherever the AC Relay is found on your unit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AC compressor clutch controlled by a relay?

The AC compressor relay is liable for supplying power to the AC compressor and clutch. while not this relay, the AC compressor won’t have power and also the AC system won’t operate.

How does one take a look at an AC relay on a Honda Civic?

You can test the clutch relay with a test light.
Turn the Honda engine on. turn the AC settings to “Off.” Open the hood of the Honda vehicle. find the AC clutch relay.
Connect the take a look at the light clip to the negative battery terminal. but the test light-weight causes the center of the 3 wires.

How to engage AC compressor clutch?

Take the fused jumper wire and connect its one finish to it facet of the wire connector that was connected to the mechanical device. Attach the opposite finish of the jumper wire to the positive terminal of the battery. it’ll offer the battery voltage to the compressor clutch, permitting it to have interaction manually.

What are the symptoms of bad relay?

Unplug the start relay from the compressor and provides it with a shake. If you’ll be able to hear rattling on the within of the beginning relay, then the part is bad and can get replaced. If it isn’t rattling and seems to be in fitness, you will have a problem with the actual compressor.

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