2002 Toyota Camry Oil Consumption Problems

Automobiles and motor oils have come back a long method. Trendy automobile engines are designed with computers and packages that are manufactured under identical methods. But do you know What Are The 2002 Toyota Camry Oil Consumption Problems? Things do happen though, therefore your reliable Camry is also hunting oil.

Oil will leak from your automotive or get employed in the engine. Each is simply not right though’. We are going to inspect some things which will be occurring in your automotive, and sound the collective data of owners and technicians with your Camry. Hold on and let’s go. Now, take a look at the 2002 Toyota Camry Oil Consumption Problems.

What Are The 2002 Toyota Camry Oil Consumption Problems

How To Check 2002 Toyota Camry Oil Consumption Problems?

Crankshaft And Oil Pump Seals

The oil pump on your Camry is driven by the timing belt. It’s low close to the crankshaft. Each of those seals will leak with age, however, particularly the pump seal. It seals against oil pressure, which may be loads.

These seals aren’t tough to vary, however, the timing belt, water pump, and pulley can need to come back off. The elements themselves value $100. If you ever need to have your temporal order belt replaced, it’s a very good plan to pay a few dollars a lot and have these seals replaced yet.

Calibrate Your Dipstick

If your Camry is using oil, you will have to get your proof to prove it. Dipsticks aren’t specifically exactitude measuring devices; however, you’ll be able to facilitate your loads by calibrating the dipstick. All you have to do is that the next time you alter your oil and filter, scribe a mark on the dipstick wherever the amount shows full.

Change the oil using the quantity shown in your manual and filter, begin the engine, and let it last a second. Kill it; let it sit for a second, then scribe a mark wherever it shows full. Engine oil should be checked with the engine not running. Now you’ll have a solid base to live from.

Track Oil Consumption

If your Camry is using oil, you need to trace how much to understand if it’s among the Toyota spec for your 2AZ-FE engine. Document everything with all of the tools you have. Take care to use the suggested oil from your manual to remove that possible loophole.

Common Issue For Oil Consumption

Pistons And Oil Usage

Toyota has found that the piston style within the 2AZ-FE 4-cylinder engine wasn’t correct. If your Camry is covered by the TSB, they’ll remove and replace the pistons still as rings along with associated components.

Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)

TSB (T-SB-0094011): If you’re Camry may be a 2007-2011 model, oil consumption with the 2AZ-FE Engine may be a familiar issue. Toyota has issued a Technical Service Bulletin (T-SB-0094-11) for these cars. The TSB instructs the dealer (on the exact procedure that has to be taken) to document how much oil is how much. Toyota considers usage of one} quart in 1,200 miles to be acceptable.

If it’s quite that, they’ll replace the pistons and rings below the 60,000 mile/60 months Power train warranty. Not speech that your dealer can try and pull something, however, if you know the number of oil that’s being used, you will know if something is trying to urge force on you. The usage quantity that Toyota considers ready is up for discussion, therefore being prepared.


So, the 2002 Toyota Camry Oil Consumption Problems are due to many reasons some of which are mentioned above. It is typically a mechanical problem once excess oil consumption happens under traditional operative conditions. Oil consumption issues are typically caused by leaks, either the valve cover seal leaks, the crankshaft seal leaks, or one in every of the most seals leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Toyota fix the oil consumption problem?

Toyota acknowledged the matter of excessive oil consumption in a number of its vehicles created between 2006-2011. The bulletin lists the specific engine varieties and vehicles affected.

How does one fix high oil consumption?

You’ll be able to increase the oil grade and/or use an oil-burning reduction additive. If you have been using 10W-30 oil, replace it with 10W-40 or single-grade oil. If you wish to use 40-weight oil within the summer, you’ll use it within the summer and 20- or 30-weight oil within the winter.

Is there an additive to prevent oil burning?

Lucas High Mileage Oil Stabilizer helps to control blow-by, dry starts, and oil burning – maximizing potency, reducing harmful emissions, and lengthening oil life. Lucas High Mileage Oil Stabilizer may be used as a perfect ASSEMBLY lubricate.

How many miles will a 2002 Toyota Camry last?

The Toyota Camry is one of the well-regarded midsize vehicles out there, and its Toyota sturdiness implies that you’ll be able to expect to urge between 200,000 and 300,000 miles of use out of your Camry with correct vehicle maintenance.

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