1999 Suburban Battery Drain

If your 1999 Suburban Battery Drain, it’s one thing that’ll like to address directly.  If it’s debilitating whereas your residential district is off, it’s sometimes caused by one thing that’s drawing current that shouldn’t be. If the battery is debilitating while you’re driving, that’s likely to be the alternator or battery.  There are also alternative things likewise.  We’ll cowl those for you below.

Why 1999 Suburban Battery Drain

Why 1999 Suburban Battery Drain?

If your vehicle is running fine once you park it, and it won’t begin, there may be some issues inflicting this to happen.  Most of the time, it’s the battery itself inflicting this problem.

Battery Cables

You’ll wish to require a glance at your Suburban’s battery posts wherever they bolt to the battery.  If there’s plenty of corrosion here, you’re progressing to wish to wash that off with a wire brush.  There also are specific battery post cleaners that you simply can buy. they’re typically but ten USD at the native parts store or Wal-Mart. 

Bad Battery

When the battery drains once in position, the chances are that it’s the battery itself.  If your Suburban’s battery light came on while you were driving, however before you position it, it might be the generator.  If you didn’t see a battery light-weight, and currently the vehicle is dead after you visit begin it, the first factor that you simply got to look into is the battery.

You can take it up to the native parts store and have it tested. They’ll get to charge it for a short while, therefore set up on dropping it off and returning some hours later. They’ll tell you if it holds a charge or not.  If it passes take a look at it, it’s time to maneuver onto the alternator.


It is doable that the alternator wasn’t charging the battery enough once the vehicle was running and had left the battery drained.  Most elements stores will take a look at an alternator for you. they typically don’t charge something for this service, they merely wish to sell you an alternator if you would like it.

Why Suburban Battery Draining While Parked?

If your Suburban’s battery is draining when being put for a couple of days, here are 2 doable situations.

  • The battery itself has gone unhealthy and simply can’t hold a charge long enough to be of any use when the vehicle sits, and it drains.
  • Something is drawing power once it shouldn’t be.  If this can be the case, the primary factor that you simply are progressing to wish to appear at is all of the lights.  If your suburban is supplied with a compartment light-weight, check and see if it’s turning off. perhaps one among the map lights is on? however regarding all of the accent plugs? are a few things obstructed into one among them and drawing power?  Any aftermarket accessories?  If not, it’s going to be that there’s an electrical downside.

Battery Draining When You Are Driving The Car

If your battery is draining while driving, it’s near while not an exception to the Suburban’s alternator that’s inflicting the matter.  If it’s you must see the battery or alternator lightweight on, it indicates that the alternator isn’t making the mandatory voltage to charge the battery.

It may be a foul battery, or a lot of probably a nasty battery cable too. however, it’s not terribly probably.  If you hear a whining noise in the course of the battery lightweight, it’s nearly secure that it’s the alternator that’s guilty.

Why Does My 99 Harry Suburban Have A Pair Of Batteries?

Those with the dual (auxiliary) battery have the secondary battery within the left (driver) front. A circuit separates them looking at voltage and current draw. thus, your cranking battery (right rear) is the one that provides the starter voltage.


Suburban might be the best vehicle you can ever own but if it is draining extremely, it can be less effective for you. So, you should know how much the 1999 Suburban Battery Drain is?

Frequently Asked Questions

What will drain an automobile battery once it’s off?

What could drain an automobile battery once it’s off are things like interior lights, door lights, or maybe dangerous relays. whereas your engine runs, the generator recharges the battery that is why you usually haven’t got to fret regarding the battery dying whereas you are blasting the radio on your drive to figure.

What causes the truck battery to empty overnight?

Some of the foremost common causes of a parasitic drain embody the trunk, compartment, and alternative lights that are on because of some kind of malfunction.
These and alternative interior lights are designed to shut off mechanically, and if they fail to try to, therefore, they’re totally capable of debilitating battery dead long.

Can the alternator drain battery?

How a nasty alternator will Drain the battery. Contrary to its purpose, the associate degree alternator will drain the battery. It’s rare, however, it’s attainable. A draw on the battery solely happens if there is a downside with either a part within the alternator itself or connections to it.

Why will my battery drain thus fast?

Your battery drains a lot quicker once it’s hot, even once not in use. this type of drain will injure your battery. you do not get to teach your phone the battery’s capability by going from full charge to zero, or zero to full. we tend to advocate you sometimes drain your battery to underneath 100 percent and so charge it long.

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